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Life is Strange 2 releases for Linux on December 19

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Feral Interactive announced today that their Linux port of Life is Strange 2 will be released on December 19.

Originally developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Square Enix on Windows and console, we've been eagerly awaiting the Linux supported release since the announcement in October last year. Just recently, the fifth and final episode was released so we get it all at once.

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The story:

After a tragic incident, brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz run away from home. Fearing the police, and dealing with Daniel's newly manifested powers of telekinesis – the ability to move objects with his mind – the boys decide to travel to their father's hometown of Puerto Lobos in Mexico for safety. Suddenly, sixteen year-old Sean is responsible for nine year-old Daniel’s safety, and teaching him right from wrong. As Daniel's power grows, it’s up to Sean to decide the rules by which they live.

As Sean, players’ choices shape the fates of the Diaz brothers, and the lives of everyone they meet. From Seattle to Portland, and on to California, through gas stations, backstreets and forests, the road to Mexico is long and filled with danger – but also friendship, wonder, and opportunity. 

Since Feral ported Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm and both ports were good, I fully expect more great work from Feral here. Life is Strange 2 currently has a "Very Positive" user rating on Steam, so it's going to be another highly regarded title to add to your collection.

You will be able to grab it from Humble Store, Feral Store and Steam.

The next title after this that we know Feral are porting to Linux is Total War Saga: TROY, with a possibility of more to come next year.

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aejsmith Dec 17, 2019
Quoting: haikuThis port is useless, it arrived way to late and the game is running fine via Proton :|

Late? The final episode was only released 2 weeks ago.
Eike Dec 17, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: aejsmith
Quoting: haikuThis port is useless, it arrived way to late and the game is running fine via Proton :|

Late? The final episode was only released 2 weeks ago.

That's my take on it, too. I wouldn't have bought it before the last episode was released, so for me, it's two weeks after the earliest day I'd have bought it.
jens Dec 17, 2019
  • Supporter
Nice, I'll surely get this one too. Now where is the purchase button for buying some time.. :)
TheSHEEEP Dec 17, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
This actually makes it a lot more likely that I'll give it a go.
Raaben Dec 17, 2019
I liked the first well enough and have been waiting for all the chapters to be released and the port before buying so I'm excited. Just in time for my holiday time off too!
Cyber Dec 18, 2019
Sounds exciting to me! I loved both the LiS and the BtS prequel. I didn't expect it to release on Linux so quickly! Well, the people in Feral are the best!
SirLootALot Dec 18, 2019
Walking Simulators don't have good gameplay. You play them for the Story. The first games story was good at the beginning but mediocre overall. Before the Storm was a total disappointment. Won't touch this one at all.
dvd Dec 18, 2019
Quoting: haikuThis port is useless, it arrived way to late and the game is running fine via Proton :|

Guess all the people who call out linux gamers asking for linux support on the steam forums to stop using the inferior linux os and start using the - in every way - superior windows os were right after all, since it seems like even the "linux gamers" on GoL are commenting under every article mentioning a linux port how it's useless and they want to play the windows version with an unsupported compatibility layer. Pretty amazing.
Eike Dec 18, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: GuestTo get the full game you have to get the "Life is Strange 2 Complete Season" apparently? Very silly...would be nice if they cleaned up that mess.

I don't get what's wrong with that. If I want the complete game, "Life is Strange 2 Complete Season" sounds just right...?
clatterfordslim Dec 18, 2019
I know I should of waited, but needed to play this game and yes it works in Proton, but so did Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. I know for a fact that this game will run flawlessly, because Feral Interactive do fantastic ports and I'm just so glad that there are still porters out there, who put their heart and soul into making it possible for us Linux gamers to play AAA games. Plus the love Square Enix has for Linux and for Feral Interactive. The whole idea of Proton is to say hey developers we can play your games here in Linux too, so please developers put some Vulcan in your code and make it so we can experience your games here in Linux. The problem being is market share and in a way I'm glad Linux is how it is, otherwise if the world suddenly moved to Linux on the desktop, we will probably end up having more and more security problems, as in Attacks like Winders does. I have not yet completed this game of LIS2 and I don't think it is a waste of time of Feral, as it's another AAA title for us to enjoy and add to the collection. I'm looking forward to next year to see what Feral are going to port next. The hardest thing to be a porter must be finding a Developer who would like their games ported in the first place? Just wish that CAPCOM would trust a Linux Port of their games, but know in my heart that, that will never ever happen, unless for some strange reason, anyone or someone or even something can prove me wrong? :D
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The comments on this article are closed.