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It seems the Linux port of Banished isn't dead, far from it in fact. The developer just so happens to be working on other stuff at the same time.

QuoteWay back in June, I was working on getting the game code running on Mac and Linux. And while the game runs on those platforms, there are still a bunch of details to implement for a final product, plus testing. But I’ve been itching to work on new games, so I’ve been working on new things more than working on Mac and Linux versions of Banished.

You can see all the details in the new blog post here.

Way back last year the developer of Banished was posting his thoughts on porting the game to both Linux & Mac. There has been silence for many months, but it appears he has been insanely busy.

The developer has been working on a new game and they say they want to have it cross-platform all at once. This is really great news, but it has required plenty of effort on their part.

They've moved to make their entire tool-set cross-platform for starters:
QuoteOn Mac and Linux, I only ported the game code, and none of the toolset. So the workflow goes:

– Make sure PC build works.
– Compile all resource and generate a pack file.
– Put the pack file somewhere accessible by the Mac and Linux machines.
– Make sure Mac and Linux compile.
– Run Mac or Linux build.
This is fine until I need to change data to debug a problem. If I’m working under Linux and want to do something simple like view the terrain in wireframe mode, this requires a data change (yes, all my render state is data), which requires a pack file recompile on Windows, etc, etc. Additionally when I travel, I prefer a light and small laptop, such as my MacBook, but if I can’t edit data on it, then there’s a limit to the kind of things I can work on.

And so I was motivated to make the entire toolset work cross platform. Yikes. All that Windows specific code had to go!! So I ended up having to rework the engine by using cross platform code for fonts, image loading, dxt block compression, audio decoding, and a few other things. Thankfully the FBX format works on OSX and Linux, so I didn’t have to change model formats.

They mention they can't compile DirectX shaders on Linux, but that's not an issue until they want to actually release, so they can just do that on Windows when needed. The point is that they can work on all builds, on any platform.

They have merged their OpenGL paths together, so they no longer have OpenGL for Windows and then the Linux/Mac version, it's just all one now. I imagine that will make things a lot simpler for sure. They also state they may look at Metal and Vulkan in future.

The amount of effort going into the Linux port of Banished and their next game has made me massively respect this developer.

Banished itself is mentioned briefly at the end again, as a few changes for Mods are being worked on.

Great to see they are still alive and still working. Article taken from
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Leopard 7 Feb, 2017
Quoting: liamdawe
Quoting: Leopard
Quoting: liamdawe
Quoting: LeopardOmg,how can you take that as Linux version is soon?

What i get from this,they didn't do literally anything.
Who said anything about soon?

Actually no,you don't.

My point is,in this situation it's pretty dead to me and i think it will never come for Linux and Mac.
Wow, you really are Mr Negative on GOL aren't you

I'm kidding, but seriously, he seems pretty clear about wanting to support us and is improving all of his tools to accommodate Linux and Mac. Still seems a pretty sure thing to me.

Yes,i am. :D

I know he is trying but he is so late actually.Even if he is eventually make it available for Linux and Mac,if a problem occurs with ports how many years we will wait?

People who doesn't matter support are already trying it with Wine.Steam's good side is one click to install and play thing.Instant play basically.

At this rate,i'm suspicious that he can provide patches or other bug fixes for Mac and Linux.
johnhannibalsmith 7 Feb, 2017
Of all the games in my Windows library, but not in my Linux library, which I regularly wish I could fire up without waking up another computer - Banished has to be at the top of the list. At some point in the last few weeks I even looked around for the forum to see if a port had ever been considered even. So, this is welcome news. Absolutely great low-effort game.
Nezchan 7 Feb, 2017
I've pretty much given up on a port actually happening. I was really excited about Banished when it came out, and really wanted to play it given there was already talk about a port. A friend bought it for me for Xmas but since then it's sat there like a digital paperweight for what, more than two years now? With occasional "it's coming" references before lapsing back into long radio silence again.

I appreciate they're working on tools to make upcoming games cross-platform, but I'm in the "I'll believe it when I see it, and I don't expect to see it" camp now.
AskQuestionsLater 7 Feb, 2017
Quoting: Alm888Which leaves us with the question: "Why do they need DirectX if they have unified OpenGL render and cross-platform input?"

For Windows users, that's an easy question. Some of the OpenGL drivers REALLY suck in comparison to the DirectX ones. Having a DirectX renderer can give higher frame rates or better stability.

Vulkan may change that pattern of development. Both DirectX 12 and Vulkan share similar design principles and drivers that support DX12 and Vulkan should be easier to develop, troubleshoot and provide similar frame rates. If Vulkan is adopted by enough developers, especially engine developers, developers may be able to concentrate on just one render pipeline.
Eike 7 Feb, 2017
I don't care about Banished too much, but it sure sound like his next project has a good chance to see light on multiple platforms!
Shmerl 7 Feb, 2017
Come on. He shouldn't be calling Windows version a "PC build" :)
hummer010 7 Feb, 2017
I got Banished as part of a GOG promo awhile back, but I haven't played it at all yet because I'm waiting for the Linux build. It's nice to see that it's still being worked on, however slowly that might be. Personally, I'd rather see a developer want to support Linux, and do it right, as opposed to a developer who only half-assed supports Linux (See Garry Newman or Stoic Studios). It at least appears that he's trying to do it right.

And, of course, I agree with Shmerl 100%, it's a Windows build, not a PC build.

Last edited by hummer010 on 7 February 2017 at 6:05 pm UTC
edo 7 Feb, 2017
I remember this guy. I also remember than he for some reason decided to target X11 directly so the game wont work natively on wayland. But other than that is great to see how much efort he is putting on the linux version.

Last edited by edo on 7 February 2017 at 6:18 pm UTC
rea987 7 Feb, 2017
Frankly, I am getting sick of "oops, we tried but could not succeed, but we promise; the next game will be Linux compatible for sure" behaviour. Why do developers not just say "sorry, we don't have time, manpower and resources for our existing library but we may consider next releases"? Failing to deliver a promised or even hinted port is worst than not considering the port in my opinion.
cRaZy-bisCuiT 7 Feb, 2017
Actually the blog is just a devlog without any promises. Still you're right from the customer point of view: I'd rather announce a ready game then delaying it all the time.
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The comments on this article are closed.