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Feral Interactive are asking what you want ported to Linux again

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Feral Interactive, the porting studio behind a lot of great games available on Linux are asking for some feedback again on where they should go next.

In the past, they've teased how they feed port requests into "THE REQUESTINATOR". Looks like my number three from when they asked in November 2018 turned out okay with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. As always though, we want additional ports to buy and more varied titles to play through.

On Twitter today they posted this:

What game would you like to be ported to macOS, Linux or mobile platforms in 2020, and why?

Is there a game in dire need of porting? Let us know why it’d be perfect on your favourite platform and your answer could feature in our next newsletter:

Feral have already ported a ton of games to Linux including Alien Isolation, Life Is Strange, Before the Storm, Life is Strange 2, Mad Max, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS (and many other Total War titles), XCOM and XCOM 2 plus more. Their work is great, especially now they're all-in with Vulkan the performance is great too so more would be thoroughly welcome.

How about you mention your top three most wanted Linux ports in the comments? I'll start:

  3. Borderlands 3

Right now, those three would be seriously good to have properly supported on Linux. As for the why? Well, 1+3 are already massively popular games and with Borderlands 3 coming to Steam this year, it would be a nice surprise. As for Dragon Ball, I'm a huge fan of it and having such a game ported and supported on Linux would be a huge boon.

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tpau 14 Jan, 2020
Anno 1800
Destiny 2
Rainbow Six Siege

Too much trouble with wine and anti cheat systems
tpau 14 Jan, 2020
Of course i will also vote for the Games, although i doubt Activision Blizzard will listen
peta77 14 Jan, 2020
in no particular order:

Elite: Dangerous
Witcher 3
Mass Effect Series
Battlefield 5
DCS World
Assassin's Creed (at least everything after Black Flag)
Assetto Corsa
Project CARS 2
Train Sim World 2020

I'm not really following new releases / announcements that are windows-only, so I don't really know what new cool stuff's out there. But (action) adventures, which can be played as single player, with a good story, will always get some attention by me (something like the Tomb Raider Reboot, Deadfall Adventures, Saints Row, Dreamfall Chapters, etc.).

Last edited by peta77 on 14 January 2020 at 6:00 pm UTC
iwantlinuxgames 14 Jan, 2020
1. World of Warcraft Classic
2. World of Warcraft Classic
3. World of Warcraft Classic

Why?: Linux seriously lacks a professional and polished MMORPG(i've searched for years and tried many(please don't tell me "but such and such is a good MMORPG" it isn't. if it were i would be playing it and not listing WoW Classic as a wishlist item)), let alone a subscription-based one(which allows the devs to get paid and servers to be maintained, something most FOSS MMOs lack and therefore the unpolished and unprofessional look). WoW and WoW Classic run very well with WINE and more recently WINE w/ DXVK.

And apparently there is a substantial user-base who run WoW with WINE on Linux that it makes gaming news when the occasional banhammer falls upon some of those players(and ActiBlizz reinstates them once it gets sorted)(I have played WoW on wine for 12 years and have never experienced this myself). I've also met many players who "work on Linux"(ie they "use linux at work and are more akin to an MCSE and are utterly clueless when it comes to gaming on Linux).

I'm not sure how the payment model for Feral would work out but I think it would be a good way for them to start havimg some sort of monthly revenue coming in.

Anyway....that's my wishlist....probably not gonna ever happen, but i'm still gonna wishlist everytime these articles popup.

cheers all!
kaiman 14 Jan, 2020
Quoting: SirLootALot2. Any the Settlers game
Oh yeah. The upcoming Settlers game would be a blast! That's the first game where I'm seriously rethinking my anti Ubisoft stance. If it came to Linux, that might win me over.

I'd also love to see Baldur's Gate 3, though who knows by when this will be out. It's also heading to Stadia, so the work is mostly done already.

Any other upcoming game I am wanting to play is likely too niche to even mention. Oh well, make #3 Yes, Your Grace.
tpau 14 Jan, 2020
Quoting: iwantlinuxgames1. World of Warcraft Classic
2. World of Warcraft Classic
3. World of Warcraft Classic

In some combinations of gpu and driver wine has trouble with a good framerate so a native version would be great.
Blizzard already disables a few nvidia specific things when detecting wine and rumor has it they had a linux client internatlly. So maybe Feral would be able to polish this.

MMORPGs are difficult though, they are a moving target and need constant maintenance.
inlinuxdude 14 Jan, 2020
* Middle earth Shadow of War
* Divinity Original Sin 2
* Elder Scrolls games
* Call of Duty games
Orkultus 14 Jan, 2020
please no more strategy games... they did a great job at them, but i think we have enough.
pete910 14 Jan, 2020
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Well there's only one answer and I think all would agree with it.


mylka 15 Jan, 2020
Quoting: tpauAnno 1800
Destiny 2
Rainbow Six Siege

Too much trouble with wine and anti cheat systems

since ubisoft left steam i dont know where feral could publish anno

maybe epic can throw some money on them for making a linux client and them making a deal with fortnite (and pubg) would be awesome for linux

i would like to see RDR2 on linux, because it wouldnt have this weird DRM and then i would like to see how many ppl pirate the game for linux
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The comments on this article are closed.
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