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It's the end of another busy week for Linux gaming, for many people the weekend is filled full of games.

For me, I shall be likely diving into some more Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. It's not perfect but it's by far the nicest Total War game I've tried in a very long time. Feral Interactive have done some incredible work on the optimisations for the Linux version that I remain very impressed.

I shall also be booting up my old friend Polychromatic, as I desperately try to beat the score of our contributor Samsai. Such a maddeningly streamlined twin-stick shooter, it's frustratingly good at killing me when I feel like I'm finally doing well.

So dear readers, what play button are you clicking on across this weekend and what do you think about it?

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14 1 Jun, 2019
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I'm trying out Europa Universalis IV during the free weekend via Steam. It's been on my wishlist for ages. This is a great opportunity to demo the full version of the game.

I am also hoping to start a co-op campaign in Total War: Warhammer this weekend. I've had it a long time but have only played a few skirmishes so far.

I've been playing KotoR as my single-player RPG as of late, chipping away at it. I never played it when it was new. The more I play, the more I get into it. Typical of a good RPG, I guess.

When I don't have enough time or am too tired to jump into KotoR, I have been playing Rise to Ruins. Since that is my "easy" game to play, I end up putting the most time into it. :)
riusma 1 Jun, 2019
Quoting: shorbergA rare member of the "favourites" category in my Steam library. If you enjoy the style I can warmly recommend Rakuen.

Already in my wishlist! I will try to have a look at it when my Steam backlog will be a bit less encumbered! :P
RTheren 1 Jun, 2019
I got back to playing MachiaVillain, and I can't stop.
Spirimint 1 Jun, 2019
Creativerse :)
jeffpl 1 Jun, 2019
After cleaning my apartment, i found my good old dolphinbar (a bluetooth adapter and sensor bar combo for dolphin emulator) that i got 3-4 years ago before i definitely switched to linux full time. I decided to use it and play some wii games. It didn't work at first but i found a way to make it works on linux. It works perfectly now so i plan to play some new super mario bross wii. With vulkan blackend, the game run at a smooth 60fps.

Talking of Vulkan, i also plan to play like i do almost everyday to overwatch. I switched full time to linux after i tried overwatch with wine and dxvk. Even with my nvidia gtx960, it works 60fps on high with no drops.
14 1 Jun, 2019
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Quoting: XpanderProbably playing a bit of Warhammer Online also with the help of wine. Quite fun for some RvR action.
How are you playing that? Are there community servers or something? I went to and saw that it was sunset.
14 1 Jun, 2019
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Quoting: ExpalphalogFell Seal: Arbiter's Mark. Mouthful of a title, but a great turn-based strategy game.

I am currently going back and grinding the hell out of old levels, not because it's necessary (it's really not unless you're a poor strategist) and not because I like grinding (hate it actually), but just because I am not ready for the game to be over so I am delaying the final fight as long as I can.
This is great to hear! I took a small chance and bought this game near the end of Early Access before the price went up. I haven't played it yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll like it a lot as I'm a fan of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

EDIT: Spelling

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Corben 1 Jun, 2019
As I'm at a LAN party this weekend, we're playing quite a lot already:
  • Evolve: Yep, that game, that was once promised to come to Linux, when Valve took off with all the Steam Universe anoucements, like Steam VR, Steam Controller, SteamOS, etc. It was the first asynchronous multiplayer game, but didn't work out as expected. They switched to Evolve Stage 2, which was Free2Play, but it also didn't work out. So they've shut down the game and its servers completely. Only owners of the former paid version can still play it, by switching to the Evolve legacy "beta" branch. So you can still play multiplayer via Steamworks and just invite your friends. And it works pretty well via proton. Not perfect, as you lose input after tabbing out and in, and there are some rare crashes here and there. But you can always reconnect, so it's not too bad. And this game is still much fun. If you're lucky to find a retail version, you can still play the original Evolve.

  • Insurgency: Looking forward to Sandstorm though. But in the meantime, we play its predecessor.

  • Aliens vs. Predator (2010): Tricky in proton, but it does work on certain dates, if you copy the ceg executable from a wine or windows installation from the same pc. Works perfect in wine though. But I just realize, that it seems they've shut down VAC support for the dedicated server? It doesn't connect to steam anymore, though it was working perfect some weeks ago. We had to do it via friends invite as with Evolve... well.

  • Dynablaster Revenge: A great bomberman clone. It has native Linux support

  • Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne: Green Circle Tower Defense. And damn, we are still failing this map. I also have to try D9VK with this, as my FPS go down hard, whren there are too many creeps walking around.

  • Beat Saber: Yep, they have a HTC Vive Pro here at the LAN party, even with the wireless module. That's pretty cool, but it's so hot in the sports hall here, I didn't play more than 2 songs... otherwise I would have melted :D

So much about what I (we) have played so far, but there is more to come. We still have Blur and FlatOut 2 on our list... and we'll see what else. BlazeRush and ShellShock Live maybe.
Xpander 1 Jun, 2019
Quoting: 14
Quoting: XpanderProbably playing a bit of Warhammer Online also with the help of wine. Quite fun for some RvR action.
How are you playing that? Are there community servers or something? I went to and saw that it was sunset.
Beamboom 1 Jun, 2019
Quoting: ziabiceI started playing Fallout 4, but Dogmeat remembered me too much my beloved dog who passed away that I had to stop: seeing someone harming him makes me mad. It's very strange, never felt this feeling because of a videogame.

Yeah they made the dog really well. And I agree, I too find it strangely uncomfortable to see him getting attacked. But you can choose other companions too, including that bot early on, and leave the dog safe back home and cuddle him while you fix the house. :)

Quoting: ziabicePlease Note:
Fallout 4 works well out of the box using Proton only if you use a gamepad, otherwise you'll have problems with mouse spinning or jumping

That particular problem is fixed with one line in the config file of fallout: "bBackgroundMouse=1"

But there is another mouse issue that only happens now and then that I've not found a solution to (probably doesn't affect all, but I have to run a custom resolution due to my ultrawide screen).
So yeah, I'm playing it on a controller as well. Really great performance on the game too!

Last edited by Beamboom on 1 June 2019 at 7:36 pm UTC
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