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Manjaro levels up as a serious Linux distribution

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Today, the team at Manjaro [Official Site] shared some pretty big news for the future of the Linux distribution and it sounds great.

A new company was officially formed as Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG, with Manjaro developers Philip Müller and Bernhard Landauer now being able to commit to the Linux distribution full time with the help of Blue Systems in an advisory role. On top of that, they're working towards teaming up with the non-profit groups CommunityBridge and OpenCollective to handle their donation funding which can then be used towards project-related expenses.

They say this will help them do quite a lot like: protect the independence of Manjaro, provide faster security updates and a more efficient reaction to the needs of users, provide the means to act as a company on a professional level, bring in additional contributors on a paid basis and so on.

Something they made pretty clear, is that the way it's run overall won't be changing. So they will continue to interact with the community, take on suggestions and all that. This is all just formal stuff to get them on secured footing for the future. It will help them to partner with other companies of course, since they're now actually a company themselves. You can see their full post about the news on their forum.

I think it's fantastic when a project made from passion can become something serious like this. It reminds me of how we here at GamingOnLinux started off as nothing more than a little weekend project and now we're here full time.

Can't wait to see what Manjaro can achieve now, good luck to them on it.

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14 9 Sep, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: Whitewolfe80
Quoting: 14Emphasis mine:
Quoting: Whitewolfe80
Quoting: ShmerlWould be nice if they also focus on KDE as the primary supported DE, and will help speeding up its development.

Personally I would rather xfce became their primary and only de but thats because I like the fact its very memory efficent and i have plenty of ram i just dont like bloat code that comes with a vanilla kde base.
In just a handful of posts, you can see why more than one DE needs to be supported. Why would you want fewer options for the masses? I don't understand.

Secondly on your last point no there needs to be fewer options as it does tend to scare off potential windows converts. They go to say manjaro webpage they hit the download button and bam 4 options so imagine you have never used linux before at all and youve been on windows all your life. On one hand you could say oh wow look at the options on the other hand they might well go (and this seems likely as i have worked with a large number of windows users) no i just want an os i dont know what kde is or xfce i just want linux and they are done no second chances.
Why windows works for the majority is there is no choice its windows there is only feature options home prem everybody understands that now if windows started shipping windows aero windows basic windows dx12 windows dx11 then you would see message boards fill with is there just a regular windows i can download. Options are great if you know what they are if you dont its just a confusing mess.
I see your perspective but disagree with your solution. If too many options is the problem for potential Windows converts, then GNU/Linux and even OSS is not for them. I would say point them to a distro that has a more streamlined approach, like Elementary OS or Ubuntu. If that's still too much of a learning curve, get them an Android tablet and tell them it's Linux. (Although, the people you describe sound more like iOS users.)
Mountain Man 9 Sep, 2019
Quoting: pbI used to love KDE, using it all the way through v2 and v3. When they released KDE4, I promptly switched to gnome 2. Then came Gnome 3 so I switched to Mate. With Mate losing momentum in favour of Cinnamon, I switched to XFCE and I never felt the need to switch again (though I have sometimes tried other DEs, including newer versions of KDE). The worst thing about open source is that all the time people break something that is working well, and the best thing about open source is that there are always plenty of alternatives to switch to. :P
I've heard it said that one of the best things about Linux is the amount of choice the consumer has.

I've also heard it said that one of the worst things about Linux is the amount of choice the consumer has!
Adrian 9 Sep, 2019
I gave Manjaro Gnome desktop a run the other day to see what the fuss was about, and was really impressed. Have not used Gnome for over a year, so noticed big improvements here. Also because it's based on arch it was great to have all the latest packages. Anyone that hasn't been down this path, give it a go. I'm not ready to ditch my Ubuntu distro just yet thou, as I feel more comfortable.
Sputnik_tr_02 9 Sep, 2019
Quoting: ShmerlWould be nice if they also focus on KDE as the primary supported DE, and will help speeding up its development.

Blue Systems is one of KDE patrons and they are employing some of KDE developers if I'm not mistaken, so KDE flavor might get some more focus. Hopefully.
pcavalcanti 9 Sep, 2019
Quoting: ShmerDid you open a KDE bug? Would be interesting to follow.

No, I was using it on Debian where It was somewhat decent speed wise. On manjaro it was impossible to use, it was way too slow. Then I switched to xubuntu and it works as expected. When I try KDE again I'll do that.

Sorry if that seems lazy, but I couldn't wait for a fix.

Also, since other people mentioned I add my dislike of gnome. Specially when using steam big picture - it minimizes everytime i quit a game and the workarounds make things worse sometimes - How can this be Ubuntu's DE?

Last edited by pcavalcanti on 9 September 2019 at 7:26 pm UTC
tofuhead 10 Sep, 2019
heh, I was about to write appraising comment here for manjaro.. as I always thought Arch-type distributions were just hard to manage... but I had been running Manjaro on my spare laptop for couple of weeks now and was quite surprised how easy and nice it was.

well, after todays normal update it broke. doesn't boot, kernel panic.

sooo.... I think I just stick with the ubuntus for now.. my main machine has been running several years without any problems.. version after version dist-upgrades, and still going strong :) I just liked the idea of rolling release, but apparently this wasn't it.

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The comments on this article are closed.
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