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Now that EA have decided to cosy up with Valve once again, their games have been pouring onto Steam and that means certain games like Titanfall 2 are easy to get going on Linux.

Thanks to the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer (more info), tons of big Windows-only titles like this are really easy to get running on pretty much any Linux distribution. Titanfall 2 is an underappreciated gem too. I’m a massive FPS nut, I simply love these tactical feeling shooters and Titanfall 2 especially because it’s ridiculously over the top. We also so very rarely get games like this officially on Linux so thanks to Proton we can play Titanfall 2 and many other EA games easily now.

Have a look at Titanfall 2 on Linux below in an unfiltered quick-video:

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With Proton 5.0-9 released recently, Valve and CodeWeavers put in some dedicated fixes needed by Origin too so that it's click and play. Well, almost. Initially hitting play may give an error about linking accounts, just hit play again and it should work as expected. Origin being Origin.

Also, you might notice some micro-stutter happening like clockwork every 1-2 seconds or so (not everyone sees it). That is also Origin being a nuisance. Thankfully, there’s a super-simple one-liner fix for that. If you find the compatdata data folder and then the folder inside for Titanfall 2, you need to change the permissions on it as Origin likes to constantly try to write into it. Stop it doing so like this (example):

chmod -R -w ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/1237970/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Application\ Data/Origin

That will remove the ability for Origin to write into it as a quick fix, until a real solution comes along. You will need to enable it again (+w instead of -w) if Origin ever needs updates, and then do it again to stop the stuttering. Thanks to a comment from TK-Glitch on GitHub for the idea. It’s likely if you see micro-stutter in other Origin games with Proton on Linux, doing that for each might fix them too.

Once that’s done. Enjoy. A good time to pick it up too since Titanfall 2 has a big discount on Steam.

Ending note: while I am aware people on Linux have played it with Wine and Lutris before, directly in Steam makes things a whole lot simpler.

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BlooAlien Apr 18, 2021
Bought this game for a mere $8 (Titanfall 2) during the latest sale on Steam (due to seeing many positive reports here and on ProtonDB), and instantly regretted it. There's a very real reason that I normally only ever buy games with native Linux support, and EA/Origin is a perfect example of why. Fought with Origin and this game for most of the day yesterday and part of the day today, trying every trick in the book to get it running, and it still gives (at best) a black screen after the little short lead-in intro video. Origin is absolute garbage, and this is the first (and last) game I'll ever be buying from there. It was a mistake to give EA/Origin a single thin dime, and I'm about two seconds away from just refunding it outright.

Last edited by BlooAlien on 18 April 2021 at 5:38 pm UTC
morbius Apr 18, 2021
I was thinking about buying this game during this discount, as my Steam library has grown quite thin during the lockdown, but after reading the previous comment, I've decided not to bother. I feel there should be more discounts soon, the publishers were holding out on deals hoping to make more money while people were forced to stay in their homes due to Covid. Once we can go out again, there will be more competition for our entertainment budget.
BlooAlien May 11, 2021
Quoting: morbiusI was thinking about buying this game during this discount … but after reading the previous comment, I've decided not to bother.

On the one hand, I'm sorry if I turned you off to a game that may very well work fine for you, despite it failing for me; But on the other hand, "you're welcome" for potentially saving you hours of possible install hassle and/or a painful refund process.

That having been said; On the bright side, these days there's piles and piles of great Linux-friendly developers and publishers these days publishing a wide variety of really fantastic games that run across Linux, Mac, and Windows, so we're not at any real shortage of great entertainment on Linux these days at least.

Gotta love Liam and crew for keepin' us all well informed about what games are worthy, too. Definitely one of the best sources of "What's a good game that runs on Linux?" answers, right here… :)
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The comments on this article are closed.