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Ready to sink a ton of hours into an MMO but don't have the computing power and / or not working well for you in the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer on Linux? Enter the new EVE Anywhere for EVE Online.

This is a brand new beta that's currently available only in the USA, and it's not a special cut-down browser version. Much like Stadia and GeForce NOW it is the full game experience in the web browser. CCP say it will be supported across Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari with no downloads needed and it will work with 1080p at 60FPS.

Why? They say the idea is to "expand the player community of EVE Online, EVE Anywhere removes barriers for newcomers, while providing veterans of New Eden with an extremely convenient way to access their game" and it appears to have been working in their prior tests as they say the early trials "demonstrated that potential, seeing first-time EVE Online players stay for longer, with higher numbers converting into full-time pilots".

In an email to us here at GOL in reply to it running on Linux they said, "Happy to clarify that EVE Anywhere is playable on any desktop OS provided the browser is in our supported list (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari). We've already heard from quite a few players having a positive experience on various Linux distros.".

Nice to see no artificial barriers being put up against Linux and supporting many different browsers is great. Even if you're not a huge fan of cloud gaming / gaming streaming, it really can break down walls for more people to enjoy gaming. Once it adds support for more countries like the UK, we'll give it a go and see what we think.

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Purple Library Guy Mar 17, 2021
Not sure this is really relevant to the "cloud gaming" controversy . . . I mean, it's an MMO. They're cloud gaming by definition; making it more widely available and more platform agnostic is a pure win.

Huh . . . come to think of it, MMOs are already the "Games that can only be done on the cloud" that Stadia was talking about creating before Google folded the game creation part of Stadia . . .
SuperTux Mar 17, 2021
Tempted to try it just to see how it runs, although my Eve online ventures tend to fall apart after a day or so as I usually forget and then remember why I quit in the past.
How is this browser-based client implemented? Is it a WASM or WebGL sort of thing, where the actual graphics rendering is done by your computer, or is it a Stadia-style "streaming" thing where the game runs entirely on their servers and you need to receive video from them every frame?

If it's the former, then I will give it a try when it's out of beta. If it's the latter, then I probably won't play it unless I someday move to a country with better internet.
Jahimself Mar 18, 2021
It remind me of Quake Live. It was basically a free plugin for firefox and you could play quake with linux and mac support, until zenimax bought bethesda and id software, then they removed linux support, removed web browser plugin, then the game interface became annoying to use, then they created non sens weapons and easy strafe jump by default and then they abandonned the game. Which is basically everything they could to destroy the game and it's commnunity (which btw never dies).

Now that microsoft bought bethesda and id software like all the media say (but they dit not bought these studios, they bought this terrible zenimax and his horrible CEO because they are the same scamer breeds.) I can't believe these people are still not in jail, like ex zenimax ceo who scamed country from middle east and never went to jail because he is a friend of Donald Trump brother.

But I'm getting irrelevant to the topic ^^ Looking forward to try Eve again, especially on linux.

Last edited by Jahimself on 18 March 2021 at 3:37 am UTC
Teal Mar 18, 2021
Quoting: XpanderI dont expect them to support all the browsers.. all im pointing out is the wording..they say that it works only with browsers from their supported list, which to me sounds like artificial barrier

Games that support linux are usually Ubuntu or SteamOS, but i dont have to fake my <insert distro> to be Ubuntu.

Its all fine if they officially support those browsers. Its logical to not cover them all.
It comes down to the wording like... "...provided the browser is in our supported list (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari)"

There's a difference between "we've decided from the getgo that Chrome on Windows is our singular target any anything else is unsupported" and "we've tested it on the four most popular browsers on the three most popular OSes, these are supported and anything else may not work". The first is an executive choice to artificially limit availability, the second is consequence to being able only test and validate ever so much.

"Supported" means something else in a world of consumer software where once you make that claim, you're on the hook for making sure your paying customers are actually getting what they asked for.
kokoko3k Mar 18, 2021
As Xpander pointed out, "provided that" is the key to the meaning.
English is not my native language, but still, "provided that" = a necessary condition, not a sufficient one.
Not sure if this is really what they mean, tho (as Xpander pointed out too).

Last edited by kokoko3k on 18 March 2021 at 9:45 pm UTC
Kuduzkehpan Mar 18, 2021
all i care is if i can play eve online in a more smooth better way on my Linux distro as natively.
And also i hate streaming services until i got better internet. And they says no download required.
14 Mar 20, 2021
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EVE Online is still my top played game according to my Steam profile with 900+ hours played, and I didn't always have Steam running while playing. I just went to double check, and yeah, it's that high. I know there are people out there that put even more hours into games, but that's kinda unbelievable for me. I haven't even played for a couple years now!

This makes me wonder how many hours I have in WoW.

Anyway, I am not sure if I'm done with EVE forever or not, but it's unique and there are no impatient, super immature kids running around. I recommend it to anyone that likes space ships, sci-fi, risky adventures, markets & economy, manufacturing, transportation, sneaky solo combat, squad-based combat... the list goes on. There was one time that my corp was in a war that we didn't want to be in. We hid the whole corp in a wormhole for a week. I'll probably never forget that experience in EVE. It was strange but cool even if it got boring by the end of the week. There's just not really anything else like it.
iiari Mar 21, 2021
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I said years ago scenarios similar to this are the future of "Linux" gaming - making sure that tomorrow's browser and streaming based games work on Linux. Platform agnostic really works for us, and for everyone, and floats all the boats. I have huge respect for Eve online. Sadly, I don't have the amount of time required to play the game with any proficiency, but I'm thrilled it's a "Linux" option now...
Kuduzkehpan Mar 23, 2021
Wormholes nice places to live in peace. İ have earn my isk'ies with just selling wormhole locations. it was fun.
lived 3 months in a k612 system too.
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