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The patch to bring cross-platform online play for Linux players of Civilization VI has been long delayed, with Aspyr Media now getting a little help from Intel.

After cross-platform originally being planned for early in 2017, Linux gamers have sadly been left waiting. By the looks of it, we're also behind on normal patches right now too.

Writing on Steam earlier, a rep from Aspyr Media said this:

[…] This issue naggingly staying around is certainly not due to lack of effort on our part.

I'll also remind the forum that xplatform is confirmed fixed in this patch. 

Also, in reply to a user jokingly telling them to blink if it's a third-party issue, they said: blinks...this one is on us. Intel has been kind enough to jump in and help.

We still don't know exactly what the issue is, since Aspyr Media haven't said. They gave a hint that it was due to a serious crash on a specific Intel chipset although they're likely not able to give out any technical details on it.

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Stupendous Man 18 Oct, 2018
Civ 5 segfaults at start since I upgraded to a Ryzen 1700. I believe it's a combination of too many(?) cores and too new GCC version.
Because of this I haven't even considered buying Civ 6.

I believe it's a known issue (many people have it on the steam forums), but I haven't seen a patch for it in half a year.
TPhaster 18 Oct, 2018
I've never had problems with Civ5 on my laptop with Nvidia card with Optimus (so kind of non-typical setup). The only crashes I encountered was after installing some invasive mods like NQMod or Enhanced UI, but that's probably because nobody tested them on Linux.
voyager2102 18 Oct, 2018
Quoting: LibertyPaulMI can't help feeling the criticism of Aspyr is somewhat undeserved here.
Hi Paul, while I am very grateful to them for actually bringing Civ VI to linux and I am basically ok with their code quality (although I can make it leak and grow the process way past 20GB until the reaper comes for it) and Civ V still crashes on exit every third time or so) I think that we can start to be unhappy about their performance if they fail to provide one of the main features of such a game (multiplayer with the majority of other players) after a year or so... if they then proceed to take away our ability to go into multiplayer games with more than half of the remaining players previously available (the mac users) then excuse me if I start to strongly disagree with you and I think that criticism is necessary. You can't just always take everything because you're a minority and I spent my money on that game and its extension, so yes, I would like to make them aware of the fact that while it is ok to take your time and provide good results, that also has its limits.
voyager2102 18 Oct, 2018
Quoting: GuestHowewer It's sad to see people attacking them for delaying the patch because cross platform multiplayer can be extremely complicated in some situations and they just want to make sure the patch meets their QA standards.
We're not talking about just delaying a patch, we're talking about a feature that is missing for way longer than a year and a patch that makes everything worse since it breaks most of what little in terms of multiplayer we already had. You can't tell me that QA is the reason for that. And you can't tell me either that multiplayer is so complex that somebody who is calling porting their job can't figure that out in more than a year. I should know - we do lots of networking (with much more real time data than a little game produces on the handful of possible systems involved) among different OSes and our customers would lynch us if we'd break that for a month, let alone more than a year.

I think that you are being too apologetic and that yes, there is a valid reason for people to speak up in a civilized way.
TheBard 18 Oct, 2018
Quoting: GuestPerhaps support for amdgpu and radeonsi would be fine as well. IIRC CIV VI has no official support for those drivers at all and there are a lot of serious issues with the port when attempting to run them on Linux using MESA...

It doesn't help that the ports of Civ V and Beyond earth are BROKEN and crash constantly...

I am very dissappointed with Aspyr i don't remember a single port from them without serious issues. Especially when those games become older, they tend to break in many ways... I just hope Civ VII port goes to Feral...

I've played Civ6 intensively using amdgpu on arch. It worked perfectly fine. Sure loadings are slow but I didn't have any glitch.

The game crashed several times but it was not Civ fault actually. The amdgpu driver made X freeze. I have the same behavior with lots of GPU intensive games including the ones I play with Wine/DXVK so I doubt it's related directly to Civ but the driver.

I tried one kernel parameter that sees to fix the issue by disabling DMA for amdgpu. I don't know if I'm just lucky but there haven't been a freeze for days.
Kristian 18 Oct, 2018
" I don't know if I'm just lucky but there haven't been a freeze for days."

Imagine reading that in a review: "It went without freezes for days, 5/5 stars".
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The comments on this article are closed.