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Steam Next Fest is live again with new demos, livestreams and more

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Another digital event has arrived with Steam Next Fest, giving you a chance again to try out a bunch of demos for upcoming games and watch live events.

Just like the previous events the main page will allow you to browse through different genres. Developers will livestream directly to their store pages, giving you a chance to watch and chat with them which does make it quite an experience. It's a really wonderful format, that I hope Valve continue for years to come as it's a great thing for developers and players.

Annoyingly, Valve seem to have again forgotten to include a platform list so you can't just see only Linux-supported titles right now. Not only that but quite a lot of developers haven't put up the full demo banner with platform icons on their store pages (only the little demo button on the sidepanel), so you need to check SteamDB (Search for "game + demo") on those to see if the demo has a Linux build.

Here's some of the Linux supported demos to take a look at that might stand out:

Adam The Storyteller Aquamarine
Billionworlds : Kingdoms CreatorCrate
Cute Bite Death Trash
Doki Doki Ragnarok FRANZ FURY
Farlanders Haven Park
Idol Manager Increlution
Lila’s Sky Ark Operation STEEL
Patrick's Parabox ProtoCorgi
Sail Forth Sea of Roses
Screeps: Arena Shutter Stroll
Sky Fleet Space Bandit
Spies & Soldiers StoryArcana
The Lost King of Avallon Unpacking
Zoria: Age of Shattering  

There's plenty of other demos, we're just going through what's new for the event. If we miss any that look really good, send us a correction to add it.

I did play Patrick's Parabox in a previous event and that was a fantastic puzzle game, so I can already tell you to absolutely go and check that one out. I'm also incredibly keen to try out Death Trash and Lila's Sky Ark.

Steam Next Fest: June 2021 Edition runs June 16 - June 22. See more about it on the Steam store and the dedicated event page.

Let us know in the comments what you try and what you think of them.

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Anza 20 Jun, 2021
Demos I tried today.

Panic Mode
In short you're in charge of keeping idiots secure. Demo basically is just four levels in which building is on fire. There's only three devices available that you can use to get either fire little bit under control or get people to leave the building.

Idea might be good, but demo is so short and simple that it's hard to tell if game is going to be actually good or not.

Fantasy Town Regional Manager
Games is pretty much what you can deduct from the name. Idea is to try to balance food, housing and defense of your town. Each turn you get to buy buildings of three randomly selected buildings. To spice things up, each round there's news (where you can possibly select outcome of the story) and randomly there might be a quest.

Mechanics seem to be there, but hopefully full game will eventually add more complexity.

Insect Worlds
This one seems to be somewhat educational game. There are few problems though.

I'm not sure if the settings did had any difference. Performance was almost more like seconds per frame. Looked pretty though. I'm not sure if poor performance caused controls getting stuck now and then.

Also user interface was half translated. Luckily I remember tiny bit of German, so I was able to work out that Ja means yes...

Store page promises anthill fights etc. so maybe some day it might be good. Didn't finish the demo because of the performance though, so I don't know what demo has actually to offer.

Death Trash
Haven't finished the demo yet, but it looks promising. World building is interesting, there's several mysteries that I doubt will be revealed in the demo. Weakest link is the keyboard controls. At least the weapon switching keys commands haven't been mapped. I didn't find yet if controls can be redefined though, which might solve the issue.

Not for people who get grossed out easily (for example first abilities you get is puking). For others it's worth trying out.

Lila's Sky Ark

This is prequel to Resolutiion, but seems somewhat more approachable. The quirky humor is still there, but the game gives better directions what to do and where to go next.

I liked that you can pick things up and put into your backpack. Also throwing things is essential. Luckily in game tutorial hints that you can do that. How to apply that later in the demo is up to you though.

Enemies quickly get harder and best option seems to avoid them. Didn't finish the demo yet as it crashed and I got then preoccupied with Death Trash. But change of me finishing Lila's Sky Ark seems higher than with Resolutiion.

Because of the difficulty, it's good that the spawn points seem to be where they're needed the most. What actually counts as save point can vary little bit. Might have to play bit further to see if they're always the same after the first one.

Still seems worth a try if you feel that you need Zeldaesque game which is little bit bonkers and also gives some challenge.

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Eike 21 Jun, 2021
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Quoting: whizseAdventure gamers! Don't miss Season of the Warlock. Proton demo only, but the full game should (hopefully) be native.

I've seen a test version of the demo, and it's working well on Linux, so be optimistic!
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