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Well, the writing was on the wall for some time but this confirms it - it seems Feral Interactive aren't likely to do more Linux ports with the official port of A Total War Saga: TROY for Linux cancelled.

It was announced today that TROY would be finally seeing a Steam release on September 2. Feral did their usual thing on Twitter of quote-tweeting, mentioning it would be on macOS soon after the Windows release. A mention of Linux was totally absent.

Feral replied to a user on Twitter to say:

The Linux port was put on hold while TROY was exclusive to Epic, and we are not resuming development for the Steam release. We will continue to assess the feasibility of porting games to Linux, but there is generally less demand for native titles since Valve’s launch of Proton.

Considering there's a chance that Steam Play Proton might be able to play it from day-1, it's not overly surprising to hear this from Feral considering the cost of porting bigger games with it being far easier for indies. Worth also noting, that TROY was free on Epic Games Store when it first launched, so it would have already eaten into plenty of possible sales.

Part of the problem though, is how most Feral ports lack cross-platform multiplayer with Windows and that type of thing simply won't fly on the upcoming Steam Deck. Add into that issues with saves between the Windows version and Feral ports, that could cause more confusion if they don't sync up. Not only that but since the Steam Deck is basically a PC in handheld form, seeing bigger titles launch for it officially months or years later also wouldn't be a good look.

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DrMcCoy 27 Jul
Quoting: Liam DaweWeeeeelll, they had a lot of people leave

Which, considering the pay and working conditions at Feral, is not exactly surprising, unfortunately. While I never worked at Feral, I did interview with them, and well, it was not a hard decision not taking their offer.
RossBC 27 Jul
Lets just hope, Total War: Warhammer 3 still gets a Linux port for those who already purchased the first two.
Guess otherwise that player base will have to run proton for all 3 for the big map.
Leopard 27 Jul
Quoting: 1xok
Quoting: vipor29i know some want ports and those will never go away from the indie developers but when it comes to the AAA stuff we can usually run those titles anyway. with anti cheat being worked on it will get even better so this is not all doom and gloom.

I remember a statement by the DXVK developer that games with a lot of different shaders (I think it was Tomb Raider) are difficult for DXVK. See:

Has anything changed in this regard? After all, it's these games that will push the Steam Deck to its limits. I'm hoping more that with the Steam Deck and Proton the Gordian knot will now be cut. And that there will be many more ports for Linux in the future. Preferably day one releases.

It's not just about the renderers, but ultimately also about the middleware, which is still different under Linux. It also reduces dependencies. Of course, they have to be high-quality ports. But that is precisely what Ferral is known for.

Difficult as in it will stutter like crazy.

Steam has Fossilize for this very reason. It works in multiple ways:

-If a user with same hw, same driver combo cached those shaders on their gameplay client collects them and ships to other users matching those criterias.

-Steam client also creates Fossilize pipelines. So even if you are on newest driver before anyone else, Steam client will compile shaders for you at background/before going into game. By default background caching uses 1/4 of your threads, when you still have pending compile work and press play it will go full blast which will use all of your threads.

-Steam client will also ship transcoded video files with that system. Ones that you are currently seeing a test screen when you encounter such videos where it is not possible for Valve to transcode them on runtime due to licensing issues.
lejimster 27 Jul
I still think if Steam Deck is successful we will see more native Linux games targeted towards the hardware. Proton is fantastic for what it does, but it's far from perfect.. It's really ideal for older titles that have stopped receiving updates long ago.
Bladeforce 27 Jul
Is freedom of speech allowed on this story?
slaapliedje 27 Jul
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So... if Feral isn't porting it for Linux due to Proton... that just means they make no money on the sale of the game, right? As it is published by Sega. Sega gets that money. Sounds like Feral is going to give in and try to survive off the Mac? Most macs can't even run the total war games...
DrMcCoy 27 Jul
I'm assuming they're doing other contract work outside of porting and/or outside of games

Like, the company I work for is in the automotive industry, with VW previously being the major customer. VW has been scaling back on external contracts (not just, but also because of the panini), so we had to pivot quite a bit. That's business
This doesn't surprise me at all...
Their IndirectX layer used to be precious, now is worthless thanks to DXVK and VKD3D.

The problem is their bad habit of porting games years later after the official release...

If you gonna port to Linux a big game that wasn't released for Windows yet, release it day 1 and no few months later.

Example: When Death Stranding was announced as a timed PS4 exclusive, right away they should have acquired the publishing rights for Linux and coordinate efforts with the Windows publisher, 505 Games... But no...
Tom B 27 Jul
I can see why. Given that it works under proton, why bother? If there is a Linux and Windows version then the devs have two different bug channels and patches have to be deployed to two different platforms and kept in sync for multiplayer.

I actually don't mind if Proton becomes effectively a Linux API. What I would like to see, even if we don't get devs making native linux games is them fully testing and properly supporting *proton* as a target system. I care about playing games, not about ideological native support for what would be closed source software anyway.
jp 27 Jul
Enjoy your Wine (Proton). Viva Valve.
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