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What have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

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It's reader question time here on GamingOnLinux, something we do infrequently to generate a bit of discussion.

Having seen a number of great Linux releases lately, it's getting tough opening Steam and actually picking something to play. The very new release of Pine has certainly sucked away a lot of my time, something about the world Twirlbound created has seriously pulled me in. It's not without issues though. While forcing my CPU to stay in Performance mode has made it smoother, it definitely needs improving.

Some of the quests in Pine don't seem like they've been thought through enough with the game mechanics. There's a time you need to get special tokens from different types of creatures like gatherers, traders and guards. So to help you're given blueprints for some traps. Something that should be a challenge but I decided to run around the nearest town and just place traps directly in front of every creature around and in the space of 2 minutes it was done. It was really dumb but it worked.

The world in Pine is certainly not as big as it initially seemed either, it doesn't actually take that long to see the entire area. It gives a good illusion of a lot to do but so far it seems a little basic. Don't let me put you off though, I'm thoroughly nitpicking. Still great fun, just not even close to as expansive as expected.

Meanwhile, I've also carried on my playthrough of the latest Factorio release. Maddeningly engrossing. Incredible game, with such a massive amount of depth to it. The complexity isn't even remotely hidden and yet, it feels so ridiculously approachable it's a real joy to play.

Anyway, enough about what I've been clicking on lately. Over to you, what have you been playing recently and what do you think about it? Help your fellow readers find another interesting game to pick up.

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Purple Library Guy 12 Oct, 2019
Playing Battletech. I'm enjoying it. At first I was just leaving all my mechs pretty much stock, and trying to get a balanced group of mech pilots in terms of the abilities they went for. But I've gradually gotten a bit more opinionated about weapon mixes and what's effective, and very slightly cleverer about tactics, and I'm certainly having fun getting my hands on heavier mechs and watching them stomp some of the wimpier opponent mechs into the ground. And the campaign thingie is fairly interesting. So, good game IMO.

For anyone playing it, one of my key takeaways has been that one big weapon is usually much better than a few little weapons or a bunch of missiles doing the same damage, because mechs take damage at individual locations. So one big punch could take out a location where missiles would distribute light damage across the armour of all locations and leave the enemy intact. Having an AC20 do a called shot to the torso of a mid-sized mech and take it out in one shot is one of my favourite things. (So is stepping on puny little tanks)
TobyGornow 12 Oct, 2019
Currently playing Nier : Automata with Proton / SteamPlay. So far, great game on every aspect except some backtracking during optional quest.

Still have to finish Ion Fury, don't know why I didn't cause I like it very much.

Next, I will try to finish Dark souls 2, began a character a year ago and I hope I'll remember how to play.

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pete 12 Oct, 2019
Die Siedler (The Settlers) II DNG Vikings AddOn :)
robvv 12 Oct, 2019
I've been playing a lot of Jupiter Hell recently, though I am finding it very hard to get further than about the eighth map. Clearly I am making some poor strategic decisions!

Have almost finished The Vagrant via Proton. A really good 2D action-RPG romp with lovely artwork and tight controls.

I also have played a few levels of LEGO Batman: The Videogame with my daughter as she is really into her LEGO stuff. Works fine but is a little boring compared to the LEGO LoTR games.
McMarius11 12 Oct, 2019
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I love playing Mindustry it's such a great RTS Turn based game for 5€
chorn 12 Oct, 2019
There are now handhelds available with dual ARM cores running 600Mhz/128MB or RAM, which decently run emulators for various past platforms: NES, SNES, Megadrive/Genesis, mame.
I got one of these handhelds and am looking at some good old games.
1xok 12 Oct, 2019
Quoting: TobyGornowCurrently playing Nier : Automata with Proton / SteamPlay. So far, great game on every aspect except some backtracking during optional quest.
What hardware do you use?
g000h 12 Oct, 2019
I revisited FTL: Faster Than Light recently for a number of play sessions. The first play session was supposed to be a one-off, but I realised that I hadn't opened up all the spaceships in the game (by completing relevant missions). That set me on a playing spree, where I was using the Mantis' "Basilisk" ship to destroy the Level 8 Rebel Flagship. Once I had done that, I had gained the "Your First Fleet" achievement and got access to the Crystal ships.

Naturally, having the first ever Crystal "Bravais" ship in my collection, I was motivated to play with that. On my second play with the new Bravais, I took down the Rebel Flagship. Still I've got the 2nd Crystal ship to unlock, e.g. By destroying 10 Rock Cruisers in one play-through - pretty unlikely.

I've got to the point with Dicey Dungeons that I've completed most of the early tier missions (e.g. Warrior 1-6, Thief 1-5. Robot 1-5, Inventor 1-4) but then completing any missions beyond that tends to be too frustrating for me. Sure, I'll have a go, get half way through, fail, and then quit the game.
Acrophobic 12 Oct, 2019
I replayed Dead Cells again, it's really awesome. Next I want to revisit Terraria again.
scaine 12 Oct, 2019
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I've been playing a lot of 7 Days to Die obviously, both on stream and single player. The new A18 build is just fantastic to play, despite a few frustrations. Great to have some challenge back in the game.

I also bought Steamworld, Hand of Gilgameck. It's a slow starter, but my team has just gained an interesting new member and the tactics are beginning to really show. Looking forward to more of that.

I might buy Noita for SteamPlay. It's getting a lot of attention from streamers right now and looks like a lot of fun. Maybe after SteamWorld.
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