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The developer of Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019: Alaska [Steam], a surprisingly good looking off-road driving sim may gain Linux support with enough requests.

In response to a user asking about it on Steam, the developer said this:

Actually - no problem with that. We are making a Mac version anyway, which both with Linux are - UNIX operating systems. So making a Linux port is rather simple. If enough Linux user will come around and request Linux version - you'll get Linux version :D

While I think they're underestimating the differences nowadays, it's good to know they're open to supporting Linux.

About the game:

'Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019: Alaska' is a realistic simulator of a real-life off-road experience and first installment of an upcoming series. Drive through one of the most extreme environments in the world - the wild and cold Alaska.

No rules, no barriers, no ‘safe-zones’. Only you, your car and the map - against the odds of the wild and uncharted Alaska. The final challenge and ultimate test. Man versus Nature, in all it’s glory and unrelenting force.

It features a vast open world with deformable terrain, a day and night cycle which could make things interesting when paired with dynamic weather too. A claim of "realistic" physics and destructible cars. I actually think it looks rather nice, could be quite a relaxing experience and I can't really think of many others like it on Linux.

If it sounds like your thing, do let the developer know in the Steam post.

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Houtworm Jan 15, 2019
Awesome, I can not wait for the release :)
Mountain Man Jan 15, 2019
Quoting: IceTorchHahahaha! This is amazing :D So here I am, writing an official email to gamingonlinux.com, with a question could you guys maybe post an article about us and is Linux community interested. And boom. You did it already, before I even finished the email :DDD

So, instead of finish that email - I'll just jump in here and talk to you directly - how about that? ^_^

First of all - THANK YOU soooo much! All the kind words and honest curiosity about our game is already so motivating and inspiring. I really haven't seen that one coming. None of us did.

Next, to elaborate about the matter more in-deep:
As I said on the forums: yes, we do not discard Linux port. Actually - Ultra Off-Road is BEING MADE on Linux. Our lead programmer is a huge Linux evangelist and he does all the coding on his penguinish machine. Both Linux and iOS are UNIX operating systems. And as we intend to go with our game on Apple's storefront - having a UNIX supported version of the game was always on our To-Do List. Heck - that is why we discarded all DirectX libs and use OpenGL only. That being said - posting to Linux, when being rather easy - is still not just 'a click of a button'. It still needs some work. Ergo - some time.

So what I can promise, is that Ultra Off-Road WILL support Linux - take it for granted. But it is in your hands - how quickly and how soon. You define its priority. As I've been quoted: spam the living hell out of our game's forum demanding Linux port - and you'll get it, maybe even at the very day of release.

This is no marketing or PR tricks. It's simple math - we do what our players want. If our players want a Linux port - they will get it. After all - we don't make games for ourselves. We do it for you.

You talk - we listen. No strings attached.

So yeah - put this thing on fire guys - and lets all sit and watch the flames :)
This post confuses. If it's being developed on Linux and for Linux then why wouldn't it just naturally be a Day 1 Linux release?
IceTorch Jan 15, 2019
Quoting: Mountain ManThis post confuses. If it's being developed on Linux and for Linux then why wouldn't it just naturally be a Day 1 Linux release?
Beta-testing/debugging. Robert won't do that. We need other people for this task. :/

Last edited by IceTorch on 15 January 2019 at 6:18 am UTC
benoliver999 Jan 15, 2019
This looks right up my street. If you manage to bring it out on Linux it's probably a buy from me!
Redface Jan 15, 2019
I am really interested in this game and will buy it once it is out for linux. thanks for posting here IceTorch
Tuxgamer Jan 16, 2019
Do you need beta testers?
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The comments on this article are closed.