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Around two years ago Alexis Kennedy, a founder of Failbetter Games, was accused of abuse by multiple women which Kennedy has always denied. Now, Kennedy of Weather Factory has put out an open letter and the situation gets a bit murky.

The allegations didn't just involve Kennedy though, as his partner Lottie Bevan ended up having some allegations pressed against her too. The blog post is a long one and so we won't be going over all parts of it but it's worth a read. There's some pretty big key points though which we will go over.

Previously, Kennedy didn't directly mention who and what company the allegations were coming to "cancel" them from but no punches are being pulled now. Kennedy is now claiming that it seems all of this was "an intentional attack on us by a larger competitor" and goes on to directly say it's Failbetter Games (the company he co-founded).

From what Kennedy wrote, they've repeatedly tried to reach an agreement with Failbetter Games through GDPR requests to get info that would apparently "disprove it" which Failbetter apparently refused. They offered to go through formal mediation, which was again refused by Failbetter, a third-party was suggestion to do an investigation which again Failbetter apparently refused. After trying to get it sorted over the last year and being refused, this is why they said it's now going public.

According to the blog post, Failbetter did not correctly follow UK Law when Kennedy sold off his part of Failbetter and the "contract they gave me to sign was illegal and void" and Kennedy doesn't even have a signed contract and so, effectively, it was never really sold and Kennedy mentioned "I’m still probably, technically the legal owner of Failbetter; and their rights to their core technical and creative IP are shaky. Also, everyone still on the board of Failbetter might be guilty of a corporate crime that carries a two-year prison sentence"

Instead of fighting it in court, Kennedy mentions how after making Failbetter aware of the situation, Failbetter stopped communicating again.

A very messy situation that we hope can be properly resolved.

We've reached out to Failbetter Games to see if they have a comment to share.

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slapin 27 Jul, 2021
  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: TheSHEEEP
Quoting: slapinI think if accused in public one is to fight in public for the silence is considered guilty.
That's definitely true, but unfortunately it can sometimes take months to actually gather all the receipts to prove one's innocence, present them in a coherent way, etc.
Because that's how social media and PR works: Guilty until proven innocent.

In other cases, people are just overwhelmed by the shitstorm and retreat into the turtle shell of social isolation for recovery. Which is a very understandable reaction, only very few people are built to withstand public shunning by large amounts of haters based on mostly lies and misconceptions.

And that is how this whole cancel culture thing works - one can just shun anyone in a minute, no proof needed, and you need to do a lot of work and spend tons of money to clean your name. It is so easy to use and costs nothing.
Thats why the howling mob is so attached to their twitter shitclubs and groups and attack anyone they want with ease basically winning cultural war by shutting up anyone and destroying them, using private company media which is friendly because there is no free speach protection on private media so you can easily win any war just by cancelling appropriate people. As no public forums left, all the opposition oppressed and destroyed the only thing left to do is wait until pendulum will finish its period and will go back moving back focus from corporations to people, to human rights, to humanitarian idea, which are so hated by modern day politicans, groups, activists. Until then we just have to be strong.

Last edited by slapin on 27 July 2021 at 9:27 am UTC
Protektor 31 Jul, 2021
Why do we constantly try and litigate this crap in public forums? This is something for the police and courts to deal with. Companies and individuals don't have the expertise to get to the truth if there was laws broken or if someone is just being vindictive or whatever. We don't know and can't possibly know. This belongs in the courts and the police investigating everything, not the public trying to figure stuff out when we can't possibly investigate or put people under oath and swear to the truth under penalty of perjury. The public also can't force records to be released and information turned over. All of this kind of stuff belongs in the domain of the police and the courts and people should stop trying to try this crap in public. We can never know the truth since everyone involved on both sides is free to lie on social media and on blog posts and what not, without any repercussions. I'm really tired of trial by mob who never has all the facts.

Last edited by Protektor on 31 July 2021 at 6:21 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.