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Facebook announces their own Cloud Gaming service

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Facebook announced yesterday that they're throwing their controller into the Cloud Gaming ring, although they seem to be doing it differently. Joining the likes of Google with Stadia, NVIDIA with GeForce NOW, Amazon with Luna and Microsoft with what was originally called xCloud (now bundled under Xbox Game Pass Ultimate).

In the blog post they go into a fair amount of detail about how it's going to work, and it seems it will be playable on Linux just like their current smaller games are as it will be directly in the browser at It's not going to split off into a new name or new service like others have done, it's just being integrated into what they're already doing with Facebook Gaming.

Facebook look to be doing it differently by coming out of the gate explaining they're not trying to over-promise, they don't want to replace existing consoles / gaming methods and just be an additional way to play games. Fair enough. They're also keeping the types of games down to a minimum to begin with, along with it only being open to the US right now in these places:

California, Texas and Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states including, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and West Virginia

With more locations through 2021 as they scale up their infrastructure to cope with more people and more games.

It's also interesting to see what types of gaming they will do, as it seems they're not going for premium purchase games like Google Stadia and no subscription like Amazon Luna. Instead, the mobile-gaming way is coming with free to play games along with "cloud playable ads" and in-app purchases.

They also announced they will add in gaming-specific Player Names and Avatars so you don't have your real name and profile picture shown up when on Facebook Gaming. Due to the way it works, it seems cross-play will only happen between Facebook Gaming and supported mobile game downloads that support Facebook's login for gaming. No cross-play with other cloud gaming or other native desktop gaming, as they seem currently firmly focused on free to play games you would find on mobile.

The question is: will you use it? All the games being free sure does bring down a big barrier.

I sure as heck won't use it though. The last thing I want to do is spend longer than 5 minutes with Facebook checking for messages from family.

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scaine 27 Oct, 2020
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Supporter Plus
After what they did to Oculus, I'm gonna give this one a body swerve, as I suspect most Linux gamers would anyway. I agree with TheSHEEEP - we're not the target audience here.
whizse 27 Oct, 2020
  • Supporter
Will it have Farmville? Asking for a friend.
Vax 27 Oct, 2020
Cold day in Hell.
elmapul 27 Oct, 2020
"They also announced they will add in gaming-specific Player Names and Avatars so you don't have your real name and profile picture shown up when on Facebook Gaming"

finally they realized that this is an bad idea that break the roleplay and imersion on the game.

"The question is: will you use it? All the games being free sure does bring down a big barrier."
hell no, i already played free to play games for long enough to know that none of then is worth of my time.
in the begining they were supported by ads on the same page that the game was on, and many of then were good, but as the time passes this model was not sustainable anymore and the games adopted more and more predatory business models. (pay to win etc) and got worse over time (simplified mechanics to reduce the skill factor in favor of grinding/luck/paying)
there is no way i will fell for this trap again, just let me get ride of the current game that i'm adicted to, to kiss godbye to this.

even if i was willing to try, after what they did with oculus, i would not trust facebook anymore.
their terms of services were bad enough when aplied to facebook itself, but extending it to: if i'm kicked from facebook, i'm kicked from their entire ecosystem including games that i spend money on? hell no.
if an game is ocullus exclusive, it dont exists for me.

on an side note, i'm curious to see what they're running on their stream servers, hopefully its linux.
Nanobang 27 Oct, 2020
I'll join Facebook when they decide to pay me cold, hard cash for my personal data. Actually it's hard to imagine anyone --- let alone actual video gamers --- not already on Facebook giving this service a second thought. I'm older than Marky Zuck, but I hope he dies before me so I can have a shit in his honor.
Nevertheless 27 Oct, 2020
They'll do the exact same thing as Google with Stadia. So no, letting them misuse my Linux installation, plus another one on one of their servers is out of the question for me!
EMO GANGSTER 27 Oct, 2020
eww, no thanks, Facebook lol, I would like to see a cloud gaming done by valve/steam for those sellers and buyers that wanted it but still keep the ability download and install but you could play any game on the cloud that game maker was ok with to avoid the legal action.
Kandarihu 27 Oct, 2020
Why did you think that we would be receptive to this? Is it simply because it's gaming that can be done from a Linux installation? It's not running ON our Linux installations, it's running on remote servers which may or may not be running Linux. But even if it does, so what? It takes away the freedom and agency that we get from Linux. All that's relevant to this is just the kernel. And if that's all you care about for this, I guess that's that. Looks like most of the people commenting here really care about the freedom that Linux provides. And that precludes not only Facebook but all the cloud gaming services. We want to play games ON OUR computers, not on remote servers owned by corporations who are only beholden to special interests who might be hostile to some of us. And if you think that this is going to lead to these games being made available to us on our Linux computers in the future, that's some optimism that I'd like to get behind, but it's starting to look like that's not in the cards. The best thing that we can do is to wash our hands of cloud gaming altogether, bolster our numbers and use the numbers to get more and more indie and the occasional AAA devs to support us directly.
tommystig21 27 Oct, 2020
facebook privacy mess aside, this cloud gaming is getting out of hands... up till now we got six major cloud services with facebook being seventh, it's like having seven consoles to play their exclusives.
Answering the question "will you use it?": no, definitely no... not this nor stadia or luna or apple arcade... I've sold my ps4 to focus on steam in my PC because i couldn't keep track of two game libraries. I prefer the simplicity of having a single store to play my games.
Liam Dawe 27 Oct, 2020
Quoting: KandarihuWhy did you think that we would be receptive to this?
I didn't, and I don't need you to "like" or want everything that I post. What a weird way to think. A lot of what we cover is industry news, like this.
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