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Two Point Hospital released with same-day Linux support

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The comedy building sim Two Point Hospital from Two Point Studios and SEGA is now out with official Linux support.

Note: Copy personally purchased as they did not provide a review code. Due to this, any actual review will be delayed.

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I've been extremely excited about this one, since Theme Hospital is a game I sunk entire days into when I was a lot younger. Two Point Hospital is carrying to torch here, as it's actually made by people who previously worked at Bullfrog Productions who made Theme Hospital.

You will be building your hospital, hiring staff with unique personalities and traits and much like it's older brother, Two Point Hospital aims to be more on the comical side with some unusual illnesses requiring their own special treatment.

I can confirm that it does launch and run, although you will be sitting with a black screen for about a minute on the first load. Subsequent loads are much faster—almost instant, so it's likely building some sort of cache. After that you will probably need to adjust the settings, as it defaults to low graphics and a low resolution.

Seems to work fine when starting the actual game too, instantly looked just like Theme Hospital. I will have more thoughts up in future now it's actually out. Grumbles aside about no review key, I'm really happy to see Linux support at release!

Find it on Humble Store and Steam.

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razing32 Aug 31, 2018
Looking forward to a more in depth review when you have the time Liam
Wonder if this truly captures the spirit of Theme Hospital
whizse Aug 31, 2018
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Quoting: x_wingKDE Neon (Ubuntu 18.04) here with Mesa drivers (18.1.6). It's running fine for me, just took a while to start the first time (you get a blurry window for about 30 secs.). The only problem are some artifacts while you move the camera, out of that, the frame rate and mechanics works fine for me at full graphics.

I'll try with Mesa 18.2RC and check if the artifacts go away...

EDIT: Ok, tested with 18.2RC2 at the artifacts are still there. Fortunately I figured out that they're generated by "Ambient Occlusion" option in the graphics setting. Disabling that feature all the artifacts goes away (I can play at max setting, only need to disable that effect). Definitely it takes some time to start the first time, probably because it compiles and creates a cache of shaders.

EDIT2: Video showing artifacts and how they disappear when disabling Ambient Oclussion
An apitrace and bug report should be helpful if you have the time!
Ketil Sep 2, 2018
I have completed 6 missions now, all except 1 with 3 stars. Generally, the learning curve is much gentler than theme hospital, and research and unlocks are shared among all your hospitals, so you can research most of the technologies on hospitals where you can easily afford the extra salary cost. However, I think it is a lot harder to avoid having any of my patients die in two point. I have received all end of year rewards multiple times except the "have no death" reward as there is always someone who dies. I guess I could get it on a hospital with fully upgraded equipment and well-trained staff though, just see no point playing too long after I get the 3 stars.
Rooster Sep 3, 2018
I can't stop playing this game. I expected it to be good yet it still surpassed my expectations. (Worth noting that I didn't play Theme Hospital). It's not very difficult, but it's very fun and addicting.

I really like how when I start working on new hospital, I have to micro-manage everything, but slowly I get it to a state where in the end I don't have to anything, just watch how the hospital fully designed by me now runs itself.

The Linux version seems great, in 15 hours of gameplay I haven't encountered single issue.
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The comments on this article are closed.