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Atari VCS backers on IndieGoGo might actually get their units soon

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I almost can't believe it. The retro console Atari VCS might actually be shipping soon, as their initial production run sounds like it went well.

After so many delays, a lack of clear communication often and still next to no games actually announced for it, IndieGoGo backers on the original campaign will get it in their hands first as they originally announced. In the post on IndieGoGo, it wasn't made entirely clear how many units have been produced so far but they called it the "Indiegogo production run" and that "Mass production is almost complete". From the wording it sounds like anyone who has pre-ordered the console are not included just yet but presumably that's all ongoing.

They showed off more production pictures on their Medium Blog too.

We've had many doubts, still plenty left but either way, it's quite nice to know that there's real movement going on with the first set of consoles actually on the way to the Atari VCS team and then backers shortly after.

They're still saying other pre-orders will ship this year, with the full bundle of the ATARI VCS 800 model with both modern and retro pads for $389.99. This comes with Atari World, their Linux-based operating system with a custom user interface designed for big-screen play although the system will support running other operating systems too which is one of the reasons we were initially interested.

See more on the official site.

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chrisq 12 Oct, 2020
Quoting: slaapliedje
Quoting: chrisq
Quoting: slaapliedje
Quoting: chrisq
Quoting: slaapliedje
Quoting: chrisq
Quoting: slaapliedje
Quoting: chrisq
Quoting: Spl-it
Quoting: slaapliedjeThe Amiga inspired Vampire V4SA (ordered today)

How and where ? not related to the Atari but I'm really curious about this one, I want one

It's here:

He's writing about the Vampire v4 standalone:
You beat me to it. It's kind of wonky to order one, you sign up on their page, but you won't get an email from them until they're ready for you to pay for your order. Would be nice if they could get enough stock in ship them out as they're ordered. I think it was 3-4 months for mine? They did say they'll ship it out next week, so I'm guessing I'll have the V4SA before the Atari VCS. I do already have a V2 500 in my 500+ with Checkmate 1500 case. It's a pretty sweet setup, just missing the AGA support!

I've been thinking about this myself, is it worth it to get the non-standalone?

I have a600, a1200, a500, a500+, cd32 and an a4000.
I really wanted them to come out with one for the A4000 (I have two A4ks and an A500+) I bout the A500+ mainly to check out the Vampire, and it's pretty awesome there, and would probably be my goto Amiga, except that it doesn't do AGA yet.

I wanted to replace the A3660 with a Vampire, as that is my Video Toaster version, and the 080 would be sweet there! My other A4000 is my overly expensive one with the PPC in it.

If you don't already have an accelerator / RTG in your A1200, I'd probably get one for that, as it'd be 'more Amiga' to me. But then as you already have all of those, may as well have the 'New Amiga' and get the stand alone :)

I'll let you know how mine is when I get it!

Cool, looking forward to hearing about it. 👍
So far.. keyboards have been interesting. I tried no less than 7 USB keyboards, and none of them worked. What finally did work is that (for another project) I had bought a PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse to USB adapter. That plus an old Logitech PS/2 keyboard actually worked!

Beyond that, I had tried to flash the new 3 core (since I didn't have a keyboard I had to do it with a USB Blaster) and it still said Release 2 in the early boot menu, so not sure where else that would be listed though. Otherwise I haven't had much time to play around with it.

Thanks for the update!
Even with your keyboard problem I think I'd still go for the stand alone and let my other amigas du stay as they are. This keyboard worked! Though I bought the one with red switches, and I'm not entirely sure I like them. Trying to use the keyboard for work right now, and they kind of feel good, but kind of mushy at the same time. Though I do think I'm making less mistakes than I normally do :P

I also ordered the parts to build some of these; since I have that spare a4k keyboard. I got all the parts except the PCBs from Amazon.

Good to hear, as long as some usb keyboards work I'm sure I can find one in my pile of too many mech keyboards..
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