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Mojang have announced some pretty huge additions coming to Minecraft during MINECON and some of it sounds quite exciting!

With the Nether, they've announced three entirely new biomes so it's about to get bigger and more interesting. You might even be able to actually live there now, not that you want to right? I mean, it's basically Minecraft Hell isn't it? Anyway, the three new biomes are: Soulsand Valley - An area full of blue fog and blue flames (a new block) and massive fossils everywhere, Netherwart Forest Red - a very dense forest designed to make you lose your sense of direction and the Netherwart Forest Blue - it's like the Red version but with a unique atmosphere and blocks including the new Nether Fungi covering the ground.

Mojang also announced the Piglin Beast mob that will be running around the nether. It's a hostile pig with tusks, which you can breed as a source of food if you really are determined to live in the Nether.

They also renamed the Zombie Pigmen to Zombified Piglins and they're adding another hostile mob with the Piglins who are native to the Nether and build little fortifications for you to come across. They're not as friendly as villagers but if you wear Gold armour they might be open to some trading.

On top of that a new block, the Target Block was also announced for fans of Redstone. It emits a Redstone signal when you shoot it with an arrow, with the signal being stronger the closer your arrow hits to the bullseye.

If you want to see a bit of them in action, during MINECON Live 2019 they were shown off a little starting with the Target Block, Soulsand Valley and shortly after you also get a glimpse of Netherwart Forest Red:

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No date yet for the Nether update but it certainly sounds quite exciting!

Something that's coming perhaps a lot sooner is another update to Minecraft adding in Bees, Bee Nests and Hives, a Honey Bottle and a Honeycomb block which you can already find in their recently release snapshots.

Here's a quick shot I took earlier while playing with my new friends:

All that and more can be found in their official Minecon post.

I've actually started getting back into Minecraft myself, after burning out on it a few years ago due to playing far too much of it. A really great game to play with others and now my son is old enough to really appreciate it, having it supported on Linux and working well is awesome. Minecraft has changed so much over the years, it's actually a much nicer experience now. Glad to see Mojang still fully committed to the current cross-platform Java version.

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Dunc 1 Oct, 2019
Quoting: TheSHEEEP
Quoting: Chronarius
Quoting: mahagrI was looking into buying Java edition, but saw that it doesn't have all the features and that they want to phase it out -- so ended up using Android version in my Linux box.

and do you have a source for the phase out?
There is no reliable source for that as this has been a community spook story since 2017 or so, fueled by one or two "Microsoft evil" articles IIRC.
Yeah, I have to be honest and say that I expected them to gradually phase it out, but so far there's been no definite sign of it. Bedrock seems to be the “default“ edition now, to be fair, but I understand it was recently announced that they want to get all versions to parity on features and version numbering.
chr 2 Oct, 2019
I get it that MS has been doing a lot of nice things for open-source for a while and hasn't been busted with anything definitely evil for a longer time, but pro-society actions only legitimize the existence of monopolistic corporations, it doesn't make them good. I think concentration of power is inherently bad, since you can never be certain that the powerful entity is worthy of all the trust. What kind of enormous benefits should such an entity provide to be worth the risks?

I'm not convinced that BE (Bedrock edition) isn't a Linux-hostile action - possibly embracing (not EEE) Linux in the server market, but fighting it in the personal computer market. It is so convenient to say that "Oh we are just being reasonable with money by not porting BE to Linux and macOS". Meanwhile it is available on Android and iOS and Nintendo-Switch which are arguably similar to Linux and macOS in their underlying tech. That sounds suspicious. I fear that they are leaving everyone the benefit of doubt and taking it super slow with using Minecraft to push people to Win10. Legitimate strategy to get people off of WinXP and others, but not for targeting macOS and Linux. At some point the majority of players will be on BE and I can no longer play with my friends without switching to Win10 (or Android, or iOS, or Switch).

Idk, does it sound paranoid to you?
EDIT: I don't want to get people fearful or agitated. I just want more input to my own fears and thoughts.

Last edited by chr on 2 October 2019 at 9:26 am UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.