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Along with the release of the GeForce RTX 2080 GPU series NVIDIA have put out a new 410.57 driver to support it. Additionally, there's a new Vulkan beta driver which should help DXVK.

What's new in the 410.57 driver?

  • Adds support for GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, GeForce RTX 2080 and some Tesla cards.
  • A new on-screen HUD to show which graphics API a game is using
  • Implemented support for Vulkan real-time ray tracing extensions
  • Various bug fixes

See the changelog for 410.57 here.

Then we also have the 396.54.06 Vulkan beta driver, this adds in support for two Vulkan extension:

On top of that though, it also includes a fix primarily aimed at issues running Windows games on Linux with DXVK. Specifically, an issue with a "z-fighting" corruption issue in multiple games. More info on that can be found in this bug report.

Really good to see NVIDIA also pushing out some good fixes for DXVK and Steam Play as well as supporting their newest GPUs right away.

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Mambo 20 Sep, 2018
Just wait a few days for it to be packaged in the PPA.

I usually check for release availability on the CLI:
apt policy nvidia-settings
Liam Dawe 20 Sep, 2018
Quoting: NarcotixIt's great to see them pushing into this. Now give us proper Optimus-support and i'm eager to buy a laptop with an NVIDIA-GPU.
It's being worked on:

Quoting: tuubi
Quoting: Swiftpaw
Quoting: massatt212how do i install NVIDIA 396.54.06 on Ubuntu or should i go with NVIDIA 410.57 (Im not sure is 410.57 have the beta updates of 396.54.06)

Since you're probably using the graphics-drivers PPA, just wait until the new driver is put into there. It should then be available as a separate option in the Driver Manager, or of course you can install it via the command line.
There's also the "Proprietary Development GPU Drivers" PPA by the same team that currently still has 396.54.05, but should update to .06 soon.
Yup, stick to that PPA if you want the beta Vulkan drivers.
tuubi 20 Sep, 2018
Quoting: massatt212
Quoting: tuubiThere's also the "Proprietary Development GPU Drivers" PPA by the same team that currently still has 396.54.05, but should update to .06 soon.

I ran the files in terminal and in software update its still showing 390 and 396 alone
Should i purge and reinstall ?
They only have a package per driver series, so nvidia-driver-396 is the right (meta)package to install. Current version in that PPA is 396.54.05.
jarhead_h 20 Sep, 2018

I JUST changed to 396.54.05 literally yesterday.
rkfg 21 Sep, 2018
BTW, a nasty bug was fixed in this 410.57. In Nier:Automata there were huge (half of the screen) white circle flickers on radiotransmissions (around the holographic image), it happened with 396.54 and seems to be fixed after the update.

EDIT: actually, no. The bug is tricky, I tried to record a video and it disappeared and hasn't surfaced yet even after several days. I used to have it right after starting the game if some character calls me and now it's just gone. It's been confirmed even by a Valve developer but suddenly after that became hard to reproduce.

Last edited by rkfg on 26 September 2018 at 7:07 am UTC
rcgamer 22 Sep, 2018
Coming from 3.96.54, I installed the 396.54.06 beta manually, it really givers a boost to directx 11 games here. I don't do benchmarks but especially in Super Mega Baseball 2 the difference was very noticeable. All the DX11 games seem to run smoother though. I don't have any that this driver makes work however.

Last edited by rcgamer on 22 September 2018 at 5:06 am UTC
rcgamer 22 Sep, 2018
Quoting: massatt212how do i install NVIDIA 396.54.06 on Ubuntu or should i go with NVIDIA 410.57 (Im not sure is 410.57 have the beta updates of 396.54.06)

If you absolutely can't wait,
Download the driver
press control+alt+f1 to get out of the graphical interface
sudo purge nvidia*
sudo service lightdm stop (may be mdm or gdm on ubuntu) Im on mint.
sudo apt-get build-essential (may not be necessary but since I updated my kernel I had to )
now either cd to where the driver is or you put the whole path in the next command
sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-*
it will probably give an error about config file just press continue installation
when it asks to build dkms I put no
when it asks if you want to install 32 bit library say yes
when it asks to write to xorg.conf say no
when it's done reboot.
Kallestofeles 24 Sep, 2018
Quoting: tuubi
Quoting: Kallestofeles@liamdawe, there's a typo in the title! "releasd"
This is what the "For spelling, grammar and other corrections to our article—click here" box above the comments is for.
Thanks Tuubi, I'm still as blind as a bat... and I don't mean the animal. :D
Comandante Ñoñardo 15 Oct, 2018
Finally, about a month later, it has arrived to Ubuntu.
Eike 15 Oct, 2018
Quoting: Comandante ÑoñardoFinally, about a month later, it has arrived to Ubuntu.

You're free to build PPAs at weekends.
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