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GOG Connect adds more games, act quick

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If you want to grab a DRM free copy on GOG of some more games you have on Steam, act fast as GOG Connect has some more.

What is GOG Connect?

It's a way to link your Steam library with GOG, allowing you to grab an extra copy of your Steam games on GOG directly. It doesn't remove anything from your Steam library, but gives you a permanent copy to have on GOG too. It's a really sweet deal that costs you nothing.

Showing up for me now are:

  • Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
  • Darkwood
  • Hand of Fate
  • Layers of Fear
  • POSTAL: Classic and Uncut
  • SOMA
  • Sunless Sea

A pretty decent selection of games to be able to move over! There might be more, depending on what you own on Steam.

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MagicMyth 3 Nov, 2017
cRaZy-bisCuiTYou just have to own them and you need to set you Steam profile to "public". Also, you need of course to connect your GOG and Steam accounts for it to work.

Ah nuts. Thats why its been failing on me of late. I forgot the profile needs to be public :'( Thanks for reminding me.
pb 3 Nov, 2017
Yes, the offer has ended on Nov 2. 11PM UTC.
g000h 3 Nov, 2017
I've been considering buying Shadow Warrior 2 (60% off) on GOG, even though it is "for Windows only" (BOO HOO!)

But, I've stuck to the "No Tux, no bucks" philosophy and resisted buying it. I really do aim to play games only on Linux... It boosts Linux gaming stats and I can leave my Windows partition to rot. The Halloween Sale on GOG is over now, so SW2 is back to full price again ( "Temptation averted" ).

Last edited by g000h on 3 November 2017 at 2:40 pm UTC
adamhm 3 Nov, 2017
g000hI've been considering buying Shadow Warrior 2 (60% off) on GOG, even though it is "for Windows only" (BOO HOO!)

I'm very interested in SW2 as I really liked the first game (and would've bought SW2 full price if it had a Linux version at or close to launch), but at its current pricing 60% off is nowhere near enough for me to risk it in Wine - since it's DRM-free I won't write it off altogether but it needs either an official proper Linux port or 85%+ discount before I'll consider it.
Shmerl 3 Nov, 2017
adamhmI'm very interested in SW2 as I really liked the first game (and would've bought SW2 full price if it had a Linux version at or close to launch)

Are there any news about SW2 Linux port? They said they'll work on it after their console versions, which they have already released.
Valck 9 Nov, 2017
GuestReally nowadays, I don't know where to buy from. I used to think GOG was the most "ethical" one (you know how much you give to the devs, to the platform and to charities). It'll remain so "in the short term". I heard GOG was based in a tax heaven, which is sth I don't want to support as far as possible. And regarding Steam... They brought us thousands of games but I don't know their intention.
Regarding GOG being based in a tax haven, this is apparently changing, or has already:
Now I don't know how much of a tax haven Poland is, but it can't be worse than Cyprus...

Many (though sadly far from all) indie games are available directly from their developers' sites, which would be the single most ethical solution IMO. and are also good starting points. For traditional industry, you're pretty much stuck with GOG and Steam unless there's a physical copy for the game you want (do they even make those any more?).
I'm torn on the Steam issue - they have opened a considerable share of the market to Linux, but I don't like their monopoly, and their DRM attitude (no need for discussion, I won't change my mind). It's hard to avoid Steam unless you consciously decide against it, and you will have to pass on quite a few interesting games. I do, but I always make it a point to try and contact the developers to see if they wouldn't consider additional distribution platforms besides Steam.
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