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Here's a sad one, some low-life's have been using the game store to sell cheap copies of other people's games for cheap.

This has caused a stir recently, as the sales aggregator 'IsThereAnyDeal' picked up on Rimworld being 75% off, but Rimworld is not actually for sale on itch. Turns out, a similar problem cropped up only a week ago as well.

More people are noticing these issues too, the creator of Mount Your Friends and Baby Maker Extreme tweeted out this picture as an example of the problem:
For those that don't know: Rimworld, Factorio, Stardew Valley, Undertale and so on are not actually sold by the original developer on itch.

It turns out the people doing this were using an older feature for payments on itch. The old way enabled developers to get paid directly, by linking a paypal account instead of the payments going through itch first. That older way has now been disabled "indefinitely" for new accounts―good!

I'm a big fan of the store and their open approach to a lot of things, but it will obviously increase the amount of people who try to do things like this. As they grow, it's only going to be a bigger problem.

I've personally caught a few myself on itch, since I regularly browse their store for interesting smaller titles to cover. When I report them, they're usually dealt with in less than an hour which is pretty reasonable. I report them and fire off a quick tweet and next time I check they're gone.

I'm a big fan of and this doesn't change my mind about them. They're doing good work, but teething issues will happen, as they will for any growing business. The key point to take away is that they're not shying away from the issues, they are responding when it comes up and promptly removing the people doing it.

Even with the itch crew responding promptly, they're going to need to make more steps to tackle it. This is the type of thing that could end up killing their business. They can't lock it down too much, otherwise their whole business model goes out the window, but they have to do a bit more otherwise more developers might become wary about being on a store with a piracy problem.

Tricky times, but hopefully they will find more ways to combat it. Article taken from
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Liam Dawe 13 Jul, 2017
Quoting: AnxiousInfusion
Quoting: Shmerl
Quoting: HoriThat's not a solution. Devs shouldn't HAVE to sell their games on every single store out there in order to combat piracy...

You didn't get the point. It's not about "combating piracy", it's about reaching more people who are actually interested in their games.

Me being one of them, there are a lot of games that I haven't bought yet because they are only available through Steam. These "pirates" are doing a service .. or at the very least, a protest.
Seriously? What a crazy way to think. This isn't a protest, they are not provoding a service to anyone, it's completely ripping off hard working games developers.

You cannot just tell developers to put their games on every store they come across. That's utterly idiotic. Every store adds more cost in time for support, patching and so on. Most smaller stores might not even have the reach required in users to fet a game to hit a payout. It is not even close to a solution.
Crazy Penguin 13 Jul, 2017
IMHO they guys from are completely nuts if they let this happen! Don't they have any verification process in place before a game is sold on their store? I hope they are aware that they can be held responsible for that if a developer decides to sue them.

Unbelievable! Not sure if I can trust this store anymore if they are that naive!
Sir_Diealot 13 Jul, 2017
I was only barely aware that games are sold on
So how plausible do those fake accounts look?
Do they provide updates? Support?
Cobham 14 Jul, 2017
Quoting: Sir_DiealotI was only barely aware that games are sold on
So how plausible do those fake accounts look?
Do they provide updates? Support?

The games I've bought there has been Steam keys.
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The comments on this article are closed.