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During the PlayStation 5 reveal recently, Neostream Interactive had their 2015 crowdfunded title Little Devil Inside shown off as a timed exclusive and they've now clarified their plans for platforms.

The timed exclusive deal caused a bit of a ruckus with backers, with quite a few angry comments aimed at the developers. However, according to what they said, this PlayStation 5 timed exclusive deal will not be affecting the release of the PC version so they're still firmly aiming for a concurrent launch on PC - the exclusive deal only affects console.

After reaching out to Neostream directly, they mentioned to me today that the Linux version is still planned to launch alongside Windows, "We'll be trying to get it to Linux at the same time as Windows. We will be clarifying again on all the precise platforms soon.".

Here's their brand new trailer, see below:

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They've also seen some controversy elsewhere. In the trailer at about 0:46, you can see characters chasing the protagonist wearing masks. Apparently this caused a stir as some claimed it was a racial stereotype. The team released a statement on Facebook to apologize and they will be adjusting that model to remove the dreadlocks, change their "bold lips", skin tone and change the dart blower "so it looks less like a joint".

When we hear more about a Linux PC release date we will let you know.

We missed this one on our dedicated Crowdfinding Page, so it has been added today. It's now hit 350 projects being listed and still more to add yet.

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This blooming generation we live in, saying the masks in this video game, yes video game, fictional not real yet people are complaining about it. In my day we had Jim Davidson on the TV doing impressions of how African people speak, he just got laughed at no one complained. This whole racist thing has gone too far, from knocking down statues to protesting in crowds, breaking the distancing laws. I am not racist in any way, shape or form, but this generation has gone completely mad, finding fault in everything and now in a computer game. So future generations will follow in their parents footsteps and carry on destroying history and take away freedom of speech, art, creativity altogether. Bring back Alf Garnett in Till Death Do Us Part and you'll see what real racism in character is actually like, but back then we all laughed about it. Then a couple of weeks ago they were going to take down the Germans episode of Fawlty Towers, which was made back in 1975. Instead of taking it down they have put a warning up saying it might upset some viewers. It's pure genius comedy from the mind of John Cleese from Monty Python. Sorry to go on, but really as if we all ain't got enough to worry about.
DrMcCoy 4 Jul
Do you want some dressing with that word salad, clatterfordslim?
tuubi 4 Jul
Quoting: clatterfordslim[All the talking points]
If you're a comedian and the only thing you can do is punch down at different cultures and races, I don't think you're very creative. Come up with better jokes man. It can't be that hard. Joke about people, not stereotypes. Punch up, not down. Or make fun of your own race and culture, like many great comedians do.

Adding content warnings or information about context takes nothing away from comedy. That sort of thing is perfectly fine. And so is taking episodes/movies off of streaming services. These are private companies and they get to decide what they sell. Hard to argue against that. Still, none of that is being "erased". It's still on our DVDs and various other media.

Your silly bit about activism is barely worth an answer. As if these statues (of which almost none are of historical or artistic value) were somehow more important than actual issues. Statues are monuments to people, they're not history. There's nothing you can learn from them that you can't learn better in a history book, a documentary, or a museum. Context is important. Or did we forget about Hitler after (most of) his statues were torn down? Or about Saddam Hussein?

The "erasing history" silliness doesn't make a lick of sense. As if you could erase history these days even if you tried.

PS: If you ever need to start a sentence with something along the lines of "I'm not a racist, but", you're probably heading down the wrong path. It doesn't necessarily mean you're a racist, but it does mean you're about to defend racism in some form. There's no other reason to say those words.
Mnoleg 4 Jul
I'm a bit disappointed that this game is unrelated to Litil Divil.
ageres 4 Jul
Quoting: tuubiOr make fun of your own race and culture, like many great comedians do.
So, what comedians may and mustn't say is based on their races? Isn't that the definition of racism? What about comedians of mixed race, are they allowed to do jokes about two races or neither of them? May I tell Jewish jokes if I'm 1/4 Jew, for example? Or 1/8? Or less? What are the rules? I heard there were scientific research works in Germany in 1930s, I should look for them...

An old comedy video I found yesterday: Is it offensive and racist or still fun? Or both partially, depending on a viewer's race?
DrMcCoy 4 Jul
Quoting: ageresSo, what comedians may and mustn't say is based on their races?

It's called punching up vs punching down.

Quoting: ageresIsn't that the definition of racism?


Racism requires social power to codify prejudices into laws and social rules. This is 101 stuff, please read up on the basics.
Eike 4 Jul
Quoting: DrMcCoyRacism requires social power to codify prejudices into laws and social rules. This is 101 stuff, please read up on the basics.

I disagree. How low and powerless you are, you can still be racist. (In fact, it seems to happen more often for people not feeling much proud of anything else than their colour.) You racism doesn't need to be "successful" for you qualifying as racist.
DrMcCoy 4 Jul
Quoting: EikeI disagree

ok boomer
Eike 4 Jul
Quoting: DrMcCoy
Quoting: EikeI disagree

ok boomer

Your "argument" has not been convincing.

Let's start here:
"Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another." See, no social power needed to do so.
DrMcCoy 4 Jul
Quoting: EikeYour "argument" has not been convincing.

It wasn't an argument. It was a dismissal.
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