The Paradox Launcher is now available on Linux

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Thanks to a hot tip from our Telegram Group, we've been notified that the Paradox Launcher is now available on Linux.

Announced on their forum:

I'm very pleased to bring you the news that after much anticipation and gnashing of teeth, the Linux version of the PDX Launcher is now available for download. At this time, only Stellaris is available for download and installation, but our other games with Linux support will be forthcoming (in a more expedited way than the launcher itself, fortunately!).

Caveat emptor! As much as the launcher is beta quality software, the linux version has had even less testing done on it. I do anticipate, however, that people interested in the Linux version will have the capacity to find workarounds for non-critical bugs.

As usual, we have some secret sauce on the cooker (this is the games industry after all) but we'll still try to get some QA and general quality-of-life fixes in during the autumn. In other news, Swedish summer vacations is almost upon us, so set your expectations accordingly! ;)

What's the point in another client? I hear you ask. Well, it's a way for developers and publishers to have more direct control over the experience. It also likely means they take a bigger cut of any sales made, since they won't be giving a chunk to stores like Steam.

Personally, I will most likely stick to the Steam client since it does everything I want it to. However, I can appreciate for all those who would rather purchase elsewhere that this will be welcome news. It not only shows that Paradox is continuing their support of Linux, but also allows you to keep your games up to date, get cloud saves and so on.

See more on the official site.

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mylka 27 Jun, 2018
maybe they get more money with each sale, but now they have higher costes. own servers and linux programmer for the launcher
maybe gog follows
nox 27 Jun, 2018
Seems to work perfectly, can't wait for them to add more games.
Leopard 27 Jun, 2018
Quoting: mylkamaybe they get more money with each sale, but now they have higher costes. own servers and linux programmer for the launcher
maybe gog follows

Possibility of GOG Galaxy + CDPR games on Linux is much less than MS Store on Linux possibility :D
niarbeht 27 Jun, 2018
Awesome! Thanks, Paradox!
F.Ultra 27 Jun, 2018
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Quoting: mylkamaybe they get more money with each sale, but now they have higher costes. own servers and linux programmer for the launcher
maybe gog follows

I think that it's simply that they have now grown big enough to where those costs are less than having to give away 30% of each sale to companies such as Valve.

Now I don't have longer data than back to 2013 in the database (they listed their share in 2016) but they seam to have made some nice increase in both sales and profit (ptp in the table below is the pre-tax-profit) and while not close to a behemoth like EA they are probably as I wrote before closing in on the kind of sales numbers where 30% suddenly are quite a lot of actual money (aprox 35M EUR in 2017 if we assume that all sales are from places like Steam).

| sales (EUR) | ptp (EUR)   | period |
| 82802623.75 | 34552570.25 | 2017   |
| 68283456.35 | 32235567.90 | 2016   |
| 65690763.75 | 26313802.50 | 2015   |
| 18811775.00 |  4644400.00 | 2014   |
| 22308151.25 |  3817602.25 | 2013   |

edit: ok this is strange, the table is perfectly aligned in both the edit and the Preview but skewed when actually posted...

Last edited by F.Ultra on 27 June 2018 at 11:06 pm UTC
RossBC 27 Jun, 2018
Works good on ubuntu 18.04 needed to install libgconf-2-4 no biggie though :D
SuperTux 28 Jun, 2018
Sweet, running on Slackware 14.2. I have installed so many libraries not sure if I needed any extra.

Looking forward to seeing Surviving Mars added, currently unplayable since last patch as it freezes (and yes I have opened a ticket, but its seems to now being ignored afaik). 28 Jun, 2018
Works great on Arch.
Salvatos 28 Jun, 2018
Installing and running launchers from every publisher I buy from is pretty much the opposite of what I want, but nonetheless this is welcome news as it shows that they take their Linux playerbase seriously and are willing to invest in that segment of the market. I hope it does well :)
ElectricPrism 28 Jun, 2018
IIRC launchers are not allowed on SteamOS due to them not able to handle fullscreen.
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