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Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN

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This is rather unsettling to see, Humble Bundle has now officially joined with the massive media site IGN.

A small cut from their official announcement:

Announcing our biggest bundle ever: Humble Bundle is proudly joining the IGN family! We will continue to bring you all of our humble products, but with more resources and help from IGN.

I'm not entirely sure why Humble needed to join with anyone, considering the amount of money they were pulling in they must have been pretty secure. I'm sure they have their reasons, but something about this doesn't feel right to me. A media company controlling one of the biggest online stores and an occasional games publisher, it feels like a conflict there.

Gamasutra has reported that IGN executive VP Mitch Galbraith said that they don't plan to change anything, "If it's not broken, don't fix it", but then John Graham from Humble said "We want to stick to the fundamentals in the short term.", the key there is "short term". How long will it be until IGN start throwing a bit of weight around to change things up?

In the end though, it could end up being positive. There's no denying how big IGN is, so their extra resources could well help out Humble in a lot of ways.

Honestly, I would be really surprised now if we ever saw a proper Humble Indie Bundle again, I certainly doubt that Humble would ever be getting Linux games ported like they used to. We are more likely to see even more bundles from bigger publishers, likely more console bundles too.

See the full announcement from Humble here. How do you feel about this?

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nosklo 13 Oct, 2017
+1 for LiamBundle. Future monthly subscriber.
stretch611 13 Oct, 2017
Why there is a chance that a larger company may be able to show the game publishers the value of linux, the cynic in me thinks this will end badly.

Like others, I foresee the store now catering to more big name publishers instead of indies. I hope that i am wrong. Its fine to have both, but I prefer dealing with the smaller titles... the ones that actually care about the product they sell.

Humble Indie Bundle helped indie devs, it helped linux as a gaming platform. It even helped smaller studios with fraud. I fear it will end up with everything humble does in the future only being about the profit margin.

Again, I hope that I am wrong.
GustyGhost 13 Oct, 2017
Well now I'm glad to have only ever bought one game from them. Just more fat to trim from the bone now.
Avehicle7887 13 Oct, 2017
Humble Bundle for me died ever since they stopped caring about DRM-Free, even worse some devs don't update the said builds. Now I either buy a game on GOG these days or not buy it at all.

Last edited by Avehicle7887 on 13 October 2017 at 9:02 pm UTC
Samsai 13 Oct, 2017
Well, the old joke about IGN being an advertisement agency for video game devs sure seems to be closer to truth now.
slaapliedje 13 Oct, 2017
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Damn, guess I will jave to cancel my monthly subscription and give away all my extra keys.

Humble bundle helped me achieve my collector status in Steam. Ha!
14 13 Oct, 2017
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Probably like ten years ago now, IGN used to be my favorite. I loved the IGN sites and was on it every day, checking news and very active in the forums. I had 10K+ forum posts before I left. That's the most I've posted anywhere. My good friend was a GameSpot guy but I always said IGN was better. But IGN did eventually start going directions I didn't like. Fewer words per review and more images and links and videos. That's when I discovered Knowing the editors came from GameSpot and why they left, I knew it was the right game news source for me. I've been a follower of that site for several years and it's been my browser's home page, until recently. As of about a month or two ago, my browser's home page is actually GoL. :D I still like Giantbomb, but their scope is a bit larger than what I care about anymore. I primarily want Linux gaming news and I can seek out the occasional PS4 game info when it suits me.

After having Humble Bundle on pause two months in a row (due to lack of good Linux games I didn't already own), I canceled completely a day or two ago. Seeing this acquisition news, I'm pessimistic that Humble Bundle will offer an experience I want to pay time or money for.
kudlaty 13 Oct, 2017
They couldn't have picked a more suitable day for the announcement, could they? :)
musojon74 13 Oct, 2017
Well that's the end of Humble. Shame.
Pangachat 13 Oct, 2017
Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN... on Friday 13...
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The comments on this article are closed.