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A heads up: there's been reports of people being banned by EA and having EA claim their ban will stay, for playing Battlefield V with Wine + DXVK.

The post on the Lutris forum, has multiple people claiming the same thing. This wouldn't be the first time playing an online game with some form of Wine got people banned, as the same happened with Activision Blizzard and the game Overwatch although the majority of those bans were overturned. In this case, things might not go so well with EA already telling users they will not "remove this sanction from your account"—ouch.

Just another reason why I continue to fight for supported Linux releases. Support developers with your money that support the platform. Playing with Wine (and so Steam Play Proton too), is almost always not supported by the original developer and so they have no reason to actually do anything when problems like this arise. As much as it's a terrible situation, it's best to not play multiplayer titles (EA especially it seems) with Wine based solutions if they have anti-cheat systems in place.

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TheSHEEEP 3 Jan, 2020
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Being banned by EA is like being banned by the devil from giving him your soul...
People should be thankful.

Last edited by TheSHEEEP on 3 January 2020 at 12:33 pm UTC
Kohrias 3 Jan, 2020
Staying away from EA is a good idea in general I suppose. Their business practices, how they treat customers and developers - EA is a role model of free market economy gone wrong.
jordicoma 3 Jan, 2020
Playing on linux is cheating, we don't have the slow downs, hangs, random crashes, and auto reboots for the updates that the windows gamers has.
I don't like the current way that made multiplayer games, but its a shame that they are not able to detect properly if someone is cheating or not.
The next step is forcing to have x.y.z version installed with y.z hardware to be able to play. They should put a warning before buying a game like this.
Beamboom 3 Jan, 2020
I'll be honest: I can understand where they are coming from. When your focus is to fight cheating to an as great extent as possible this is a rather small sacrifice, relatively speaking.
vskye 3 Jan, 2020
Well, it is EA after all. Unless some major changes come about, I'll never purchase any games from them. Speak with your wallet folks. Here's a interesting link from Consumerist magazine.


They won again in 2013 btw. ;)
Uncleivan 3 Jan, 2020
If the afected player is from EU you can follow this video to force EA to provide the cheat logs and as a last ressort to delete all user data (right to be forgotten) wich includes the ban . Failiure to comply with EU law implies criminal procedures and a 20 million fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bY_pPslgPE

Guess i Will add One more brand to my hate list.
Code Artisan 3 Jan, 2020
I have said numerous times that anti-cheating will become the number one problem when it come to linux gaming due to the open-source nature of Linux and its ecosystem.
Xpander 3 Jan, 2020
probably xdotool or autokey or whatever is being used by those persons. I hear lots of people still play just fine with no bans. So i wouldn't jump into conclusions yet.
mphuZ 3 Jan, 2020
Quoting: jordicomawe don't have the slow downs, hangs, random crashes.
Yep. No games , no problems.
Quoting: jordicomaauto reboots for the updates that the windows gamers has.
Windows does not have such problems. The problem is on the chair in front of the monitor.
einherjar 3 Jan, 2020
It is no wonder to me.
Using a Anti Cheat solution via a translationlayer, which can not be controlled by this Anti Cheat solution must lead to a ban.
That is the way this kind of software works.

One should never play Multiplayer games via Proton/Wine/DXVK, when it is not officially supported.

I use and like Proton - but only for singleplayer games.
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The comments on this article are closed.