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It’s been a bit of a ride, but we now have it confirmed for sure that Civilization VI [Steam] is coming to Linux, and the release isn’t far off. We are able to confirm this with permission before the official announcement from Aspyr Media that is due later today.

Note: I will just update this post when Aspyr do their official announcement.

I cannot confirm to you the actual release date, but I can confirm if everything goes as planned that you won’t be kept waiting much longer.

Aspyr Media ported the game to Mac not too long after the Windows release, but Linux gamers had been left waiting as Aspyr stated they were still checking the "feasibility" of a port to get it up to scratch. I've seen a lot of people claim Aspyr had "abandoned" us and other interesting things, but clearly not! I did previously state it was clear that Linux was firmly in their minds, as they were repeatedly mentioning the Linux version in tweets.

I will be speaking with Aspyr Media who have agreed to answer a few of my questions, but that will be saved for another time. If you have any questions burning in your mind, feel free to let me know in the comments and I might be able to include them.

This is really fantastic news. Not only are Aspyr Media back in the game for Linux & SteamOS, but we get another insanely popular title.

Finally, as a bit of fun, try to guess what this image from Aspyr Media provided to me means (I already know):
Click to make it bigger. They seem a little familiar...

If 2017 could continue on like this, that would be grand.

Update: Aspyr have now announced it on their official blog:
Quote“This is by far the most requested game we get asked for by the Linux community,” said Elizabeth Howard, Aspyr’s Vice President of Publishing. “Besides daily inquiries asking for Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI, we’ve also received 12 dozen warm chocolate chip cookies as well as squishy Linux penguins toys for the entire office. To say that we are excited to bring Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI to Linux is an understatement.”

Update 2: It is now also showing on SteamDB for those interested. Article taken from
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elbuglione 12 Jan, 2017
Quoting: erlaanWe should start to send TUX to every company that not supporting linux. To like Arenanet, blizzard, Dice(CEO is for linux support but they are under EA..) I was thinking of starting to send a tux/month to a company. If all do that they will get alot of tuxes on the office to remind them that linux is importent!

it will not work...
we need to send penguin's to specialized magazines. they are the guys who manage the public opinion.
whith that, we can speedup the change of the market porcent.
slaapliedje 15 Jan, 2017
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Quoting: killyouGood to hear but Civ 6 is not a great game at the moment. Considering very high price and DLC spamming one should really consider waiting another 2 years and get the whole package on a discount. People that bought digital deluxe edition that gives the rights to download the next 4 DLCs for free are screwed as already 2 of them are released, vikings scenarios and Poland as a nation. As much as I would like to play as Poland it's not justifiable to pay 5 euros for the DLC, not to mention the viking stuff. I'm less than impressed Firaxis.

I finally gave in to get Total Warhammer while it was on sale, but I think we all need to start making a stand and not give into this stupid DLC crap. The past few Civilzations have been terrible about this. They implement SOME of the things in past games, then release the rest of them as DLC. I mean if they truly are full fledged expansion packs or new campaigns for things like Strategy or RPGs, then sure, I can see paying 10-20 bucks for them. But then you get games like Dead or Alive, where they give you a bare bones game with like 2 playable characters, then they nickel and dime the hell out of you with character DLC, and costumes and just random stupid crap. I think I checked to see what the full game of that was, and it was about 200 for everything...

If gamers can just refuse to buy stuff like that, then maybe the companies will stop doing it. Paradox with it's grand strategies does the same thing... Pretty sure I've spent WAY too much on Crusader Kings II.,,
etonbears 15 Jan, 2017
Quoting: slaapliedje...
If gamers can just refuse to buy stuff like that, then maybe the companies will stop doing it. Paradox with it's grand strategies does the same thing... Pretty sure I've spent WAY too much on Crusader Kings II.,,

Yes, one of the worst trends of recent years. Even worse is buying the "Season Pass" up front for completely unknown content. I personally preferred the more major "expansion pack", though I'm sure there are others who prefer the ability to pick and choose bite-sized pieces and not wait 6 months for an expansion.

I know that some developers have said that they lose traction for a title if there is a significant gap between game release and an expansion, and that expansions in the past have had disappointing sales. So, the logic for developers is clearly to offer bits and pieces as soon as possible, and stop when sales drop off. This doesn't feel right for a lot of people, and tends to exploit the lack of judgment of younger gamers.

I'm not sure there is a perfect answer to this, but I tend to wait for first impressions of a game. If the game seems good in its own right, I buy the base game but ignore all additional content until it is complete, and buy it all when released as a pack ( which always happens in the end ). If the game is considered incomplete or poor, I will only buy later as a "gold" edition ( or whatever ) that includes everything.

I think the worst excesses will go away eventually.
corq 23 Jan, 2017
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Quoting: slaapliedjeI finally gave in to get Total Warhammer while it was on sale, but I think we all need to start making a stand and not give into this stupid DLC crap.

I kinda feel like I made that mistake with Company Of Heroes 2 and while the core game is awesome, as a newb to it I bought one of the British add-ons only to find out it was a very minimal, a number of components and scenarios (I think) are separate for purchase. Mostly my ignorance, but I just won't trust myself to make those purchases again. I got pretty frustrated and haven't played the game since, that aspect was such a turn off.

With Civ 5 I find myself playing the mods almost exclusively. I haven't gotten in to playing scenarios yet but that will be next, as long as Firaxis doesn't move to the model I've seen with company of heroes.
slaapliedje 23 Jan, 2017
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At least with Civ5, there is an editor and a large community of modders. I agree with company of heroes. Granted I also stopped playing that because it is just a straight RTS vs something like commandos, which I think is the better game. Then again, RTS games aren't really my thing.
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