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Zombie Panic! Source gets a huge overhaul with Linux support really soon

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After being in Beta for quite some time now, the team behind Zombie Panic! Source are almost ready to push out the big overhaul with Linux support into the stable version for everyone.

What is it? A free standalone cooperative, survival-horror first-person-shooter. It's been available since 2007, with a Steam release going live back in 2008. After initially announcing their Linux plans back in 2018, this has been a long time coming. Work on Zombie Panic! Source version 3.1 went on a lot longer than they originally planned for but it's sounding like all their effort is going to be worth it with a much better game.

When to actually expect it? They're saying between October 8 and October 15, so a bit later into this month!

As for what's coming with it, there's going to be quite a lot of changes. Here's some highlights:

  • Linux support - speaks for itself…
  • Player Hitboxes Improvements - this actually looks like a massive upgrade for it:

  • Melee Hit Rays - each swing will create an arc of line tracers in the player's FOV according to the melee weapon's range.
  • Zombie Teammates Glow - to enable better team play between Zombies, nearby friendlies will glow
  • Feed-O-Meter Adjustments - slowly regenerates by itself. The Berzerk now has it's own special bar separate to the normal one to manage abilities better.
  • Plenty of new in-game options
  • Steam Workshop Enhancements
  • Steam Rich Presence
  • Localization Support

See the announcement here. More about it on the Steam page.

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a0kami Oct 1, 2020
I learned there are other source mods reworks such as Source forts 2 (fortnite grandpa) and Zombie Master (where one player incarnates the evil infection entity that triggers trap and spawn zombies while all the other players try to survive, that's something that'd be quite popular if it was being made with today's standard).
Such nostalgia!
Cybolic Oct 1, 2020
And for those not in the loop (like myself), "Zombie Panic! Source" is:
Quoting: the game's Steam pagea cooperative, survival-horror first-person-shooter
Hopefully saved you a click :)
ison111 Oct 1, 2020
Quoting: CybolicAnd for those not in the loop (like myself), "Zombie Panic! Source" is:
Quoting: the game's Steam pagea cooperative, survival-horror first-person-shooter
Hopefully saved you a click :)
Also the gameplay is where most players will spawn as human while only 1 or 2 spawn as zombies.
When zombies kill a human that human respawns as a zombie, joining their team (but if a human kills a zombie that zombie still respawns as a zombie).
So the start of a round usually involves humans being vulnerable and easy to kill, as they have to go out and look for weapons and ammo. Later in the round there's usually fewer humans left but are well equipped and harder to kill.
The game ends when either all humans have been turned into zombies, the time runs out, zombies have exhausted all of their respawns, or humans complete their objectives (if the map has objectives).

I always thought this game mode needed a name. The first time I ever played it was AVP2, where it was aliens instead of zombies (I believe they called it "survival" but I think that means something else to most people today). Maybe "infection mode"?
But it's one of my favorite game modes.
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The comments on this article are closed.