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There's been a lot of chatter in the Linux gaming community recently, centred around Paradox Interactive and future Linux support. It's not all doom and gloom.

Starting off in a post on our forum, which linked to a chat with Shams Jorjani, the Chief Business Development Officer at Paradox Interactive, where Jorjani stated:

As I've said before - Linux sales have decreased annually the past 5 years. Both in relative and absolute numbers. It makes [zero] business sense to support it unfortunately. :(

That didn't make things sound good, which Jorjani followed up with:

We appreciate your support. For what it's worth we always examine rhe possibility and make a call. Hope you decide to return one day.

Now a post has popped up on the Paradox forum with a bunch of users throwing their support behind Paradox, which is always nice to see! Jorjani also replied here, with a little more detail to make things as clear as possible. Here's what they said:

Just wanted to pop in and say that I/we hear you, really appreciate the passion and that you make your voice heard in such a constructive way.

We evaluate Linux on a case by case basis and try to squeeze it in as often as we can. Some devs have experience with Linux and it becomes easier/cheaper to include. For others it's like when Han Solo handles Luke's lightsaber - there's a lot of "ah...uh"-ing and becomes a huge distraction and expensive.

So no promises either way - we'll do our best.

It's good to know that Paradox aren't outright dropping Linux support, it sounds like the same situation as any publisher/developer. Ports to any platform, are done when they think it's worth it and when the developer is ready and willing to do it.

In the case of studios under Paradox Interactive: Paradox Development Studios (Stellaris, Crusader Kings and so on), their strategy games already have Linux support in the game engine, for Haemimont Games with Surviving Mars they already had a bunch of Linux experience with Victor Vran on Linux, the same with Harebrained Schemes and BATTLETECH since they also worked on various Shadowrun titles that have Linux support.

How can you help with this? Continue buying Paradox games of course. A ton of their games are on sale currently on Steam and GOG, might be a really good time to pick some up or some missing DLC.

Personally, you can pry Stellaris, Battletech and Surviving Mars from my cold dead hands. All three are excellent Linux games that I go back to very regularly.

Hat tip to SadL.

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Kohrias Jul 1, 2019
Just bought Battletech on GOG :)
Arten Jul 1, 2019
QuoteAs I've said before - Linux sales have decreased annually the past 5 years. Both in relative and absolute numbers. It makes [zero] business sense to support it unfortunately. :(

Clearly, if they port it, they releas it. Google, this is your chance to make linux gaming better. If they port it for stadia, we get more games on linux...
Orkultus Jul 1, 2019
So the scenario is like this...yeah sales are dropping...not because our numbers are dropping. Look at it this way. A windows only game comes out...Only the people who are interested are going to buy it. When a game comes out on Linux (With Fewer Users), yet again..not everyone is going to buy it. Which def shows lower sales, since we are a small community. Then again, maybe later down the road if the game is still available on linux, we change our mind and pick up a copy. So sales up front might not look great, but in the long run, your game is going to make a decent amount.
slaapliedje Jul 1, 2019
I know they've made plenty of money off of me, since I buy all their stuff. Ha, alone I'm fairly certain I've spent like 300 bucks on CK II.
TheSHEEEP Jul 1, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Well, I certainly haven't been buying Imperator, but so haven't a large number of people, for obvious reasons.
Interesting that their Linux sales numbers are dropping over the years, though, that's not the same story as from other devs.
Corben Jul 1, 2019
From what I've heard recently, Stadia might really bring us an indirect advantage here. Devs have to learn how to develop for Linux if they want to be on Stadia. And as I guess google is not going for big deals with exclusives (at least not promising as many sold copies as Epic does atm), they want to be on as many stores as they can. Especially Steam. And as Steam can distribute (native) Linux versions, why miss out the sales if you have it for Linux already?

So more devs have to go through the "uh-ah", which will increase the Linux experience among developers, thus making it cheaper in general as it can be done faster etc.

Well, I don't know where Microsoft Games Studios want to go. But as they're bringing e.g. the Halo Master Chief collection on Steam, they also just want to have as many customers as they can. And if Paradox can stay independent, they might have the freedom to choose to publish on Stadia and thus on Steam with a Linux version as well. Maaaaybeee...

Seegras Jul 1, 2019
I have all of them that came out for Linux, except the two newer strategy ones (Battletech and Surviving Mars), which I probably won't buy, because, actually, I don't play strategy games for the most part (I played the Shadowrun ones, but that's it).
STiAT Jul 1, 2019
Can't shift facts. I appreciate the honesty and openness in that matter.

That Linux Sales decreased is probably the result of simply having more Games available. I currently don't buy unless it's a good deal, because I have so many unfinished games in my library already which will keep me busy another year. Including Games of them. I simply ain't got the time to play all games released for Linux which I'd want to play.
DMG Jul 1, 2019
I already bought Surviving Mars. Even if I didn't like it in the end. And Stellaris too, which is really great game.
tuubi Jul 1, 2019
Quoting: Guestpolitical agendas that go counter to most of their customers' wishes
Most of their customers or the loudest of their customers?

Also, you really can't enjoy a game/story unless it perfectly conforms to your narrow world-view? That's a bit sad.
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