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Aquiris Game Studio ending support for their online FPS Ballistic Overkill

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Ballistic Overkill, an easy pick up and play first-person shooter from Aquiris Game Studio is now essentially being killed off.

In an announcement on Steam, the team noted that "supporting a game like this with frequent updates is no easy task, nor is it something cheap, especially for an independent studio like us" and they're certainly not wrong about that. Keeping a multiplayer game going, with constant updates to keep people interested and fighting against cheaters certainly isn't easy for a smaller team.

So now they've announced official support for Ballistic Overkill is ending. They will be shutting any official servers from January 31, 2020 which includes online rankings. However, playing on community hosted servers will still be possible and the game will remain on Steam for $1.99.

It's a little sad, since Ballistic Overkill initially had quite a lot going for it. It was cheap, it looked pretty good, performed well and when you had a bunch of people together it was really fun. Most importantly, it was cross-platform supported. We ran multiple servers for it some time ago too, but eventually Aquiris Game Studio just seemed to give it less and less attention. R.I.P Ballistic Overkill.

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TheSHEEEP 6 Dec, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
I think the time of online games like this is mostly over. Or at least for the time being - they are simply not en vogue right now.
I'm honestly surprised CS:GO is still around.
brokeassben 6 Dec, 2019
The signs have been there since last year, but it's still disappointing. I sank MANY hours into playing this game and a brief flurry of skin updates and a ranking system helped keep a player base for about six months, then that abruptly disappeared and the number of users tanked.
scaine 6 Dec, 2019
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Quoting: scaineThis game had great quality. I'm looking forward to seeing the studio's next offering! Horizon Chase Turbo looked amazing, but I'm just not really into racing games, so I've given it a miss right now. I wonder what else they're working on?

Just noticed that Horizon Chase Turbo is on the Humble Choice this month, so I guess I already own it!!
Whitewolfe80 7 Dec, 2019
It was a fun game i backed it from early access but had not played it since last year because it got harder to get a full game so am not surprised. Glad the community will get a chance to keep it alive but hopefully this has not put the studio off making further linux games and hopefully now they know how to make a multiplayer shooter hopefully they try a single player fps with a good story but thats more of my flavour more than anything.
g000h 8 Dec, 2019
Irritating for me is that I bought it some time ago (1 year probably) and have such a multitude of games to play, that I haven't even tried it yet (like many other titles). I have slowed down my purchasing frequency in the last year or so.
iiari 8 Dec, 2019
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I really enjoyed this title, but admittedly haven't played in a bit. There were two things that kind of killed the game for me:

1) They did an update a while back that basically eliminated all of the user's character preferences. So, all of your character's hard chosen and applied upgrades and long ago chosen and upgraded weapons outlays.... All gone. I really stopped playing at that point. I didn't remember all of my choices, and didn't recall all of the upgrades and weapons characteristics, and wasn't putting the effort back into experimenting and recreating them...

2) More than even most on-line FPS's, there seem to be an elite group of players who would just wipe the board with everyone else. Of, say, 10 players, 2 or 3 of them would have 40 kills, and everyone else would have 2-7. You'd get out of your area, have about 5 seconds, and BLAM - someone would wipe you out. This game screamed for some kind of stratifying of players online by skill, but I'm not sure the community was ever big enough to support it....

Last edited by iiari on 8 December 2019 at 4:00 pm UTC
Arcadius-8606 10 Dec, 2019
If this had LAN support, I would be all in.
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The comments on this article are closed.