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Steam Achievement Manager 'SamRewritten' has a new release

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Need to tweak your Steam Achievements? Perhaps a game doesn't correctly unlock them or you want to start fresh again on a game - SamRewritten can help you do that. It's an open source Steam Achievements Manager for Linux and there's a new release out recently.

New features from release 202005 (Version 2.0):

  • Implement stats
  • Implement showing protected achievements and stats
  • Implement CLI support to match the GUI
  • Use gtkmm rather than plain gtk
  • Implement timed achievement modifications (start a game -> input achievement modifications -> click the menu -> Start Timed Modifications)
  • Implement ability to show only locked/unlocked achievements.
  • Implement ability to open games in a new SamRewritten window

If you do intend to use it, the usual applies with external tools that hook in with Steam, it's all done so at your own risk. I've never heard of anyone having an issue though, and since you can unlock achievements so easily it would seem pretty odd if Valve ever actually intervened.

Find SamRewritten on GitHub.

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chr 27 May
aokamiI think the creator of the Stanley Parable got it all right, he made an achievement you can't earn unless you you purposely hack the game.. Says it all, can you stand a to only achieve 99% of a game ?

Some people have compulsory behaviour and game marketing divisions know that, and surely they'll have more people playing longer if you put in something like "Unlock max level in multiplayer" or "Unlock all content"...

Anyways on the other hand, global stats are SO valuable to game devs and marketing as it allows them track where most people stopped playing. It usually goes like that:
- Finish tutorial: 85% (a few people never played)
- Complete 1st chapter: 70% (a few people didn't like gameplay or what they've seen of it so far)
- Kill last boss: 30% (okay story and gameplay weren't this good or game was too long)
- Achieve game in difficult mode: 10% (these people liked challenge, should we have more or less in next game ?)
- Unlock 100%: 0.9% (these guys will buy DLC)

While it's just interpretation and roughly inaccurate, I doubt a fistful of people using SAM would actually change the stats significantly.

Actually, Stanley Parable is lying. I got that achievement fair and square. I don't know what exactly happened and there's no way I can reproduce that, but it was a result of answering the phone once. I have 7/10 achievements for that game btw. Also if you look at the global stats then more people have the Unachievable achievement than the "entire tuesday" one. Of this might be hackers trying to be funny, but I agree with you and think people editing their achievements is a minuscule part of the population.
FlabbBasically, think about achievements as some kind of "offline" competition.
Yeah, that wouldn't be a healthy attitude for me personally. I can't control what other people do, so I'm not going to let my happiness be contingent on their actions. :)

These kinds of tools have been around for over a decade now, so I can either sit around and worry about the integrity of Steam's achievement system, or realize that the integrity was an illusion all along (though a pretty passable approximation) and get on with my life (and earning more achievements for myself ^_^).
JSVRamirez 29 May
ageresUgh, cheating software...

This hadn't even occurred to me, though it seems obvious now it is mentioned. I was actually going to download it to use for some games (12 is better than 6, is the first that comes to mind) where achievements were broken on Linux when I played it, to make Steam reflect the actual situation. I've also known games not trigger achievements sometimes (like a bonus achievement for unlocking all others (DOTT Remastered, I'm looking at you,) so there's a few legitimate reasons someone might want to use this that aren't about cheating.
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