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What have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

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It's been quite some time since we last had an open discussion about what you've all been playing recently. Let's get things going again.

We've almost finished the second month of 2020, we've had tons of Linux games that have released this year already and a huge amount more on the way. Now with the rise of game streaming, Steam Play Proton and more options appearing constantly there's never a shortage of gaming to be had.

Personally, I've been getting back into the deck-builder Faeria (Humble/Steam).

With the big recent patch, it gave me a new reason to pick it up and I had honestly forgotten just how good the gameplay is. Building the board as you go really does spice up the usual turn-based tactics, as does the single-player content that's quite plentiful. Gamepad support that was recently added has also made it more accessible than ever. Crafting a good deck of cards is always the hard part but Faeria is fun to learn.

So, over to you: what have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

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Arten Feb 23, 2020
I finaly play Kingdome come. I’m backer, but befor this year i had old 780ti and i wanted hight details and dxvk maturet also nicely. Second game which i play this weekend is Ashes of singularity.
Nezchan Feb 23, 2020
Dwarf Fortress. Been learning it the past couple of weeks.

I'm...still not sure why people play this. Hell, I'm not sure why I play this.
tmtvl Feb 23, 2020
I played and finished Violett, which is a charming adventure game with an inventive world. Kinda tricky to get into at first, though.

Played some Interstellaria which reminds me of a better version of FTL mixed with some Starbound. I would very much recommend it.
ysblokje Feb 23, 2020
I am a bit on a nostalgia trip lately. I've been playing some build engine games
namely Duke Nukem 3D and today I tried getting Blood to run on nblood-git in coop.
Oh and Golden Axe on the SEGA Mega Drive classics thing.

Last edited by ysblokje on 23 February 2020 at 2:57 pm UTC
Vundult Feb 23, 2020
Been playing ARK: Survival Evolved endlessly with some mates on a private server. Going through all the maps and really enjoying it, albeit very frustrating at times with how quickly you can lose all you've created.

Also been playing through Remnant: From the Ashes and trying to get all the cool loot there is to possess.

- Linux Gaming FTW <3
Xpander Feb 23, 2020
DiRT Rally 2.0 - Still the best rally simulation game out there. Works amazingly with proton also

Warhammer Online: Return Of Reckoning - My Go to PvP MMORPG fix. Works great with wine

ASTRONEER - Played like 4 hours with a friend. Seems really great game. Works flawlessly with proton
Projectile Vomit Feb 23, 2020
I have picked up playing DDO again, since Steam's Proton has it running flawlessly! No hoops to jump through to get it to work. It just does! All other games can step aside for a bit. I have a love affair to continue.
JJNova Feb 23, 2020
I have been bouncing back and forth between Urban Terror and Deponia. I bought all of the Deponia games years ago for a few bucks each, and just started going through my backlog.

Urban Terror on the other hand, is always installed and ready to go at a moments notice. I'm quite excited for the next release and hope it happens in 2020.
Julius Feb 23, 2020

Is a fun but very hard platformer. Despite being early access it runs well on Linux and has sufficient content.

Playing it on my GPDwin1 handheld :)

Last edited by Julius on 23 February 2020 at 3:28 pm UTC
Tchey Feb 23, 2020
I always play many different games at the same times, as i "test" more than i "play. However i’ll name these :

- Stormworks Build and Rescue, via Proton, is one of the best vehicle builder sandbox i’ve played. Second would be Starmade i think.

- Bloody Rallye Show is very fun and has more depth than its inspirations (like Death Rallye)

- Conglomerate 451 is a dungeon crawler cyperpunk with read turn based grid (i hate Grimrock style real time dancing tile)
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The comments on this article are closed.