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What have you been clicking on this weekend?

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The weekend is almost over and a nice week full of news is about to begin. Before it does, let's get talking! What have you been playing?

Brigador: Up-Armored Edition has been sucking up a lot of my time recently, thanks to a new update coming out with a bit of new content. I have so much love for the destruction in this game it's unreal! This is where I have honestly spent most of my time, stomping on everything and identifying explosive areas to set off fun chain-reactions from a shot or two and just watching everything go to hell. Love the customization too, plenty to unlock from vehicles to pilot to ridiculously powerful weapons.

Since Abandon Ship got a Linux beta recently, I've also been putting some time into that while chatting to the developer to help ensure a smooth release later this month.

I also helped the developer of Elteria Adventures identify a bug preventing the upcoming Linux version from launching, so that was fun too.

What have you clicked on lately? Do give us your recommendations in the comments.

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Dunc 4 Aug, 2019
Quoting: buckysrevengeI played some Doom (using GZDoom) and A Short Hike - great light hearted game!
That's a coincidence. I haven't been playing much recently (I keep firing up Steam in the background - becuase it takes ages to load - then getting distracted and never actually starting any games), but I did feel like a bit of Doom earlier in the week. For some reason, GZDoom isn't working for me right now, so I tried Doomsday. Wow. That thing has a nice frontend. Not so keen on the graphical “improvements” (although they can be tweaked out), but it feels like a professional product. Very impressive.

Quoting: DraconicroseI've actually been playing The Witcher 3! I finally have a computer that's able to handle it. I'm so pleased it runs so darned well in Steam Play. I'd never tell it wasn't a native game if I didn't know.
So true. But say goodbye to your free time until... oh, I don't know... Christmas? :)
iiari 5 Aug, 2019
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Quoting: coryrj19951And also playing around with The Dark Mod a little.
What do you think of the Dark Mod so far?
iiari 5 Aug, 2019
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Quoting: emp64Arma 3 through Proton
So what can you do on this one at this point? Doesn't anticheat prevent MP?
Acrophobic 5 Aug, 2019
I'm barely able to play this weekend, with job and side project piling up to do. Right now I'm hoping to learn how to play Crusader Kings II properly since I've bought all DLC from Humble.

I thought I already got the basic down, but after watching tutorial in YouTube (the part one from 22 videos), I just realize I don't even know how to read and use map properly

Last edited by Acrophobic on 5 August 2019 at 12:13 am UTC
Keyrock 5 Aug, 2019
HITMAN 2 via Proton. I love this game series.
Batman Arkham Asylum on my Windows 7 machine with a second card for physx...
I wonder if someday that feature will be possible on Linux.
tomlowshang 5 Aug, 2019
Pike and Shot: Campaigns, Heroes of Normandie, and Check Your 6! via Proton.
Patola 5 Aug, 2019
1) Two Worlds 2 - Great fantasy action RPG, it also has excellent multiplayer
2) X4: Foundations - don't need to say anything else, do I?
3) Space Mercs - yay!!!! straight to the action. Actually, it resembles X4: Foundations combat/
4) City Car Driving - tuning it to work correctly under proton, sent a solution to the language problem to github and protondb. Works great, bought it to my wife too, it works with force feedback both on the G29 (mine) and G27 (hers).
5) DreadOut - lots of problems with this one, its linux native version is so buggy I had to change to proton and even then I am having problems, opened a bug report
6) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - trying to play with people from the GoL telegram group, got pwned to technical problems, played again later to git gud and raise my level
7) DOOM (2016)

Last edited by Patola on 5 August 2019 at 1:04 am UTC
TheReaperUK 5 Aug, 2019
Played a bit of Doom 2016 (After chui2ch figured out my problem of the game not working with Vulkan).

But most of my time playing Fallout 4 and just bought the season pass (Level 264 and over 80 Hours)

And Bioshock 1 + 2 Remastered (As someone figured out the low textures problem, (use no-esync)

Have not played much native games as this year so far has not been very good for Games i like to play, still holding back for the next Tomb Raider Game, but looking at sale prices i might get it and use Proton.
iiari 5 Aug, 2019
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Quoting: Patola4) City Car Driving - tuning it to work correctly under proton,
This is on my list to try. There are a lot of great car mods made for this. I'm also sure my (pre-driving age) kids will love it...

Quoting: Patolatrying to play with people from the GoL telegram group
What's the best Linux group online to coordinate matches for various games?
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