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It's a scary time, with more restrictions being announced regularly across the world to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Here's a list of some really great free games for Linux if you find yourself stuck with self-isolation/distancing and low on funds.

Warzone 2100 - A classic real-time strategy game from Pumpkin Studios from 1999 that is nowadays free and open source. A full single-player campaign, multi-player, and single-player skirmish modes with a quite innovative unit design, that has you put your units together piece by piece.

Mindustry - Another FOSS game here and yes it's also another strategy game! Mindustry is somewhat a newcomer but I've spoken very highly of the Factorio/Tower Defense mix and really do enjoy it a lot. Build factories, gather resources, convert them into new resources and power your towers—it's very absorbing.

OpenRA - Oh hey! Another strategy game! Although, this is a little different. OpenRA is technically just a game engine, which supports multiple games. With it you can play: Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Dune 2000 all in a sleek cross-platform game engine.

Albion Online (Steam / Direct) - Fancy a bit of grinding? Albion is a free and massively multiplayer cross-platform MMO. You be who you want to be, there's no classes. Instead, whatever you equip is what you are with a huge progression system.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - You can't list free games without one of the most popular free games available on Linux. Valve's veteran shooter is more popular than ever, with tons of games modes.

SuperTuxKart - Free and open source 3D kart racing with power-ups and multiple game modes, that's come a long way recently. Single-player, local multiplayer and online play.

Teeworlds - Battle with up to 16 players online in a variety of game modes in this platform fighting game. Easy to pick up and play, not easy to become good at. Also free and open source.

Redie - Quite a newcomer to such a list, as this stylish top-down shooter only went free to play late last year but it's worth a look. Pronounced (re)die, you will be facing some tough action-packed close quarters combat.

Redie - Top down shooter

POSTAL (GOG / Steam) - Keeping the shooter theme going, the classic POSTAL was set free late last year as well so you can enjoy a bit of violent gaming history.

Tales of Maj’Eyal - With tactical turn-based combat and advanced character building, this free and open source roguelike has a lot of content to play through to keep you busy when you're bored.

Crusader Kings II - It would be ridiculous not to list one of the biggest strategy games around. Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios grand-strategy game went free last year and it can prepare you for Crusader Kings III which is due this year and confirmed for Linux.

Electronic Super Joy 2 - Brutally difficult platforming, supremely stylish and filled full of brain-smashing electronic music. You're not going to complete this quickly!

The Dark Mod - Seriously impressive Thief-inspired gameplay on offer in The Dark Mod. Sneak your way through tons of different missions, plus it's open source based upon id Tech 4 (the Doom 3 engine).

Endless Sky (Direct / Steam) - 2D space trading and combat, inspired by the classic Escape Velocity series. Free, open source, and cross platform too. Work your way through a multi-hour campaign, and build yourself up from a tiny shuttle to a massive fleet of warships or freighters.

Eschalon: Book I (GOG / Steam) - A serious classic RPG from Basilisk Games, if you think "they don't make them like they used to" perhaps this make pique your interest.

Fistful of Frags - Online first-person shooting fun powered by the Source Engine with a Wild West theme. Tons of different game modes, advanced AI bots to practice against, historical weapons and some character customization.

OpenTTD - Based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe, this open source building sim will have you build a massive city with a huge transportation network. Just don't expect to drink your coffee, it's going to get cold when OpenTTD sucks away your attention.

Minetest - Like Minecraft, it's a 3D block-based building game only this one is free and open source with a huge amount of mods and entire game packs available. The massive update Minetest had last year, made it much easier to find and install mods in-game too and they've continued polishing it with multiple new releases. - Top-down Battle Royale that you can play in your browser. Hold on, don't run away because it's a browser game! It's actually pretty good with many hundreds of players on it regularly.

BASINGSTOKE - Puppygames are big supporters of Linux, and their most recent title was made entirely free to play for Linux gamers. It's damn fun too. A stealth-action game, that requires a little careful planning and a Sausage Roll ready in-hand to distract vicious aliens with. Yes, really. There's plenty of other weapons you can find and make but the Sausage Roll never fails.

There's a vast many more excellent free games for Linux but this is just to get you going. Hopefully there's a few some of you missed, either way—stay safe and remember to wash your hands. Feel free to share your favourites not mentioned in the comments and help out your fellow gamer. I may even add more to this article over the next few days if people wish.

I'll be back as normal tomorrow for your daily news tips.

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slaapliedje 15 Mar, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: Linas(Un)fortunately I can work from home. But man am I not productive with all the distractions around. Any productivity tips?
I live alone so am far more productive working from home because I am not ranting with my coworkers about other coworkers. :p
brokeassben 15 Mar, 2020
Quoting: Linas(Un)fortunately I can work from home. But man am I not productive with all the distractions around. Any productivity tips?
I'm in the same boat. Being able to do IT work from home is a blessing and a curse. This article from Ars Technica helped me a bit:
Suddenly working at home? We’ve done it for 22 years—and have advice

Also, I have a ton of duplicate Humble keys that I've acquired over the years. As long as people won't resell them, I'd be up for trading or gifting them to fellow GOLers.

Last edited by brokeassben on 15 March 2020 at 3:21 pm UTC
The_Aquabat 15 Mar, 2020
just saw Riots in a supermarket in the UK. scary! :'(
fabertawe 15 Mar, 2020
Quoting: JanneAnd if you do have some spare cash, it's worth mentioning that Mindustry, Wesnoth (and perhaps others) are available on Steam for pay. You can support the creators with a bit of coin and grind those sweet, sweet Steam achievements too.

Can I echo this sentiment :) I've very quickly racked up 80 hours in Mindustry and it cost just a few pounds(£)
Arehandoro 15 Mar, 2020
Quoting: Linas(Un)fortunately I can work from home. But man am I not productive with all the distractions around. Any productivity tips?

Same here. My tip is... don't have a young dog in the flat. It takes all the productivity away xD
Muvon53 15 Mar, 2020
Great list, discovered some games I did not know yet ^_^
Maki 15 Mar, 2020
I've been sitting around running ESO these days. Runs fine through Proton.
Also since my partner is now also home from work, they got me re-invested in XCOM 2 (Up for sale on Steam for cheap during the 2K sale). Still wish Long War 2 had gone WotC...
razing32 15 Mar, 2020
Yup , IT and working from home.
I kind of prefer it to wasting one hour in traffic each way going to work.
And the lovely noise of office spaces - oh joy.
Wonder if I sohuld re-sub to Old School Runescape and do more grindign while we wait for this all to blow over.

In any case , whereever you are GOL users , I wish the best to you and your families in this mess.

Quoting: Arehandoro
Quoting: Linas(Un)fortunately I can work from home. But man am I not productive with all the distractions around. Any productivity tips?

Same here. My tip is... don't have a young dog in the flat. It takes all the productivity away xD

Same is true for cats.
slaapliedje 15 Mar, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
Here is an interesting side effect from all the working from home. Now people will truly see why Cable internet vs DSL is going to suck.
Also would laugh if non-streaming bandwidth and Netflix and both slowed down greatly by Comcast due to lack of net neutrality.
Crazy times we live in.
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