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Apparently we missed the weekend and didn't ask you for your latest recommendations? Let's fix that. What have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

For me personally, I've actually been doing something a little different. Since my 32nd birthday is coming up soon on July 30, I picked up a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB model) and what a wonderful little device it is. I can finally join the world of tiny computers! Using the full Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit, it couldn't have been any easier and what a joy it was to get going.

Snap it together into the little case, plug it in with the SD card that came with the 'NOOBS' installer so there's absolutely no fuss. Okay, that's a small lie, there was a tiny bit of fuss with KODI having a really slow mouse which was solvable by adding "usbhid.mousepoll=0" to the end of "/boot/config.txt".

Without much fuss then it was up and running—yes that's Halo: Reach with Steam Play Proton being streamed from a Manjaro desktop to the Raspberry Pi. Glorious. I also need to one day invest in a better camera but priorities…

So as you might expect, I've been testing out a lot of games with the Steam Link from my Linux desktop to my new Linux-powered Raspberry Pi 4 and so far it's handled it like an absolute champ. It's surprising how much better Steam Link works now than the last proper time I tested it, where it was quite rough, now it seems fantastic.

If you're also interested in the Raspberry Pi, Humble have a dedicated Raspberry Pi Book Bundle on until August 10.

Over to you: what have you been gaming on Linux lately? Serve up your recommendations in the comments.

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ageres 20 Jul, 2020
The Steam versions of Earthworm Jim 1&2 with Boxtron and antimicrox. Both have the best graphics among all versions but lack levels. But EWJ1 has broken controls and physics, almost unplayable. I've tried EWJ 3D as well, its font doesn't work for some reason, so no text or number.

Also, Final Fantasy IX. There is Moguri Mod with ESRGAN-enhanced textures, but it's glitchy on Linux, so I'm playing the standard game.
Avehicle7887 20 Jul, 2020
My gaming time has been cut in half ever since I got a new puppy. Yesterday I took my system apart for the bimonthly dust cleanup, and also updated my distro to the latest point release.

Today I'm going to make an image of my HDD as a backup and then I don't know what's next. :)
psy-q 20 Jul, 2020
Finally finished Dead Cells and almost finished it again on hard, but it's time to move on now. What a game! Best 2D thing I bought along with Shovel Knight.
dvd 20 Jul, 2020
Finally gave in and played the Witcher 3... Had mixed feelings about it.

Last 2 days i downloaded skyrim mods (another guilty pleasure), and atm i'm omw to the usual instant CTDs with modded skyrim.
Nanobang 20 Jul, 2020
Still playing Dying Light with my friend, finished the campaign and just started on the Following yesterday. On my own I've restarted Subnautica, but in freedom mode, without the need to eat and drink. The failure of the game to provide better food and water storage and production methods meant I just got tired of constantly stopping what I was doing to deal with it. So far, so good, much more fun.

I've installed Just Cause 3 on my Linux box with an eye towards starting that up again. It's on my Win7 box, but I stopped playing because it's just such a drag to use that thing.
mangosta 20 Jul, 2020
Project Gorgon :), runs great on elementary OS
Dunc 20 Jul, 2020
I've been heavily back into Elite: Dangerous, unlocking some Guardian upgrades. Or trying to. “It only takes 20 minutes!”. Yeah, it does if you go to the right Guardian Site in the first place, have enough focus crystals, and know that “exquisite” and “refined” ones don't cut it. Grr. Over a week later, though, I now have an Asp that'll do almost 50ly in one jump. Woohoo! Now Colonia's only... about 500 jumps away. Hmm. I think I'll leave it for the moment until I've figured out the neutron star supercharging thing...

Also Assetto Corsa to unwind when I got cheesed off with E:D (I avoided the career mode before because everyone says its' rubbish; it's not the best in the world, but hey, it gives you some goals to achieve), and Minecraft when I got cheesed off with AC.

The Pi 4 is impressive, but I've never been able to get sound to work over Steam Play. I think it's Pulse playing silly buggers on the host end though, because it's the same on my phone (not that my old Moto G would be any good anyway with its 4.5" screen, but you have to try it, don't you?).

Last edited by Dunc on 20 July 2020 at 12:54 pm UTC
scaine 20 Jul, 2020
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Not much change from last week - still playing 7 Days to Die A19 natively (Vulkan), and Grim Dawn via Proton. However, Superhot: Mind Control Delete came out last week and I sank around 8 hours into that too. Amazing game, like a roguelite version of the original, but makes you EVEN MORE awesome.

And I'm still dipping into Dota Underlords for the odd game. Turns out, those heroes I mentioned that had been cut from the final release? Not really - Valve are doing the whole "seaons" thing with Underlords now, and about 15 heroes are "out of season", so no doubt they'll be back when season 2 lands, whenever that might be. I haven't looked at figures for Underlords, but given that it takes a good 30 seconds to score a multi-player casual game, I wonder if numbers are dwindling. It was near-instantaneous before!

Oh, and I did a few of Mana Spark too. So replayable and has the whole "one more game" lure. So glad I bought this one.
TobyGornow 20 Jul, 2020
I've finished Hotline miami, great but frustrating game, took me 100 tries to beat this moth******ing last boss. And they say Dark souls is hard...

Else, opus magnum.

Still have to clear time to play beneath a steel sky for the tenth tome before diving into the sequel
kokoko3k 20 Jul, 2020
Enslaved via Proton.
Got it somehow in the past for cheap.
It is an old UE3 Game, so it is very light, but still it catches me FAR MORE than Shadow of the Tomb Raider which i put in standby and almost forgot.

Thanks to enslaved, i discovered Ninja Theory team, and got their reboot of Devil may cry for something like 6 euros :-) SOTR will wait a bit more...

And (as always) Grid autosport (which i finally got it running at double framerate in wine).
I'm playing it since years and i've just completed the Touring discipline, i'm in love with that game.

Also, Beneath a steel sky in Scummvm with my smartphone.

Last edited by kokoko3k on 20 July 2020 at 1:58 pm UTC
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