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Taking a leaf out of Steam's book here perhaps on sharing a little more, GOG have for the first time ever, given an overview of how the store is doing and it's looking good.

What they've shown is for the year ending 2020 and compares against the previous year. All of the numbers are based on the CD PROJEKT Group 2020 annual report. Here's the highlights of what they announced:

  • +208% Monthly Active Users "of all GOG services"
  • +392% New user registrations
  • +805% GOG Galaxy Monthly Active Users
  • +114% store net revenue

Moving onto the countries that make up their revenue:

  • 49% Europe
  • 34% North America
  • 6% Asia
  • 4% Australia + New Zealand
  • 7% Rest of the world

The number of games they release on the store each year is growing too:

  • 2018: 296
  • 2019: 378
  • 2020: 483

Unlike Steam, GOG take a much smaller approach to game releases with a more curated store style, and they're known for denying listing games at times. Seems overall it's working for them though going by all their figures.

Hopefully they will eventually port over GOG Galaxy to Linux, as it's the big missing piece of the pie for Linux users although plenty still purchase their Linux games from GOG (and we can see that as a GOG partner). We bring it up with GOG often and it's still their number 1 most voted for Galaxy feature.

See more over on GOG.

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poiuz 3 May
Quoting: scaineYou sound as frustrated that people hold negative opinions of GOG, as I am disappointed with GOG for their attitude towards our platform. And where else to voice that disappointment if not a thread about GOG? In fact, all the more reason to point out that disappointment, given the money they're earning, reported in this very article! Because frankly, a big, big part of the reason I'm so vocal on this is simply because they could do so much more, but have clearly chosen not to.

But defend away, by all means. We all have different views here and the things that are important to me (which I outlined above) are likely not important to you. That's fine. It's just weird to be called a whiner by someone... who by that definition is also whining (about whiners)?!
I defend because false claims are made. Yes, had a pretty good year, mostly based on the Cyberpunk 2077 release.

But the money they're earning is not reported in this very article! It's actually pretty insignificant, especially compared to Valve or the Epic Game Store. Only 10% of all Cyberpunk 2077 sales were made through but this seems to be almost 50% of the revenue (I don't think there are exact numbers for this, only a graph). So it's pretty save to assume that Valve made more on Cyberpunk 2077 alone than in the whole year. It's quite possible Valve made more in one quarter with Valheim (a pretty cheap game, price-wise) than in 2020 (including Cyberpunk 2077).

GOG Galaxy doesn't even provide some features you require at all (no workshop & multiplayer experience is rather poor with most games limited to GOG Galaxy). So it's reasonable to invest in the general improvement first before investing into a really small user group which, as you perfectly explained, won't use or Galaxy anyway.

According to the forums it's not even an investment worthwhile for Windows users…
Cyba.Cowboy 4 days ago
Quoting: kon14Couldn't care less. I lost all interest in CDPR and GOG after the TW3 and Galaxy linux releases were both silently dropped.
I'd rather buy (possibly) drm'd games from Steam and support Valve's efforts in revolutionizing the platform rather than pay a single cent to a company that treats me like a second class citizen even though I'm paying just as much as everyone else.

They literally redesigned Galaxy and still ignored Linux, thus I'll ignore them, at least until they fix their mess and start supporting us properly.

My gripe with them is that a couple of years back, they made this big song-and-dance about how they were going to have this big push into the Linux Community... And for a brief period of time, that was true - we ended up with quite a few high-quality Linux titles almost overnight.

Since that time, 90% of the "new" Linux titles are "shovelware" and probably one out of every ten "new" Linux games is actually worth buying... If that were not enough, they refuse to make even most of their own titles available to Linux users (such as Cyberpunk 2077).

Quoting: PublicNuisanceTo all those who refuse to buy Linux games from GOG due to them not releasing Linux versions of their client or newer games: do you buy Windows games on Steam ? Just a curiousity........


As they say, "No Tux, no bucks".

Quoting: mirvFor myself, the convenience of GOG is that it doesn't require some extra client to download the games - I can grab them directly from the website and use stand-alone installers. I prefer this personally, where available.

Actually I would really rather there not be a GOG Galaxy client if it meant that games started to require it. I would also much rather an open source client as well.


If The people want a "Galaxy" client, give it to them (especially since GOG have repeatedly promised that it's coming) - but I absolutely don't want it if it's going to become mandatory at some point, which is what I suspect will happen... I prefer to install my games manually, not with a custom front-end.

Quoting: vv221The only upside of is the DRM-free installers, and they already started to hide these in favour of their Galaxy malware.

And this is quite literally the only reason I shop at GOG over other stores, where ever possible...

Quoting: vv221The lack of a Linux build of Galaxy is the only thing preventing them to add DRM-gated features to the Linux games they sell.

This is what I fear - that "Galaxy" is a discreet way to move people towards a "controlled" installation... Granted "Galaxy" is not DRM in the traditional sense, but like with Steam, it gives GOG a way to "control" installations and indirectly "secure" games (to a point).

You get people comfortable with something like that, and it'll be much easier to completely "lock" people to a platform like they do with Google's Android and Apple's iOS / iPadOS / macOS / tvOS / watchOS (and Microsoft I suppose - they have an app store in Windows, don't they?)...

Last edited by Cyba.Cowboy on 8 May 2021 at 1:42 pm UTC
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