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Every so often we like to have a chat with our readers, and find out what you've been really getting into lately on Linux.

Since the UK is currently in lockdown, I've been spending some extra time with the mini-me since school is out and I've been trying out everything they're into. This has involved, unsurprisingly, a lot of Minecraft since it's an accessible game. We've recently discovered a few communities than run huge servers, and each have a ton of mini-games. One such mini-game is Bed Wars, and it's actually quite a lot of fun.

Each team spawns on their own little island, giving you time to protect your Bed which acts as your spawn point. Lose your bed, no more re-spawning and it's the last team standing. It can get really quite tense actually! When you're busy gathering material from your team Summoner, to turn around and spot an opposing team quickly building a bridge over to your island and suddenly panic sets in. I've been trying it out on TheHive server, which seems to work well.

I also consider myself something of a Dragon Ball super fan, so I finally caved in and picked up a personal copy of DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT (Humble Store / Steam) and I must admit my intense surprise at just how flawless it runs in the latest Proton 5.0-5 for Steam Play.

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Like the HUD in the top left? That's the brilliant MangoHud covered here on GOL a few times now.

As you can see above, performance is fluid with it on max settings. It's actually a little ridiculous how easy gaming on Linux has become. Now I just need to work on my reflexes for such a fast game…I'm not usually one for fighters like it.

So GOL readers over to you: what have you been gaming on Linux lately and what are you thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments.

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Corben 6 Apr
My recently played games have been:

  • Everspace:

    An all timer, I'm trying to finish a hardcore run (the real rogue-like, perma-death mode) with the Gunship, which is the most difficult ship to steer imho.

  • GTFO:

    A really difficult hardcore stealth coop "shooter" (though you mostly melee enemies). The interesting thing about this is, 10chambers is releasing new levels constantly (it's in early access now, and this happened for the first time now), and the previous levels (combined in a "rundown") are gone then. So if you haven't seen the levels, well, you're out of luck. But damn, this game is totally my type of game.

  • Half-Life: Alyx:

    Though I'm experiencing some crashes here and there, and performance isn't the best, this is the best triple A story VR game I've played so far (Boneworks and The Solus Project are good too). Haven't finished it yet, because... damn this game gives me the creeps from time to time. I guess I've never screamed (in a game) like this. Enjoy (spoilerfree):

Last edited by Corben on 6 April 2020 at 7:37 am UTC
jahid65 6 Apr
Tomb Raider (2013) free from Steam. I am loving it very much. I already have next 2 sequels and played Rise of TR a pretty good portion(Soviet installation, where Jack has gone to his village). First part is smaller and condensed. I am on the last part of the first game. Only samurai soldiers, other soldiers, Big Ony and main boss are left.

Another one is ACdyssey. I am in Athenian base to destroy their war supply and captain. It's a huge game. I am taking time.
Dea1993 6 Apr
in the last month, i've played:
Batman Arkham knight (with wine/lutris from epic store) and South Park stick of truth (with proton from steam).
and now i'm playing:
just cause 3 (with proton), shadow of the tomb raider, and i should start life is strange before the storm (already bought)
xavi 6 Apr
seamooseWell, I was playing The Witcher 3

Hello, I am thinking on playing it (right now is in a big discount), just I want to know:

can be played without a manual?
I mean: Is it possible to learn and progress only by what the game teaches you?

Arten 6 Apr
ArtenAshes of the Singularity, i'm transhumanist who love RTS, so... this game is perfect for me. I only wish for another story DLC...

What Proton version and settings do you use to get Ashes of the Singularity running? Nvidia or AMD video card?
Proton 4.2-9 with AMD NAVI and DirectX 11 renderer. Without esync and with ACO. Right now, i don't have any issues with it.
grigi 6 Apr
Black Mesa — I've been waiting for it to be out of Beta, and now it is! And wow, you can really feel the love they put into it.

Unfortunately due to being in lock-down, the mini-mes keep me too busy to put more than a few hours a week gaming...
- Devil May Cry 5 : Great DMC with stunning visuals and top notch controls ( there's a bug with textures in High & ultra settings )

- Dark souls 2 : Loved it, level design is magnificient and it's challenging. Had to start from the beginning since there's no Steam Cloud on this one.

- Dragon Quest 8 on Pcsx2 : Great classic JRPG. Character design from Toriyama. Great Story.

- Final Fantasy XV on XBOX one : I hate it and I just want to finish it because it's a FF and I'm a fan. Lots and lots of FedEx quests, first half of the story is not engaging, no challenge caused by exp gain balancing, weak main characters. Apart from the beautifully crafted world and dungeon, It's the worst final fantasy I've played.

- Phoenix Wright : I'm bummed on this one. Thought there was some puzzles like Puzzle Agent or Prof Layton but nope... Just a elaborated VN.

- Ibanez S770 FM.

Last edited by TobyGornow on 6 April 2020 at 9:06 am UTC
denyasis 6 Apr

I have had it for a little bit and played it off and on again. This time, I want to try to beat it. I just got to the Rocket tech level and have been thoroughly enjoying it. If you like sim/builders at all, you'd probably love this.
xavican be played without a manual?
I mean: Is it possible to learn and progress only by what the game teaches you?

Yep ! This game has a great progression system an no you don't need a manual to learn how to play it, everything is explained.
I have played a lot of Legend of Keepers lately, while streaming with a friend (taking turn on who launch a new game once a run ends). Addictive game for sure

Current pile of "Potential next to play coop game", I have been considering Outward, Synthetik Legion Rising, and maybe Wizard of Legend (still haven't played since the patch with the new lightning boss... shame on me).
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