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The Steam Summer Sale 2020 is live with a Points Shop

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From now until July 9, there's thousands of titles discounted across the whole of the Steam store so you can fill up that backlog with some goodies.

Like every year, the Steam store struggles to cope with the demand and it's been up and down as people from all over the world rush to check out the deals. Valve has included a few extras this year. If you spend £30/$30 or regional equivalent you get £5/$5 off the price of it which is applied at the checkout.

Something of a novelty is included this year too as a brand new Steam feature with a special Points Shop. This is a permanent thing. As Valve said "The Points Shop is here to stay, now open all year round.". So at least now we know what the rumoured Steam Rewards system would be.

It works similarly to previous special sale event systems though, where you gather points which you can then spend on various fluff. This includes avatar frames, animated stickers, chat effects and more. Everything you buy from games to DLC and soundtracks gives you points. On top of that, you can also reward community content like reviews with badges which will then send some points to that user. Will be interesting to see how Valve plan to expand this Points Shop since it's sticking around.

Plenty of amazing deals going like Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun at 85% off, Civilization VI with 75% off, Prison Architect has 75% off, Don't Starve Together gets 66% off, a personal favourite Dying Light also has 66% off and if you're after a little strategy Into the Breach has 50% off. There's even a brand new Cities: Skylines - City Startup Bundle created for the sale, which brings in the latest expansion for new players.

The Steam Summer Sale 2020 will run from June 25 until July 9. Head on over to Steam for all the deals.

As an additional note, SteamDB put out a call recently for help to get people to use their Token Dumper. Keeping in mind SteamDB is unofficial, they've been pretty helpful for numerous reasons over the years. On Twitter, they mentioned that Steam now requires more to access package info, so "SteamDB will no longer be able to get info for packages that are not in the store or we have no token for" so the Token Dumper was set up to help. Use at your own risk on that.

What will you be looking to pick up? Let us know in the comments.

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Eike 26 Jun, 2020
Quoting: BigJLiam, is there a way to give you a referral credit if I buy any games?

AFAIK, there's no such thing for Steam. (Not specific for GoL, it didn't exist at all.)
saturnoyo 26 Jun, 2020
Not a fan of the points but we'll see what they do with them.

I picked up several games:
SteamWorld Dig 2 (Linux)
Distance (Linux)
Cave Story (Linux)
20XX (ProtonDB Platinum)
Quake III Arena + Team Arena (ProtonDB Platinum + Gold)

All of them are pretty cheap (5 - 7.5 euros). I have too many games in the backlog to buy expensive games that I won't play until 1-2 years from now anyway :D
Whitewolfe80 26 Jun, 2020
I have to be honest am looking at this sale and nothing even vaguely interests me that i do not already own but great opportunity to fill out on some cheap linux games just to support the platform. I picked up the turok games probably wont play them but just to support the effort of porting native games.

side note i could not see anyone covering it but Injustice the mortal kombat justice league turn over is free i believe it works under proton at least in single player
Liam Dawe 26 Jun, 2020
Quoting: BigJLiam, is there a way to give you a referral credit if I buy any games?

My current cart:

Football Manager 2020
Stardew Valley
Dying Light
It sure would be nice if Steam had a support this creator-like thing, but it doesn't. GOG do, Humble do, Fanatical do, Epic do..pretty much everyone apart from Steam has it. So sadly, no. If you wish to support us directly when buying games our partner links can always be found here.

Edit: spelling.

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 26 June 2020 at 9:55 am UTC
Guppy 26 Jun, 2020
Is there any way to get the recommderer to not display windows titles? I have steamos/linux only in my preferences already :s
Nanobang 26 Jun, 2020
There are a number of exceptionally low prices for things on my wishlist this time around, so, even though I don't need to add to a backlog I'll never see the end of in my lifetime, I can rest easy knowing my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have video games to play. (I'm going to leave my account details to them in my Will :))
Praxach 26 Jun, 2020
Quoting: PatolaVR galore!
Bought Fallout IV VR (already had bought Skyrim VR a few days earlier), Doom VFR, Alice VR (which has a native port to Linux with no VR), Everspace (for the VR also only present on the windows build), The Wizards (VR RPG), Apex Construct, Final Assault (VR RTS), Battlewake, Shadow Legend VR, Bugdet Cuts 2:Mission Insolvency and finally Tabletop Simulator, had to use via proton because the Linux version does not have VR.
Also bought X: Rebirth VR but it did not work, I created the first protondb report for it and refunded, also opened a bug report at the proton bugtracker.

I have been thinking about getting a VR set. Which VR are you using and what are you thoughts?
QoAaD 26 Jun, 2020
Trying not to keep overloading my game queue, but I'm seriously thinking about getting Pillars of Eternity II. I really enjoyed the first one. I need something to make up for the disappointment of Bard's Tale IV.
Anza 26 Jun, 2020
Quoting: GuppyIs there any way to get the recommderer to not display windows titles? I have steamos/linux only in my preferences already :s

AFAIK no and I don't know when it will be implemented if ever. Noninteractive version on the front page version seems to be still showing just Linux games at least for me. I don't know if it's coincidence or does that widget actually implement the OS filter.
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The comments on this article are closed.