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Talking point: What are you playing this weekend?

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It's nearly the end of January already, feels like the year is going rather quickly! With all the releases we've had lately along with some excellent games last year, what are you clicking on this weekend?

I'm rather sick from a nasty bug going around my Son's school so I shall mostly be moaning, groaning and playing something like Slay the Spire since it's ridiculously good and requires very little actual effort. Bonus points to it for working very nicely on my notebook so I can do it in bed.

I might also be catching up on some more Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, since I've been having a lot of fun with it and the turn-based nature of it means I can take my time. I'm still in a little shock at just how atmospheric and stylish it is, they did a good job.

If you're stuck and looking for something new, Steam has two interesting sales going on right now. Their Aussie Sale 2019 runs until Monday and their Global Game Jam Sale is also on until tomorrow!

There's also the GOG Weekly Sale, there's a few days left on the Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle and the Caffeine bundle both with great games.

What are you playing and what do you think about it?

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Leopard 26 Jan, 2019
Witcher 3 ( SteamPlay ) , ETS2 and Talos Principle ( both native ).
sergioandvar 26 Jan, 2019
Doki Doki Literature Club! I think it's a great visual novel and not very long. It plays great on Proton, just click n' play!
rapakiv 26 Jan, 2019
just bought stranded deep and MTGA
skinnyraf 26 Jan, 2019
Transport Fever mainly. I'm at 90 hours and finally started to grip it. My cities, towns and industries grew so that neither truck transport or point-to-point train transport work anymore, do I built my first true cargo hub.
Other than that it's Far Cry 1 via Proton, trying to get Paladins to run under Proton and perhaps some CS:GO with my son. He'd rather play Fortnite with me, but my primary machine is Linux-only, so no luck.
Arehandoro 26 Jan, 2019
Quoting: mrdeathjrTesting some things case


Oooohhhh Yakuza! Need to play the first game again soon :)


It will be a mix of The Witcher 3, The World Ends With You, and maybe Pikuniku.

Last edited by Arehandoro on 26 January 2019 at 4:26 pm UTC
namiko 26 Jan, 2019
I've been playing loads of Slime Rancher, it's surprisingly fun to find all the Treasure Pods and unlocking the 7Zee Club items.

Also playing Sunless Sea, trying to get more money by visiting Mangrove College over and over. Finally unlocked the Zubmarine a few weeks ago and having fun with escaping enemies by surfacing/diving.

However, it also crashes somewhat randomly. I learned through looking at logs that it's running a Unity-wrapped version of .NET or perhaps Mono. Should probably look deeper into it later...
Nevertheless 26 Jan, 2019
I think I'll give At the Gates a try, or I could return to Pathfinder Kingmaker. Version 1.2 came out recently.
kaiman 26 Jan, 2019
Started PoE 2 in turn based mode, but not sure how far I'll get. I also have set my eyes on NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, though I'd have to buy that first (and pray it runs in Wine ... but what doesn't these days!?).
tumocs 26 Jan, 2019
Some Warhammering. 40k in form of Gladius: relics of war and fantasy battle in Total Warhammer 2.
I also finally achieved minimalist in Slay the Spire.
Eike 26 Jan, 2019
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Finished AER - Memories of Old. It's... nice, but not great. The flying parts are nice and relaxing. I didn't expect the slightly Zeldaesque temples. The story, though... couldn't make heads or tail or the little story fragments. Or the ending.

Now I've started Darkestville Castle. Starts like something funny and relaxing.

Last edited by Eike on 26 January 2019 at 4:48 pm UTC
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