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What have you been gaming on Linux recently? Come have a chat

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It's been a little while since we had a community-chat post to round-up what you've all been gaming on Linux lately, so let's have a chat shall we.

We're all a bit spoilt for choice thanks to the likes of native Linux games, Steam Play Proton, cloud game streaming, lots of great emulators and more that you can all do right on Linux. This often makes choosing a game to play rather difficult doesn't it? It does for me.

I end up quite often going back to what I see as comfort games, those that you can just repeat over and over and you know them well, like a gaming comfort blanket with the likes of XCOM 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Streets of Rogue and others but there's a new one in my own personal list: Ziggurat 2 which released into Early Access with Linux support in late October.

Milkstone Studios seem to have crafted an absolutely magical first-person dungeon crawler, that I can quite easily see myself putting hundreds of hours into. There's something so supremely satisfying about running around a room waving a wand or a staff around, unleashing powering magics on somewhat freaky enemies (like those damn running carrots). When you get into the boss battles, it really gets your blood flowing too.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately? Let us know what you've newly discovered, what you keep going back to and more. 

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g000h 8 Nov, 2020
I've been trying out a selection of games titles, partly because I've got new hard drive capacity from upgrading my gaming PC primary hard drive to a NVMe PCIe gen3x4 1TB drive, and more space allows for more game installs.

One title I'm particularly enthusiastic about is Prodeus (closed beta play-test) which looks and plays just like a modern DOOM or Quake title, and the full game is due to arrive imminently. The closed beta has one big level and two tiny levels, and I've played through the big level multiple times already.

With the extra hard drive capacity, I installed RAGE 2 (Proton) and despite not being a native Linux game, it is playing very smoothly and beautiful graphics, as you'd anticipate in a modern AAA title. Saying that, the game itself has a pretty crappy story and aside from the FPS combat and graphics it is quite lacking in other areas.

I've finally reached the First Ending on twin-stick shooter Space Robinson which is a particularly hard game of this genre. I thought I'd actually completed the game outright, and was overjoyed, but the game ends and goes back to the very start, and expects you to play through all over again to get to the Real Ending.

Following on with my progress in Space Robinson, I've started playing Nuclear Throne which is another particularly hard twin-stick shooter game. I don't do myself any favours with these twin-stick games, because I play them with mouse and keyboard, as I've never been a fan of gamepads.

As usual, I've been putting in some gaming with 7 Days To Die (now it is on Alpha 19.2) and I keep on making the game harder and harder by adjusting the settings. My current game settings are ridiculously hard: Loot Abundance 50% (this makes the game REALLY hard), Insane zombie toughness, Wasteland Only biome (generated with Nitrogen), Zombies running during the day. Note that with my Nitrogen-generated World-map, after you complete the starter quests, the Trader location is not revealed and not having access to a Trader is another really hard impediment to your survival. The Wasteland is the worst biome, with zombie dogs wandering around (and they run faster than you), zombie vultures (which swoop on you as soon as you're injured) and feral zombies at night.
1xok 8 Nov, 2020
Among Us addiction ...

We often talk here about big titles and how they run under Proton. But it's often these indie games for which Proton is so useful because they practically run like a native ports now. In the past I often missed such games, because I was too lazy to start Wine to just give it a try.

Last edited by 1xok on 8 November 2020 at 1:17 pm UTC
Blurps 8 Nov, 2020
Playing 7 days to die: kill Z and prepare to kill more Z during the blood moon

Just installed MotoGP 20 via proton, works very well after few hours
oldominion 8 Nov, 2020
Have finished Layers of Fear 2 which was for free on the EGL and it was a very nice experience because it was my first game in the horror genre. Worked great without any problems.

And am trying out Blair Witch now, which runs great too, only downside is the audio in the cutscenes, it is pretty borked otherwise it runs pretty good.

Blair Witch

Last edited by oldominion on 8 November 2020 at 1:28 pm UTC
Bloombery 8 Nov, 2020
Battlefield Bad Company 2
minidou 8 Nov, 2020
Has no one mentioned Hades ? I'm 30 hours in and still enjoying it. Runs perfectly out of the box with steamplay. Although you have to use the directx version as the Vulkan one surprisingly doesn't work.
gustavoyaraujo 8 Nov, 2020
GRID 2019
Street Fighter V
Xpander 8 Nov, 2020
Warhammer Online ( - My go to RvR/PvP MMORPG. Hopping in nearly every evening to bash some enemies.

Haven't really played anything else recently. Spent all my spare time playing Warhammer and producing music with FL Studio (which runs in wine, with wineasio)... yes i know, i should learn some native DAWs, but they all lack the good VST support.
_J_30000 8 Nov, 2020
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Finally started playing Total War: Warhammer II - feels good to play a set of frogs ;)
LordDaveTheKind 8 Nov, 2020
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Quoting: kaiman
Quoting: LordDaveTheKindKingdom Come: Deliverance. Let me get this straight: the game is borked like hell, and not because of Proton.
Wonder if the latest patches introducing mod support did more harm than good there. I played it shortly after it came out and it was smooth sailing, except for some stability issues I attributed to certain DXVK versions.

It is more stable, excluding some crashes when going in prison or on fast travel. Mods (in particular the Auto-Save ones) are essential for playing it.
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