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Another week has almost finished, it's now the weekend and it's super hot here which means it's time to hide indoors and play games.

For me, it's been a real mix of things recently. With the announcement that EVERSPACE 2 is coming to Linux, I've decided to brush up on my piloting skills in the original. I'm still amazed at how fun EVERSPACE actually is, especially the Action Freeze feature where you can just entirely stop the game to take a picture. Beautiful too, it can result in some awesome shots like this:

Apart from that, Jupiter Hell is another fantastic Early Access game now out on Linux. Already loving everything about it, from the awesome atmosphere to the incredible turn-based action. Although when I'm not looking for something so intense, diving into Dicey Dungeons is always high up on my list.

What have you been playing recently and what are you clicking on this weekend? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments.

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Dodger 24 Aug, 2019
I spend some time with Ion Fury and Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure.
riidom 24 Aug, 2019
Same stuff like usual for me.. one (ok two) rounds of FreeOrion, went back into RoboCraft again. Been playing it for years almost daily, recently im down to once every 2 weeks sort of. And, BallisticNG. It's getting so difficult now, I scored a single bronze medal in dunno how many races.. challenge! :D
Klaas 24 Aug, 2019
Between an invasion of relatives and a 60th birthday, I've managed to squeeze in a few minutes of Tangledeep.
Arten 24 Aug, 2019
C&C 3. Finaly, with D9VK i can play it withou problems :)
Raaben 24 Aug, 2019
I'm pushing myself to finish Pillars of Eternity 2; I started this playthrough after the last patch but keep getting distracted and forgetting about it for a while despite how much I enjoy it. Turn based mode makes it alot slower to get through and it's definitely a wonky feeling afterthought in some cases, but I still appreciate it more than RTwP. Crossing my fingers to finish this weekend.

All the excitement for Everspace 2 has me wanting to play the first one next. It's been waiting in my library for a long time now and looks like it deserves some love. It's that or Underworld on my list for the next big thing.
Nezchan 24 Aug, 2019
Quoting: no_information_here
Quoting: NezchanSecrets of Rætikon, a Metroidvania-ish game where you play a bird attempting to activate an ancient machine. Good controls, stunning visuals, and satisfying puzzles, even if fighting to get needed puzzle objects away from magpies gets frustrating at times.

It was the first game I ever backed in Early Access, and I figured I'd pick it up again and try to actually finish it.
Sadly, the ending of this game is terrible. I think they ran out of money and it really shows. Too bad as the general concept was cool.

Well...thanks for semi-ruining it for me, I guess? Given I haven't yet reached the end.
no_information_here 24 Aug, 2019
Quoting: NezchanWell...thanks for semi-ruining it for me, I guess? Given I haven't yet reached the end.
Sorry! Maybe you will like the ending more than I did?
Whitewolfe80 24 Aug, 2019
Homeworld Emergence or Cataylst as it was known via wine using play on linux still my favourite homeworld game
damarrin 24 Aug, 2019
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On Linux I’m playing Dark Souls III and Mortal Kombat XL. I also started setting up my Valve Index, which arrived yesterday, but am still to actually play anything. The setup seems to work well, at least. I had to set it up at work as that’s where I have the space and the good(ish) computer, will probably get back to it on Monday.

But the game I’ve really been playing these past few weeks is Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana on the PS Vita. It’s very good. It’s out on Steam too and probably runs fine on Linux.
thingfish57 24 Aug, 2019
Still working on wrapping up Dark Souls III and its DLCs. I am currently working on Nameless King in the base game, and have finished the first DLC and gotten up to Midir on the second DLC -- so that's what I'm doing this weekend. So glad I get to use (Arch) Linux for my games now, thanks to Steam and Proton! Keep up the good work guys.
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