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Full Throttle Remastered Rides onto Linux

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Once again, I have the honour of sharing a new Linux game that I've both been a fan of and have ported to Linux.


Full Throttle Remastered is now available on our favourite platform, and can be found on Steam and itch.io with a 33% discount until Sunday. It should also find its way up to GOG and the Humble Store very soon!

In a world where wheeled vehicles are a dying breed, biker gang leader Ben Throttle must think, ride, and punch his way through obstacles that threaten his gang, his life, and the last motorcycle manufacturer in the country.

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Sandwiched in between The Dig and Curse of Monkey Island, Full Throttle marks the middle of LucasArts' final 2D adventure trifecta that for many marked the last hurrah of the "golden age of adventure games". Like its contemporaries, Full Throttle makes use of both the long-lived SCUMM engine used by the majority of LucasArts' adventure titles and INSANE, the full motion video engine initially developed for Rebel Assault. In Full Throttle, the latter is notably used to provide full screen animated backgrounds to the game's interactive riding sequences, which was an impressive feature for a 2D game in 1995.

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As I did with my Day of the Tentacle Remastered port, I'm hoping to publish an article reflecting on the porting process and some of my experiences at a later date. If that's your sort of thing, keep an eye out!

I should also take a moment to encourage everybody to give thanks to Full Throttle's Linux testers, without whose time and effort I couldn't have released the port.


If you grab the game, I hope that you're able to re-live fond memories and/or make new ones of this classic two-wheeled adventure! Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
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BlackBloodRum Jul 29, 2017
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  • Supporter Plus
Nice! I'll pick this up when I get five minutes to myself (I'm busy this weekend working on a new shop :-()

Also, it's got my vote because the Windows trolls[1] in the steam forum "Linux support?" thread are banned haha :-D. Seems DoubleFine have a developer there by the name of "Cheesiness" who seems quite friendly towards Linux and that's always a good thing to see!

Now they've finished with this, how about Brutal Legend 2? Hint hint ;-).

[1] The trolls were saying the same old stuff with the same old don't use Linux crap comments, honestly, it's like Windows trolls have a list they follow as they all seem to use the same argument. When will windows trolls come up with new arguments?
natewardawg Jul 29, 2017
Purchased! :) I originally played this game on a PowerPC Mac back in the day when Mac OS 8 was the new hotness! The audio for Full Throttle was choppy if you had virtual memory on. So turn that off, restart, and it was ready to play. :)
lucifertdark Jul 29, 2017
Instabuy here for me too, I played the hell out this game back in 1995, never actually finished it though, maybe now I can. Thanks Cheeseness & Double Fine. :D
Perkeleen_Vittupää Jul 29, 2017
The only thing i've been REALLY waiting for lately! Now to the store
Tuxee Jul 29, 2017
Got it from the Humble Store. Never played it in the old days - really looking forward to do so now.
tuubi Jul 29, 2017
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  • Supporter
Yay! Thanks for being awesome once again Cheese! I will definitely pick it up at some point. The Dig next on the list? ;)

I'll be eagerly waiting for your article on the port process. If your past articles are anything to go by, it ought to be a fascinating read.
opera Jul 29, 2017
Nice, it's the only Lucasarts adventure I haven't played in the old days. Time to give it a go now.
Pit Jul 29, 2017
Thanks so much Cheeseness!
I've been eyeing at that one a lot, as I never played the original (had already converted to linux at that time ;))
Just waiting for it to show up at GOG :D
legluondunet Jul 29, 2017
Thank you very much Double Fine Productions to support, once more time, Linux platform, instantbuy for me.

Last edited by legluondunet on 29 July 2017 at 11:37 am UTC
razing32 Jul 29, 2017
I was wondering why this was not available when Day of the Tentacle was.
I wonder no more. Will pick this up as I have never had the pleasure.

Thanks for the port.
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The comments on this article are closed.