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Today is a bit of a special day for those of us living in Finland, for it is our independence day. And to make just that bit more special is the fact that today marks the 100th anniversary of independent Finland, and it seems that Valve wanted to join in on the celebrations in the form of a game sale.

On the 6th of December in 1917 the Parliament of Finland declared the nation's independence from Russia, which it had been an autonomous grand duchy of since 1809. While the path towards independence was not a particularly easy one, with a civil war happening in the following year and two major struggles to keep said independence just two decades later, I think it’s fair to say we came out alright. And we even have some video games to show that!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, Valve has decided to host a special video game sale consisting of games made by Finnish developers. While quite a few of the these games are Windows-only, there are still some interesting picks for those of us using an operating system kernel made in Finland. Below are some particular highlights:

You can go and check out the full list of titles on sale here:

There’s a famous four-word phrase among Finns which we tend to use whenever our little nation gets international recognition. So, let us end this article with the following wise words:

Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan.

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Eike 6 Dec, 2017
HamishBut seriously, where is Rochard?


So underestimated...!
razing32 6 Dec, 2017
Happy birthday my Finnish friends.
I raise my beer to a hundred more. ^_^
Nezchan 6 Dec, 2017
Unreal World, which I assume to be a Finnish daily life simulator, is also 25% off.
Will certainly pick up several!
BTW The boss started early: link ;)

Last edited by Perkeleen_Vittupää on 6 December 2017 at 8:17 pm UTC
sonic 6 Dec, 2017
MohandevirWould have been happy to buy Legend of Grimrock II if it came out on Linux... If I remember right it was because of too few resources available. They have a mac build though... Someone to help porting it? Snif!

Edit: Typo.

I was waiting for Linux release for about 4 years, but then I bought in on GoG - it runs awesome in Wine, I almost finished it.
qptain Nemo 7 Dec, 2017
qptain NemoIf you're into story-driven stuff, The Detail is a very neat solid crime thriller.

I already had a look at it today but was held back from the negative reviews saying it lacks in choices making a difference. It's pratically free, though - 51 Euro Cents here. :) Is this episode 1 self-contained?
Uhhh, I mean I remember enjoying the first episode on its own considerably, I decided to buy and play the rest after all, but, as I'm sure you understand, an episode of a longer story can only be so self-contained. It felt fairly satisfying but at the same time it also ends on a kind of a cliffhanger.
WJMazepas 7 Dec, 2017
I always wanted to do a exchange program to Finland. I heard that the universities from there are pretty good. Too bad that the coin from my country is really weak compared to Euro
TheSHEEEP 7 Dec, 2017
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EikeSuomi mainittu, torilla tavataan.
Google makes out of it:
Finland mentioned, see you at the marketplace.

Wut? :D

Apparently Finland being mentioned in any media is such a big event, that the whole country meets at the marketplace to celebrate it. ;-)
You should have seen the local newspaper article because a Finnish shovel was used in The Martian...

I was actually at the 100 year celebration in Tampere yesterday.
It was a bit like a prophecy:
"Only once every one hundred years shall a great number of Finnish people come together"

I have seriously never seen so many people in one place here, and I already live here since almost two years.
Even the buses were full. THE BUSES!
Phlebiac 7 Dec, 2017
qptain NemoIf you're into story-driven stuff, The Detail is a very neat solid crime thriller.
I already had a look at it today but was held back from the negative reviews saying it lacks in choices making a difference.

To each their own, but playing through the first episode didn't make me want to play through the rest.
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