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Ever since I heard about Project 5: Sightseer [Steam] after searching for games, I can't hold in my excitement about this open-world sandbox game. It's a little on the different side!

From Tasharen Entertainment Inc., who created the rather nice Windward which also supports Linux. It seems they will continue their Linux support thanks to the Unity game engine.

You start off with nothing but a scanner and a mining laser in a location of your choice. From there, you venture out into the persistent world to make a name for yourself. What really piqued my interest, is that unlike most other sandbox games, the resources are finite, meaning you need to explore and craft certain items as not everything is found naturally in the world.

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Like a few other sandbox games, if you're playing it online, your vehicle will not just vanish when you log off. This means building a safe outpost will be quite essential. It's a fun feature in games like Rust and I imagine it will be just as interesting here too. It will have some sort of factions system too, so you can group up for protection.

The good news is that it's not online-only, it fully supports offline play and custom servers. There's also a creative mode, for those who like to explore and create without the hassle of survival. This means it's a real possibility we will host a server for it, providing it's as interesting as the trailer shows it to be.

I will be honest, at release this game might consume me. I've reached out for review keys, let's hope the developer us kind enough to send some over so we can give it some thoughts and likely some livestreams on our Twitch channel.

It's due for release into Early Access on December 4th, so not long to wait to find out!

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Luke_Nukem Nov 28, 2017
Terrible music in the trailer. Some parts of the gameplay made me think of Command & Conquer: Renegade for some reason.
Ardje Nov 28, 2017
Pfff... yet another sandbox game... oh well... let's preorder it.
Liam Dawe Dec 4, 2017
Quoting: devland
QuoteThere's a giant orange "EARLY ACCESS" tag on the main page

The reddit post also has no tags, only the title which is very misleading.
I don't control what people post on reddit and the reddit post doesn't link to GOL. So take your beef up with them on that.
Liam Dawe Dec 4, 2017
Quoting: devlandMisleading title. The game is not being "released". The early access campaign is being started and final product will differ greatly if it will even get finished.

Please stop labeling early access campaigns as "releases".
Just to also comment on this directly.

Early Access is still a release. To release something is to make it public. There's different forms of releases of course.
SirBubbles Dec 6, 2017
Looks flaming brilliant. Me want. Anyone find any gameplay videos yet, or is it a bit too early for that?
Liam Dawe Dec 6, 2017
Quoting: SirBubblesLooks flaming brilliant. Me want. Anyone find any gameplay videos yet, or is it a bit too early for that?
I'm working on some early impressions at the moment :)

A video is difficult, as a lot of it is just roaming around in the first number of hours. Relaxing to play, but not exactly exciting video material. However, I did include it in the Monday livestream, if you go here and skip to 1:52:00, you will see a little of the gameplay. I'm downloading the VOD to cut and stick up on YouTube to make it easier.
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The comments on this article are closed.