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Donensbourgh is one I highlighted only recently, a medieval RPG with no combat or violence that seemed promising. It just had a pretty massive upgrade to improve all of it.

Definitely like the idea they're going for here. A single-player story-based experience, with some surprisingly beautiful looking graphics in certain areas with a focus on the late 13th century. With an aim to be on the realistic side, there's no spells or dragons or anything like that.

Looking good on Manjaro Linux.

With the latest release made public a few days ago, the developer updated to a more recent Unreal Engine with all the various improvements that come with it. However, they've also done a huge amount of work behind the scenes. Moving a lot of code from Unreal Engine blueprints to C++ in multiple areas to improve performance, improved the loading time, improved the saving and loading system, added an autosave, general gameplay improvements and bug fixes. You can see more details on it all here.

Certainly felt a lot smoother than the last build, even on the highest settings there was only a few minor blips when it loaded in new parts.

Find it now on It's free to try right now during the Alpha, however you can pay $17 (or more) to get access to more frequent updates and the full game when it's ready, so at some point I imagine the free Alpha will be stopped. There's 490 copies left of this discounted Early Access program.

Hat tip to beko in our Discord.

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haiku 29 Jul, 2019
Seem promising, i'am looking forward :)
chepati 29 Jul, 2019
Quoting: HoriHopefully it can be as realistic as Kingdom Come or more. That game was absolutely amazing and for me the most welcome addition to the RPG genre, and I certainly want more games of that kind!

I *love* KCD, it is by far my favorite RPG of all time. Unfortunately, any medieval game that doesn't include warfare and death is by definition unrealistic. I hope this game eventually adds weapons and warfare.

Last edited by chepati on 29 July 2019 at 4:15 pm UTC
kaiman 29 Jul, 2019
Quoting: chepatiI *love* KCD, it is by far my favorite RPG of all time. Unfortunately, any medieval game that doesn't include warfare and death is by definition unrealistic.
Still enjoying KCD, but I wouldn't be opposed to a medieval game without warfare and death. Whether I'd call it a RPG is a different question. Probably depends how it is implemented and whether it provides meaningful skills and character customization allowing to approach obstacles in different, creative ways.

I sometimes think all that fighting and killing in RPGs is often pure laziness of the developers. It's much easier to throw some more mobs at the player, or write "quests" along the line of "go there, kill that" than coming up with original content. Personally, I usually like those parts of RPGs best that do not involve combat so much. I.e. in The Witcher 3, my favorite quest was Dead Man's Party. KCD also requires very little combat over large swaths, but it still has to throw hordes of bandits at the player. Given their sheer number, one wonders why they haven't robbed everyone blind and usurped Bohemia.

Anyway, Donensbourgh is something I'll keep an eye on. Even though it appears to have more in common with something like Leaving Lyndow or Eastshade (will that ever come to Linux, btw.?), games I would not call RPGs.
MisterPaytwick 29 Jul, 2019
While I'm curious about it, I'd like to see more people, it's weird, all the empty screen shot without people. But otherwise, I do have to say the game is interesting. I just hope they can avoid the pitfall of something Dear Esther (especially since they call it a RPG)

Quoting: chepatiUnfortunately, any medieval game that doesn't include warfare and death is by definition unrealistic.

Put it simply: things like the Crusades, or latter the French Wars of Religion are periods-defining events, but they aren't the average of that time, think about World Wars, they aren't your average wars. And things like the Albigensian Crusade and the way it is spread across 20 years.

You should think of it with 2 specific factors: seasons and distances. For warrings lords, you had to get shit done quick and shortly because you had other things to do (ie harvests), so you wanted some quick money, nothing long (hence the very small number of actual sieges), and something like the Albigensian Crusade for someone of the County of Flanders would be like the Gulf War for the USA without the TV, papers and the internet.

In other words: living during the 13th century and never seeing a conflict itself was likely doable. Never seeing more than a handful of assess shitting their pants thinking about a fight that may or may not happen was less likely. But again, it's within a lifetime.

Last edited by MisterPaytwick on 29 July 2019 at 10:16 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.