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The Talos Principle, Croteam's fantastic first-person puzzle game has a fresh beta available to test with some major changes.

It includes massive changes under the hood, including a much more up to date version of their Serious Engine. This brings with it 64bit by default, OpenGL removed in favour of Vulkan along with "various other optimizations, fixes, and tweaks that will make your gameplay experience better without you knowing why that is".

I did a few benchmarks this morning just to see how it's working now and unsurprisingly the Linux version remains incredibly smooth. With the performance options cranked to Ultra, rendering at 1080p and MSAA x4 on it was hitting an average of 112 FPS.

To access it, all you need to do is select the "publicbeta" branch on Steam. You can find it by right clicking the game in your Steam library, going to Properties and hit the Beta tab of the UI. From there, it's in the dropdown box:

See more about the beta here.

Hat tip to mphuZ.

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Eike 23 Feb, 2019
Croteam has a way of working that surprises me again and again. Wonder how they can afford touching old games (even if it's mostly engine changes). Happy they can, of course.

And... do play Talos Principle if you're into puzzling.
officernice 23 Feb, 2019
Feels like they'll do anything but tell us more about SS4! :P Pretty cool nonetheless.
Tori 23 Feb, 2019
I assume they're testing the engine for upcoming titles using the older game. Seems like a good idea, since they can see real-world results and the fans get an update for their existing library for free. A true win-win!
lucinos 23 Feb, 2019
Quoting: GuestI always wondered why they still had 32bit as the default, good to see that this has been changed now to 64bit and especially Vulkan... I won't miss the OpenGL support at all! :-) The update works great, no issues so far!

I am still downloading the beta on my desktop. The old version should be kept as an option because it does work on my laptop with intel HD 4400 and Vulkan does not work there (simple benchmarks do work bun not anything like Talos). What I think really nobody needs is the 32bit nonsense.
AzP 23 Feb, 2019
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  • Supporter
Awesome! I was surprised by how poor the performance was with Vulkan before, but they were working against a moving target when they did the first version so it is understandable that the performance might be sub-par because of that. Hopefully this makes a big difference! Looking forward to seeing benchmarks, since I've already finished the game :)
Might try it out a little though!
lucinos 23 Feb, 2019
Ok I run the game on my amdgpu desktop and it feels a lot better! (I had some microstuttering before) nice :-)

Quoting: GuestI tried Serious Sam 2017 Fusion as well and there OpenGL support is gone already, but maybe it is available in the previous version. If there is an issue with ANV it is probably the best to write a bug report (if not done yet).

I am not talking about any bug with the game. It is just the way it is with vulkan on intel HD 4400. It is very clear that vulkan support is only experimental on that gpu. I am just saying that they simply just not completely delete that as an option. They do keep even older legacy and a lot less useful options there, so I am not really concerned.
no_information_here 23 Feb, 2019
Quoting: EikeCroteam has a way of working that surprises me again and again. Wonder how they can afford touching old games (even if it's mostly engine changes). Happy they can, of course.

And... do play Talos Principle if you're into puzzling.
It seems they use their old games as a test-bed for developing their new engine. I am impressed at how well they pull it off, and we get "seriously" updated games like Talos!

Now, as much as I like SS, I really wish they would do some kind of Talos 2.
Swiftpaw 23 Feb, 2019
Hell yes!
Ehvis 23 Feb, 2019
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Installing this one. I still have a few stars to collect and a few extra DLC puzzles to solve.
edo 24 Feb, 2019
So this means they dropped Mac os x support, since they mention they now only support vulkan and dx12
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The comments on this article are closed.