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That's it, done, finished. The beta for the new Steam Library is over and the Remote Play Together beta is now out for everyone as soon as your client updates.

We have tons of new features to play with that have been talked about before like: the ability to sort games into dynamic collections, the customizable home page with different shelves of games made from your collections, a list of recent updates at the top of your Library home, overhauled game pages, a new events system, a Linux "Tux" icon to filter only Linux games in your list and so on.

This update also rolls out Remote Play Together (beta) for everyone now too. The new feature of Steam that allows you to play games that only have local co-op/multiplayer, across the net with your Steam friends. Only the host needs to own it too. It's a huge feature, one that's quite exciting and full of possibilities. For some of us, it's not easy to get people in the same room and not just that, so this breaks down a few walls.

You can see the official announcement on Steam here and there's also a changelog here.

Something else they didn't seem to announce directly, is that Steam will now prompt you to make or update a review when you've put a number of hours into a game. This is good, as we've been told many times how important reviews are for games to get noticed.

Not just to get more good reviews onto store pages though. In the era of live service games that are constantly updated, it's good to get accurate and up to date reviews. Games change drastically often now, so having a client that can actually remind people a little like that is good.

Also, something else seems to be coming involving the Steam Runtime for Linux, which now shows up in the Tools section of Steam. Developer Timothee Besset replied to me on Twitter with "soon (tm)", so when I have more info on what exactly it's for I will let you know.

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ajgp 31 Oct, 2019
QuoteAlso, something else seems to be coming involving the Steam Runtime for Linux, which now shows up in the Tools section of Steam. Developer Timothee Besset replied to me on Twitter with "soon (tm)", so when I have more info on what exactly it's for I will let you know.

Im curious if this new Steam Runtime for Linux is something to do with Proton; given that last night when I was reinstalling everything for my new build, when I went to activate Proton for all games the top and default selection from the dropdown of what Proton version to use was "Steam Runtime for Linux"
2fastHunter 31 Oct, 2019
So I can't shutdown my computer anymore, because with the next start, the Steam client will update? It is not the fact, that I don't want the new UI. It is the fact, that in the beta it broke games and I don't know, if Valve got this fixed.
Lycurgus87 31 Oct, 2019
Well don't really get it why ppl are so angry about this. I really like the new UI<3, and don't have issues with it, NONE...
I am a happy pinguin.
mirv 31 Oct, 2019
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My very first impression was "too much shoved into my face, no idea what anything is". My second was "I see they've hired the designers behind itunes" (that's not a compliment).
Maybe it will improve, and it's not like there's any choice but to use it now (something I disapprove of).

Perhaps this is a bit negative from me, but I'm not raging or anything. Just initial impressions; and I know some like it, but hey, everyone is different.
Doc Angelo 31 Oct, 2019
Okay... what a bold move. But then again, the "stable version" of the new client was (and still is) also buggy. I think the new UI has a few good ideas, but it is still rather buggy, sluggish (but better than in the alpha), and it wastes A LOT of space. When I maximize the window, there is so much unused space.

Sorry, but I think what Valve is doing lately with their client is awful. I love what they're doing with Linux and FOSS in general, but... they're really doing a shitty job regarding their client.

Not that they're alone with this, but... when I installed Steam for the first time more than 15 years ago, everything was quick, snappy and performant. With a computer that has roughly the same processing power as my router has now (that may be a slight exaggeration ;) ). My computer now has so much more power that is it rather hard to express, yet Steam, and many other softwares, struggle to run smoothly.

That seriously sucks.
Dunc 31 Oct, 2019
It's certainly better than when I tried the beta, but I think taken all together, it's not really a net improvement. Some things are better, some not so much. Meh. I'd rather have the old layout with some of the new features.
Phlebiac OS filter is gone?

There is a little (chubby) penguin icon to filter.

Man thank you for that. Looks nothing like a penguin and would never have realised what that was!
Maki 31 Oct, 2019
Old client could resize to a minimum box of 230 pixels in width x 100 pixels in height in Small Mode, even if it was largely unusable at that point. The point is that it was possible.
With a few games in a library, the most-used size for me was 284 pixels in width by 638 pixels in height. That allowed me to see the dozen games I had installed, in their categories, and all game names would be fully shown in the list.
This meant the game launcher element of the Steam client could be put out of the way and games could be played either windowed or full screen while the launcher was still operational in the background.
With the beta my behaviour quickly changed to launching a game as soon as the Steam client started, and minimizing the Steam client. I don't want that trash visible in the background of my windowed games. I don't need it in the background consuming higher amounts of RAM than it should.
I'm looking for an alternative which boots my Steam library without being in the way, like Lutris.
lionblaze55 31 Oct, 2019
On the bright side Remote Play Together now works like a charm. Just loaded up stick fight wars with four buddies, and only 2 of us needed to own the game!
Nezchan 31 Oct, 2019
Oh, that's funny. If you click the penguin icon to filter for Linux games, but have Proton enabled for all games, then it doesn't filter anything. Which is behaviour I thought they were going to fix from the old version, but apparently not.
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