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What play button have you been clicking on lately?

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Oh, hey! We didn't miss the weekend this time. Time for another community chat and giving out your latest recommendations.

After mentioning last time about my current love affair with the Raspberry Pi 4, that has very much continued. Everything seems to be holding up nicely on it. There's been plenty of Steam Link game streaming, which has been quite the highlight due to how smoothly it has been working.

For actual games though, I'm going to take this moment to totally plug CARRION again (see my review) because it's just wonderfully crafted. I'm now onto my second play-through to see if there are any fun things I missed. Sounds like it's been quite a successful launch too.

Here's a bit of trivia for you: the levels in CARRION were almost entirely made using Tiled, a free and open source general purpose tile map editor.

If you're stuck for something to play, here's a quick reminder on some good deals:

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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soulsource 26 Jul, 2020
I dug out KSP once more.
Started playing and decided that my 1.10 install was still looking dull. Then I installed Scatterer and EVE and started messing with Scatterer's shaders to maybe improve performance. After reading through a lot of code and trying out a few things, I must say, the performance improvements I managed to get are all pretty negligible. Respect to the mod's developer, the atmosphere shaders are as far as I can tell pretty well optimized.
Dunc 26 Jul, 2020
I just discovered the Sodium optimization mod for Minecraft. Holy moly... 32-block chunk draw distance, with ludicrous framerates. Pity it doesn't support shaders, though. But in the process I also discovered the Fabric modloader, and re-discovered Xaero's minimap. So that was fun. I'd forgotten how useful the custom waypoints were in that thing. I'm not heavily into modding - I hate it when an update breaks everything - but I do like graphical tweaks and little quality-of-life things like the minimap.

On that note, I also finally got Content Manager working for Assetto Corsa. Kinda. You have to start it in what I assume is a “safe mode”, which I also assume is why the custom shaders patch doesn't work (it might be a WINE problem, but that sort of thing is usually okay with DXVK). Which means that the Sol dynamic weather mod won't work properly either. Oh, well. Better than nothing. At least it starts a bit faster than the stock launcher.

And that's about it. Has it really been a week? (Well, no... but you know what I mean. ) In Elite: Dangerous, I used my shiny new 50ly Asp to travel to the Witch Head Nebula - because I can - but I haven't really done anything there.

Ooh, actually, now that I think about it... this Medieval Fantasy City Generator is on, so technically that makes it a game, right? I wasted a good few hours messing with that and some of the dev's other projects.

Last edited by Dunc on 26 July 2020 at 4:21 pm UTC
appetrosyan 26 Jul, 2020
StarCraft 2 . No brainier. Active competitive scene, runs smooth (if you get fsync, e.g. Linux-zen), and has a lot of depth.

Witcher 2. The game isn’t balanced at all. It’s too hard in the beginning, too easy at the end. But it runs great and has some of the best implementations of bokeh in gaming.

Doom 3. One of a select few games that have an actual engine on Linux. It’s missing features, but if you get the Non-BFG edition, you’re in for a treat.

Dead Space 2. Not the same horror masterpiece that DS1 was, but on the other hand, it has a few creature comforts, and a remarkable selection of challenges. (I got the foam finger BTW).

Quake 4. Same deal, but better. It’s got wonderful set pieces, remarkable combat, and a lot of atmosphere.
nattydread 26 Jul, 2020
This week I have been mostly playing
Witcher 3, Mad Max, Legend of Grimrock 2, Battletech and Black Mesa.
pete910 26 Jul, 2020
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Feck all, Too damn bust with work !
alejandro-bringas 26 Jul, 2020
I am currently playing Fortnite, Apex and Team Fortress 2, the latter is my favorite online game.
JuridicalDrake 26 Jul, 2020
CSGO night on friday

Minecraft(Engineer's Life)
A tech and progression based minecraft modpack

Dark Chronicle (PS2 title)
A nice dungeon crawler / rpg style game, been playing it on the PCSX2 emulator (Of course i own a legit copy) to yall who have a second thought on that :P
grigi 26 Jul, 2020
Feels like my answer hasn't changed in the last 5 or so of these questions.
I'm still playing OpenMW. I have sunk more time into Morrowind (again) than I think I sunk into both Oblivion and Skyrim. It actually has a very good story line/lore, and there are so many excellent mods that add so much.
Arehandoro 26 Jul, 2020
A bit of Yakuza 0, Xenoblade Chronicles and Paper Mario: The Origami King.
gradyvuckovic 26 Jul, 2020
I played through the game ECHO, and boy what a unique gem. So sad that the studio behind it went out of business. It flopped at release due to lack of marketing. If you like stealth games, it's definitely something to put on your wishlist.
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