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What have you been gaming on Linux recently? Come have a chat

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It's been a little while since we had a community-chat post to round-up what you've all been gaming on Linux lately, so let's have a chat shall we.

We're all a bit spoilt for choice thanks to the likes of native Linux games, Steam Play Proton, cloud game streaming, lots of great emulators and more that you can all do right on Linux. This often makes choosing a game to play rather difficult doesn't it? It does for me.

I end up quite often going back to what I see as comfort games, those that you can just repeat over and over and you know them well, like a gaming comfort blanket with the likes of XCOM 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Streets of Rogue and others but there's a new one in my own personal list: Ziggurat 2 which released into Early Access with Linux support in late October.

Milkstone Studios seem to have crafted an absolutely magical first-person dungeon crawler, that I can quite easily see myself putting hundreds of hours into. There's something so supremely satisfying about running around a room waving a wand or a staff around, unleashing powering magics on somewhat freaky enemies (like those damn running carrots). When you get into the boss battles, it really gets your blood flowing too.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately? Let us know what you've newly discovered, what you keep going back to and more. 

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Dankrat169 8 Nov, 2020
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Been playing Dead Island, Ziggurat 2 (absolutely love it!) and Amnesia Rebirth! Also just get Crystal Caves HD now it's available on Linux!
linuxfiend 8 Nov, 2020
I've been playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Star Trek Online.
TheSyldat 9 Nov, 2020
I find myself diving a lot into Scourge Bringer and also into Petal Crash by the way thanks Liam for highlighting that game it seems that outside of you no one seems to be talking about it online a shame really.

So just like you yeah I do dive into bite size games with a quick gameplay loop I'm also playing Shadowrun Returns for the first time ever and I'm liking it so far.
Guerrilla 9 Nov, 2020
Last week I managed to polish off Resident Evil 3 last week. I had wanted to buy it on release but I heard it was short. It kind of is, but at $30, I think I enjoyed it enough to justify it.

Unfortunately I have only been picking at games since then. Mostly it has been Homefront: the Revolution, which plays very well under Proton. It's hard game to just blindly recommend to anyone, but I am enjoying it (and the night scenes are freakin' gorgeous). I don't want to get too committed to a game right now because on Tuesday, Yakuza: Like a Dragon hits. I'm not normally the kind of person who buys games at launch, but I am a huge fan of the series that I can't bring myself to wait. Hopefully it's just like Kiwami 2 in the sense that it's download and play through Proton.

As a minor treat to myself (and to help distract myself from the state of US politics and internet drama regarding the Ryzen 5000 series), I built effectively a new computer. I did end up getting a RX 5600 XT like I had mentioned before, but also ended up with a new processor. Originally I was intent to wait on getting a 5900X, but those things sold out way too quickly. I happen to live near a Microcenter and the 10850K was $430, which intrigued me but I wasn't sure whether I'd bite. They then put out price protection for the next month (if it drops lower in price, you can get a refund on the difference this month) AND dropped the price to $400. The cores might not be as fast or numerous, but for an additional $150 in savings, I think it's well worth it.
lelorrain 9 Nov, 2020
I wish I played game this past two weeks. I have been fighting against Windows 10 pro to make it work with my Linux machines! The bloody thing does not gives you many information when it refuses to access my Linux server and Microsoft gives me the roundabout as if I was a stupid nerd!

Anyway tonite, I'm going to crush monsters and demons with Hellgate London!

Purple Library Guy 9 Nov, 2020
Had fun with West of Loathing for a bit, went back to Master of Orion (Not 1, 2 or 3, a recent-ish iteration that's mostly just a UI facelift on 2) but quit when it got crashy.
Most recently started messing with Surviving Mars. Interesting; not hard, but a bit frustrating in places. I made a key mistake my first game: Half my initial colonists were middle-aged, and so I ended up with 4 people retired before the initial phase was over--using up resources but not doing anything. Suddenly stuff I thought I had people producing I had to import from Earth because of these retirees. Next time, no old people on the rocket!
I find myself wishing for better people-management features. Also wishing that the bits of scavenge-able metal lying around on the surface were a bit more noticeable.
Purple Library Guy 9 Nov, 2020
Quoting: TheSyldatI find myself diving a lot into Scourge Bringer and also into Petal Crash by the way thanks Liam for highlighting that game it seems that outside of you no one seems to be talking about it online a shame really.

So just like you yeah I do dive into bite size games with a quick gameplay loop I'm also playing Shadowrun Returns for the first time ever and I'm liking it so far.
I like Shadowrun Returns. I have a fondness for part of the plot because I played a related scenario in paper & pencil one time. Most people really like Dragonfall much better, so if you like Returns you'll probably quite like Dragonfall, and the Hong Kong one is very good too.
Xaero_Vincent 9 Nov, 2020
Most recently, I've been playing mostly Fallout: New Vegas and Batman Arkham City.

Just about have Arkham City beat but New Vegas was crashing constantly for me in Proton. However, it's now massively more stable after installing New Vegas Script Extender, New Vegas Anti-Crash and 4GB Patcher mods.

If you're playing NV, thay are a must have!

Last edited by Xaero_Vincent on 9 November 2020 at 4:20 am UTC
jarhead_h 9 Nov, 2020
Shadow Warrior(2013). Very entertaining. Next up, Cloudpunk.
vskye 9 Nov, 2020
My normal games, like Left 4 Dead2, and Race The Sun. I even got around to playing BroForce and Classic Racers..., slowly working though my games on Steam. ;)
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