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Game store has setup a big mixed bundle of all sorts to support 'Racial Justice and Equality' and there's a lot of interesting stuff in it.

This might be the biggest bundle ever, with over 700 items included and a minimum donation amount of only $5. It's a ridiculously good deal and for a charitable cause, with all proceeds being split 50/50 between NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

As the bundle page states:

We live in a time of racial injustice, inequality, and police brutality against black people. We hope that everyone takes a stand in any way that they can. We’ve partnered with creators from all across our platform to support organizations that are working directly with those affected.

The bundle quickly smashed through $200K and it's now set a new goal at $500K, given the support it has received I would be surprised if it didn't smash that too. Even more projects are going to be added to the bundle, as the itch founder mentioned on Twitter to expect another 185 projects to be added.

I've had a little look over and it's full of great things. There's quite a few wonderful Linux games included like:

  • A Short Hike
  • Airships: Conquer the Skies
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
  • Democratic Socialism Simulator
  • Gladiabots
  • Haque
  • MidBoss
  • Minit
  • Overland
  • Shipwreck
  • Super Hexagon
  • Tonight We Riot
  • Verdant Skies
  • + A great many more

There's also game assets from Kenney, plenty of smaller experimental games, the DragonRuby Game Toolkit from game porter and SDL2 software developer Ryan "Icculus" Gordon and game dev Amir Rajan and the list of included bits goes on for hundreds more. It's an incredible deal.

If you do buy it, the bundle will not instantly add everything to your itch library. Instead, you're given a page where you can select from it so that it doesn't overload you.

See the full charity bundle here where it will be open for another 10 days.

Also remember that itch has an open source client that comes in handy.

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flesk 8 Jun
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: scaine
Quoting: tuubi
Quoting: RafiLinuxGo the games you wanted in the bundle that you purchased - Click Download - Go to the bottom of that page and it says "+ to collection" - Click that and for me I only have 1 collection

Then refresh your client and it should be under your owned games.
I'm pretty sure it ends up in your owned games as soon as you click Download, so the step where you add it to your collection is not actually necessary. :)

Yep, as Tuubi notes, I hit the "download" button, but I don't bother actually downloading anything. Hitting that button has added it to my account (although you MUST restart Itch client to see the new games).

I'm not sure if wishlists/collections can be made public on Itch? If so, then, yeah, it would be cool to see a Linux-only collection of this that we could all "subscribe" to, or copy, or however it works.

Ok, I think it's safe to say that adding a game to a collection doesn't make it integrate with the client in any way then. What I did was to open the bundle download page in the Itch client (which requires a new login), and start the downloads from there, which makes them open in the Itch client download dialog.

Itch collections can be made public, and can have multiple contributors, as this one (which is unfortunately not terribly well maintained):
Pangaea 9 Jun
Quoting: Liam DaweThe comments have been cleaned up, again.

As stated earlier, there's no room for inflammatory comments or racism here. There is a clear link to our rules above the comments box I suggest everyone familiarise themselves with and we do moderate. If people post stuff that's clearly aimed to antagonise then do not quote them! Report them by hitting the flag icon and leave them. You make our jobs harder when you keep quoting such comments.

Aha, so this is why the thread had a surprising lack of vitriol. Thanks.

Let's hope this "rebellion" brings real change this time. Feels like we've gone through this cycle every few years, and then nothing really happens.

As a huge sidepoint, Michael Jackson has a few songs that are glorious right now.
ageres 9 Jun
They added a search bar.
Mnoleg 9 Jun
They have also re-ordered the list of games. I was in page 10!!! :'(
tuubi 9 Jun
They seem to have also added some interesting Linux games I didn't see there before, like Lenna's Inception and Mewnbase right on the first page. In fact, there were 25 pages of games the last time I looked, and now there's 34 pages. :O
Pangaea 9 Jun
QuoteUpdate: The bundle has been a huge success so far and many more developers have submitted their projects. We've added a new round of games & more. All previous and future buyers get instant access. There are now 1,000 projects included.
amatai 9 Jun
That's an awesome bundle. I don't remember a bundle that good, do you?
JUst by browsing the games proposed I see a few that were on my whish list for a long time...
nullzero 9 Jun
Some are even on the current humble bundle choice: The Stillness of the Wind, The King's Bird (though not linux, and steam keys are not included in the mega bundle)
hummer010 9 Jun
I paid $10, and it still feels like steal!!

I picked up several wishlisted games in there!!
igimenez 9 Jun
Quoting: Liam Dawe
Quoting: TimeFreezeI could cry. Such an amazing bundle. And i can't buy it.
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