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What have you been playing lately? It's chat time

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Wow, the end of another week over here in the surprisingly hot and sunny UK. Perfect weather to be sat inside playing games and there's been plenty of that here.

Thanks to the news of Celeste coming to Stadia, I was reminded of the fact that Celeste was in the recent charity bundle so I've been able to give it a thorough go after only previously playing it at a friends PC. I already liked it a lot but now I've sunk plenty more hours into it I'm totally blown away by it. It's truly no surprise to me now why it has amassed such a following, like on Steam where it has over twenty thousand views an an overall Overwhelmingly Positive rating.

For the Linux version, Celeste appears to be another example of a finely tuned experience with no issues encountered for me at all. If you've not tried Celeste yet, do give it a go. Getting those darn Strawberries has become my most painful mission, like the time I caught a particularly tricky one after 30 minutes of failed attempts only for my thumb to slip off the gamepad stick at a vital step afterwards…

It really does get intense and actually managing to catch each one feels so good. Difficult? Absolutely. However, it's pretty much the perfected experience of challenging platforming with lovely pixel-art and beautiful audio to top it off. If you don't own Celeste you can grab it from, Humble Store and Steam.

Over to you: what have you been gaming on Linux recently? Have a chat in the comments.

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furaxhornyx 13 Jul, 2020
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  • Supporter
Did a second run on Punch club, this time triggering another story line (I didn't even know they was more than one). That's pretty cool, wonder if I will get another surprise on my third run (with the last fighting style, the Turtle).

I also played a run on Refunct. The game is very short (< 10 min), this is probably the best introduction to speedrun you will find, all in a very chill atmosphere.

I tried the demo of Neon Abyss and I quite enjoyed the run. It seems to have a lot in common with The Binding of Isaac (which I don't like much), but I prefer the platformer approach more. Release date is scheduled for tomorrow (July 14th)... Decisions, decisions

Finally, I started playing Divinity II: Developer's cut, but the choppy camera made me stop after 2 hours. The problem seems to affect the Windows version too ; currently the only suggested fix that seemed to work was to cap the game to 30 fps, using libstrangle (strangle 30 %command in Steam)... which is not that great
fredebec 13 Jul, 2020
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  • Supporter
Thanks to Liam's post last week, I bought Vintage Story and now I am stuck with it... It is really survival at its best. I love it !
inckie 13 Jul, 2020
I have been playing a lot of Squad (via Proton) lately.

Kinda works with EAC.
ninjasftw 13 Jul, 2020
I've recently introduced my son to Age of Empires II so the whole family has been addicted to that.
All friendly currently as we play as the same team.
Might not be so friendly when we play against each other!
scaine 13 Jul, 2020
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Mega Supporter
I got back into Dota Underlords for the first time in nearly a year. It's a completely different game post-launch. They've dropped various heroes (bye bye Enchantress, Anti-Mage and others), rescaled heroes (Axe is now Tier 5... FIVE!) and introduced new alliances/mechanics (Void, Vigilant). Finally, two new Underlords, and a slightly lame "campaign" called City Crawl, which is basically an advert for you to buy the £4 Battle Pass, considering how much "content" (aesthetics only) is basically locked unless you have one. Good fun though, still frustrating at times.

I think I'm weaning myself off Elite. I got my Krait MkII, and lots of money, so the next step is to visit the Engineers. That's when I realised that my 80 hours in this game would have to become 800 hours if I wanted to take it seriously, even with the wiki and various out-of-band websites aimed at helping you. It's fun (80 hours speaks for itself), but I think I'm done with it now.

I've started my first proper A19 run in 7D2D, inspired by Sin's recent streams. This is probably the best alpha they've released for a while and it feels like this game could be in the final straight. I predict one final alpha, then the next release will be "gold". You heard it here first!

Finally, I've started a new character in Grim Dawn for a second playthrough. Absolutely superb game. Wonderful graphics, very satisfying gameplay, although the Veteran mode does turn the boss fights into a bit of a chore. They're absolute bullet sponges at this difficulty! Still enjoying it though, and I've just topped 50 hours in this game.

So, two native games, two Proton. I don't feel quite so dirty as I did last week!
a0kami 13 Jul, 2020
Tried Zombie Master (hl2 mod) Linux beta release, crashes sometimes but hella fun. :D

Still hooked to CSGO and GTA online. Looking forward to death stranding tomorrow if it runs at all. :)
Dennis_Payne 13 Jul, 2020
Lenna's Inception and Nuclear Throne have been the most time consuming recently. I tried Mable and the Wood but it didn't recognize my controller. Still need to go back and play more Test Tube Titans.
Ehvis 13 Jul, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
Still doing more 7 Days to Die, Satisfactory and Factorio like the weeks before. However, I've also gone back to doing some Graveyard Keeper. Bought the DLC back when it released, but hadn't played it yet. Some mindless grind for a tired evening while getting some actual story about the history of the place.
stud68 13 Jul, 2020
Just unlocked nuclear power on Satisfactory.
brokeassben 13 Jul, 2020
Hitman 2 - very replayable and weirdly runs much better than the native Hitman from 2016.

Yakuza 0 - some absurd fun with some wild swings in the tone. Though I'm terrible at the karaoke and dancing mini games, they still crack me up.

Far Cry 3 - deeply unlikable main character and his friends all seem shitty as well. But there's something about clearing parts of the map by capturing all of the outposts as stealthily as possible that is rewarding. Then the protagonist speaks and it makes me want to punch his bro face and I'm not at all a violent person.

Celeste - definitely on board with Celeste, but I'm stuck at a point that I can't get past and am getting frustrated.

CSGO - still playing this way more than I should. Recently enabled voice chat again and it's still the same racist, sexist, homophobic cesspool. It was a mistake.
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