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Steam Next Fest is live again with new demos, livestreams and more

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Another digital event has arrived with Steam Next Fest, giving you a chance again to try out a bunch of demos for upcoming games and watch live events.

Just like the previous events the main page will allow you to browse through different genres. Developers will livestream directly to their store pages, giving you a chance to watch and chat with them which does make it quite an experience. It's a really wonderful format, that I hope Valve continue for years to come as it's a great thing for developers and players.

Annoyingly, Valve seem to have again forgotten to include a platform list so you can't just see only Linux-supported titles right now. Not only that but quite a lot of developers haven't put up the full demo banner with platform icons on their store pages (only the little demo button on the sidepanel), so you need to check SteamDB (Search for "game + demo") on those to see if the demo has a Linux build.

Here's some of the Linux supported demos to take a look at that might stand out:

Adam The Storyteller Aquamarine
Billionworlds : Kingdoms CreatorCrate
Cute Bite Death Trash
Doki Doki Ragnarok FRANZ FURY
Farlanders Haven Park
Idol Manager Increlution
Lila’s Sky Ark Operation STEEL
Patrick's Parabox ProtoCorgi
Sail Forth Sea of Roses
Screeps: Arena Shutter Stroll
Sky Fleet Space Bandit
Spies & Soldiers StoryArcana
The Lost King of Avallon Unpacking
Zoria: Age of Shattering  

There's plenty of other demos, we're just going through what's new for the event. If we miss any that look really good, send us a correction to add it.

I did play Patrick's Parabox in a previous event and that was a fantastic puzzle game, so I can already tell you to absolutely go and check that one out. I'm also incredibly keen to try out Death Trash and Lila's Sky Ark.

Steam Next Fest: June 2021 Edition runs June 16 - June 22. See more about it on the Steam store and the dedicated event page.

Let us know in the comments what you try and what you think of them.

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Expalphalog 17 Jun, 2021
Not many of these looked that appealing to me this year. Tried running The Wickie, a Lovecraftian horror, through Proton but it wouldn't even launch. Also tried WarTales. It ran fine and the combat was solid but the game itself was rather dull.

EDIT: Went back and tried some more games. Deepest Chamber ran very well once I got past the starting menu (which was incredibly slow to load). Would only recommend it for people who found Slay the Spire to be 'too much.' It's a very watered-down version of Slay the Spire. Which is to say that it was fun, but not very challenging and it just made me want to play StS again instead of doing another run of Deepest Chamber.

Void Tyrant is also a watered-down Slay the Spire except it's charming enough and seems to be aimed at kids so I dig it. In fact, last night, I plunked my 8yo down on my lap and let her play while I gave advice. She adored it.

Last edited by Expalphalog on 19 June 2021 at 3:51 pm UTC
whizse 17 Jun, 2021
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  • Supporter
Quoting: whizseI tried Death Trash, but wasn't immediately hooked. I found the scenery and colour scheme too drab. Gameplay wise there's a focus on combat and not so much on quests and dialogue. Mind, that's just first impressions from 30 minutes or so of gameplay...
Turns out I was dead wrong about Death Trash. Played for another hour and loved it!

Still not too fond of the colour arrangement. Too much brown. Like Quake 2 mixed with early Ubuntu. However, the protagonist has the ability to regurgitate on demand so I can at least brighten up the landscape with colourful spots here and there!
Anza 17 Jun, 2021
Tested two games today. Rail Route and Farlanders.

Rail Route is bit difficult train routing game. Bit similar to Mini Metro and Train Valley 2, just somewhat more complicated. Train Valley has bit similar train routing and both require adjusting the routes on the fly. Aesthetics are closer to Mini Metro though.

Playing tutorial and paying attention helps a bit. There's endless and timetable modes and timetable mode will get quite hectic before you end up in gridlock

Could work better with some user interface polish and more gradual difficulty curve. The difficulty makes it bit harder to pick up than Mini Metro.

Farlanders felt bit like Red Planet Farming (which is free by the way). Both are turn based management simulations in Mars and in both space is premium.

Farlanders has bit odd terraforming mechanic. I checked the store page and terraforming makes bit more sense as it's described as a puzzle. Rules are explained in one page that describes the terraforming outcomes. As offered terraforming options are random, it might take several turns until you get what you actually need most urgently.

Seems like it's worth a try. It's by no means Surviving Mars as it feels like its done by lot smaller indie team.
CatKiller 17 Jun, 2021
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Quoting: whizseStill not too fond of the colour arrangement. Too much brown. Like Quake 2 mixed with early Ubuntu.

You're thinking of the first Quake: that was the brown one. Quake 2 is grey with whoa! coloured lights slapped everywhere. The early Ubuntu versions were also very brown, though.
stan 19 Jun, 2021
Patrick’s parabox is pretty cool.
I found it just hard enough.
buckysrevenge 19 Jun, 2021
My 6yo is enjoying the Haven Park demo quite a bit, lots of exploration at your own pace
Anza 19 Jun, 2021
I played the Zoria: Age of Shattering demo all the way through. It's certainly rough around the edges. It looks nice, but it could use bit more modern GPU than I have right now. Luckily turning resolution from 2K to HD and turning down the details all the way down made it playable. I know, my computer is quite close to the minimum requirements, but updating is not as simple these days as it used to be.

There were few UI freezes and once game just didn't properly exit combat mode.

Also camera rotation is really needed as objects can block the camera. Rotating the camera can cause bit disorientation until you learn how to manually reset it. One key to reset the orientation would be nice (backspace is quite common). Also old school RPG:s turned objects that blocked the view transparent (they weren't fully 3D though, so rotating the camera wasn't an option).

Also few of the splash screen tutorials were maybe little bit too heavy. Especially the one teaching combat is so full of stuff that it's hard to remember it all. Luckily the combat system feels familiar enough that it's possible to learn by just playing. All the energy and focus stuff can be bit confusing at first, so some patience is needed.

There are few choices that seem to matter. I chose quite near the beginning something that might have affected the combat difficulty, which meant that winning wasn't really guaranteed. That meant that I learned the hard way that while there is autosave, it's very infrequent. So remember to save now and then, especially if you see the enemy, but combat hasn't started yet. There's limited number of save slots, so if you want to keep saves for the key choices, you'll going to run out slots quite soon. Not that all the choices actually might matter that much in the end, in games choice can be bit of an illusion and things are more fun if you don't know it.

In the end Zoria is solid RPG. Storytelling is solid enough, though it's hard to know if the full plot has enough twists to keep it entertaining. Despite it faults, it's still enjoyable.
Expalphalog 20 Jun, 2021
I played Zoria during the last festival and it was enough to sell me on it. I avoided it this festival because I just want to wait for full release without seeing anything more than I already have.
Anza 20 Jun, 2021
I found maybe bit easier way to find more Linux demos, right from Steam:

The trick is to filter for Linux and demos and then sort by release date. As lot of demos were released for the event, something released within or close to event dates is very likely part of the event.

Last edited by Anza on 20 June 2021 at 9:27 am UTC
whizse 20 Jun, 2021
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Adventure gamers! Don't miss Season of the Warlock. Proton demo only, but the full game should (hopefully) be native.
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